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for let the shadows fall behind you

5/15 c38 yuukiaichan
Aaaaaaa i really wanna see Garp's reaction. hope you will update this beautiful fanfic
5/12 c38 Em
please tell me when will be the continuation of TMNT 2012: No Love is Greater?
5/8 c3 3Anano Jinseite
im only starting this now and im so excited to read this until the end i cant believe ive only found out about this story now its so goooooodddddd <3333333
5/3 c38 paradoxreader
hahaha amazing story ! loving it and waiting to see how it goes and hope see sabo,ace and luffy in their future adventure after their 17 years old haha bw fun ...and seeing a au one piece...maybe him picking up zoro first and then robin as well sanji nami n ussop too haha chopper franky n ect haha
5/1 c38 Rijugrim
4/30 c38 ladybug500

Running out of ideas, you say? hate me if you'd like but angst is always a heartbreaking and evil but desired and engaging way to go. (Defy Canon. destroy it) how Ace and Yamato's friendship in this au would work out if it happened earlier is one thing on my mind. I think Yamato would fit into the ASL dynamic swellingly! Simply sharing thoughts. uwu. In any case, I trust whatever you come up with! I love this story so so much!
4/26 c38 1Puck100
This is freaking amazing. I was on a Whitebeard adopts ASL fic binge and this was my cure. The balance of fluff and angst is wonderful and painful. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece of art. The characters, the way you wrote their trauma, and the way you dragged us readers along for the ride is flawless and had me at the edge of my seat! I can’t wait for more and I am so looking forward to the reunion with the boys and Garp
4/3 c38 Kurosaki Yukia
HAHAHAHAHAH I'M SORRY I CAN'T THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME! Garp appearing never gets old! I'm justthe boys were concerned Garp had punched ppl in his path to oblivion but he just straight up bulldozed them without a wink! Oh gosh poor Marco and the others!
2/28 c38 3KnownHalo
This is such a cute story. Heartwarming and its got me tearing up so much. Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/27 c38 meimeimixed1gmail.com
I just love this story so much and can’t wait until the next chapter!
1/26 c38 Mist Shera
Thank you for ever made this story like always...your story are the best and most heart touching I always cry while reading your story ...and so many fluffy moment I love it...I proud of you
1/24 c38 18Mel72000
Thank you very much for this chapter !
1/21 c38 Guest


1/20 c38 Fleeced hair
begging hoping crying and praying that we get a scene of Ace and Garp and Luffy having one of their petty back n forth arguments on whether they should become pirates or marines. Bonus points if it's in front of everyone

love this story, you're amazing
1/20 c38 Guest
Binged this it’s so good!
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