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8/16/2019 c18 6BlueJack22
Another great chapter as always
8/16/2019 c18 Unzealots
Hmmmm, I wonder who is 3 friend? Probably a girl he loves back before he becomes an agent. If so...than we have a 4 way love square or 5 way love spree (If Marina likes 3). Bonus points if it's a guy three loves.
7/31/2019 c17 5EverythingCovered
7/25/2019 c17 Dracoessa Draga
Holy Carp!
7/16/2019 c17 Nitpicky Bastard
Oh thank GOD Eight's not showing signs of love towards Three. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate 8x3, I'm just so tired of seeing it everywhere, you know? So this? This is a HUGE breath of fresh air. Let the other ships shine for a while, like 4x3, or Calli3. They're so underrated nowadays.

Anyway, aside from my personal shipping opinions, your grammar and sentence structure both need work. Not much, but some. Oddities here and there pop up occasionally, and I sometimes have trouble building a picture of what's going on in my head. Aside from that? You're golden dude. I can see this totally being a legit harem manga, and the humor isn't all too shabby either. Keep it up, dude, I look forward to another chapter.
7/15/2019 c17 Guest
Add pregnant
7/15/2019 c17 1String99
I'm waiting for the moment when agent 8 show signs of love for 3.
Lol don't mind me, I love this
7/14/2019 c17 Hmmmmm
7/13/2019 c17 6BlueJack22
8 must be a heavy sleeper or has good set of ear plugs
7/13/2019 c17 Shy guys toast
Pretty good. Pretty funny. Yada yada. Also, the girls BETTER calm down, or Three’s rejecting ALL of them.
7/13/2019 c17 9The Bowser Monster
Dang! I'm really enjoying this story, but I just hope that not everyone gets their heart broken in the end.
7/5/2019 c16 Shy guys toast
Three needs a vacation from all of the agents, I mean good lord girls. He’s only one Inkling!
6/26/2019 c16 3Silvanium
If Three is smart, he would hide in the closet when he finds out that Marie is gonna be there...that or lock the door and barricade the window.

Looking forward to more chapters.
6/20/2019 c16 Shy guys toast
Looks like Agent 3 isn’t going to live his life the way he wants to. It won’t be the same for him or anyone.
6/12/2019 c15 Guest
Well, congratulations three. Your life is officially a harem anime. Good luck.
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