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9/6 c22 njl007
new chapter still coming?
8/25 c1 Fantasyworld414
I love this story cannot wait to read the rest of it. You have done a fantastic job
8/10 c22 12Koren Flashblade
I love what you have done here and I look forward to reading more. So keep it up.
7/31 c22 Clinohumite
This is very good I can't wait for the battle of the black gate.
7/31 c22 Shadow Walker of Fire
Nice chapter.
7/18 c21 Guest
Please put up another chapter and soon this is solid gold right here
7/11 c21 Guest
will this continue?
6/26 c21 4Shadowwolf1997
And unfortunately I am now caught up and must now wait for the next update in this amazing story... a difficult task but one that must be done.
6/26 c14 Shadowwolf1997
Don't know if its too late but Id like to see the Mandalorians come earlier
5/26 c21 11IssacClarke
Please update this, I love this so much.

Can't wait to see the battle of Minas Tirith and Pellanor Fields
5/21 c8 stylo1
why bother giving him a lightsaber if he isnt going to use it just so you can follow canon...
5/21 c4 stylo1
elrond just gives him his ring? this is pretty bad
5/21 c1 stylo1
you constantly switch between 1st person and 3 person. one moment it is jakan then it is he, but mostly jakan. jakan does this jakan does that.

you said the name so much you wore it out honestly you sound like dr. doom.
5/2 c21 Guest
great as always
4/28 c4 pineapple-pancake
hmm I actually don't agree with the reasons of giving Elrond's weapons, and it isn't very convincing for me.
These would be my reasons:
- Hadhafang is an heirloom of the family, and so it is not his to give. It belongs to his whole linage.
- Hadhafang is not just an heirloom, but a property of a royal family, and so it also belongs to the kingdom.
- Elrond as raised by feanorians is skilled in making weapons, he could have made any weapon he wanted, or chosen one from his armory to fit the needs. He could have even put his seal on it to make it more clear.
- Someone carrying Hadhafang could be suspect of having stolen it, and thus making it more dangerous for the wielder. See The hobbit and the reaction of the mirkwood elves to the elvish weapons being carried by dwarves.
- A letter of his favor to the mandalorian would also do the trick.
- Vilya is what protects the valley of imladris. Elrond is a major enemy of Sauron and so his house cannot be left unprotected. And it is not only to protect his life, but his family's (Celebrian was targeted before) and his people's lives. And Elrond is very fond of his family.
- Vilya was left to him by his beloved cousin Gil Galad before his death.
- Imladris gets under siege during the war of the ring, and even if Elrond might not know this, he knows that dark times are coming and he is preparing for war as best as he can. Giving away his prefered weapons is not the way.
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