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for let the shadows fall behind you

5/8 c33 CharmingButIrrational
Over the top
5/5 c2 vanp99
gives me aceXsabo vibes
4/22 c33 1Cottonangel870
I. Love. Your. Story. It’s a masterpiece! I’ve been looking all over the internet for a FanFiction as whole some as yours! Ace Sabo and Luffy are all sweethearts! I have just one question. Do they know of Luffy parentage yet? :3 Other then that, I just wanted to say great work! I will definitely keep reading your story for a long time!
4/22 c33 CheshirePirates

I knew Mei's death was coming.

I readied myself for it.

I explored the possibilities in my head

And I still wasn't ready.

Good job on ripping my heart out, a very good job.

Also, finally! Ace, honey, people care about you and you need to accept it, *brandishes dolphin with malicious intent* Or else.
4/22 c33 TotalSimp
Omg this story is so good! Is this the last chapter? I hope not. Please continue it! /
4/21 c33 Nido
Nothing make my day like an update from you.
Well this was just adorable
My favorite moment was whenace was going to bite himself and Marco took his hand. I was dying.
Now all is well and my baby wîll finally be able to relax and just enjoy being looked after.
I am dying to see the aftermath with teach and Luffy and Sabo reaction when they will wake up. I think sabo will give his poor older brother a (well deserved) earful
4/21 c33 Guest
Okay this was really good.
Please tell me this isn’t the last chapter
4/19 c33 BryanFinch99
Omg finally Q.Q
4/18 c33 Guest
This chapter was amazing! I seriously felt like crying!
4/15 c33 Haruki Hitomi
Thank you! I love this story!
4/14 c33 7Aquarica
Ace breaking down into tears really got me in the heart, ouch. Poor kid needed a good cry, and his brother's will help him out too. Nice chapter!
4/14 c33 Andy
SEEEEESS, I haven't even started reading the chapter yet and already I fear for my emotional well-being xD
Asgfhjkl xD
I don't wanna.
Argh, but I need to know how it continues. I need to know what inspired you to create this journey.
But still.
Double-finger-cross and knock-on-wood PUH-LEASE. Let the guys find out about Teach. Let Ace spill the beans.

Okay. I'm ready.
On to the review!


Seriously? Four sentences in and I'm already like NOPE.
AAAAAHHHH. Stars, I wanna know, but I also don't.

I still hate this now ruined kingdom. And with everything that's been going on so far, I kinda tend to forget the dancing temporarily. And now I'm reminded again how despicable I thought it was. Hungry stares. Blergh.

Aw. AW. FIREFLIES. And he SMILED. Actually, really, honestly smiled. It's so beautiful. Well. The image. In my head.
But even without your warning I'd be feeling this bitter foreboding Dx

*Sharp intake of breath*
*Sharp outtake of breath*
This is fine.
He loved her. Mhm. Aha. Yup.
This fucking guard! I actually can't recall if there was a reason he would want to kill Mei.
A dim light at the back of my brain wants to shed light on the possibility of rape, that the guard desired her and she wouldn't submit etc, but maaaaybe that's just me jumping to conclusions.
I hope I am seeing connections where there are none. Stars, that would make everything so much worse.

Ah, the watcher is just a killer then? Was it all just a fun perverted game to him?
What. A. BITCH.
I said it in the review last time how it wasn't really morally bad per se to wish for a timely demise with fictional characters, soooooooo...
Die slow and in agony, Guard-Bastard.

Alright, I know what I said, but does it have to be Ace? He has definite reasons to be angry, livid, raging out of his mind, but... PTSD is a thing. And he already has so much problems T.T
(Yeah, yadda yadda. It happened in the past, so it's more like one source of his problems than more baggage, but ... Aaaahhh. This fucking horrible kingdom. I hate this place so much. I wish it could burn twice)

The nerve of that guard, though.
I can only shake my head. What an imbecile.

"He doesn't remember the agony of chains and imbued whips against his back, blow after blow until he can't move anymore."
*Unintelligible noises. Lots of unintelligible noises*

Every time I think their past can't hurt me anymore, because yes, it was horrible, but it's also over now, something like THIS turns up. Sess, what the fuck.
*Falls down, cries*

hE lovEd yOu.
*Crying intensifies*
I can't even.
I need a moment.
I suspected dead, I was very sure she was dead, but the HOW is nonetheless cruel. Sniff. Mei. Agsjdks T.T

And I don't even want to start on Ace's misplaced self-loathing. It's not his fault DX
But I also know that this is all part of the problem. He can be told he's not to blame and he wouldn't believe it. He's not ready. Not yet.
His latest escapade showed us that much T.T

Yes, you ran. And it was a very dumb decision. What did you think Luffy and Sabo would do?
I love him, but Ace can be so stupid sometimes.

He was doing so good but Teach had to butt-in and ruin each and every progress Ace has ever made.
I'm indescribably angry about this }:(

'Vulnerable enough to want to answer questions honestly' equals 'reasons to run away' now.
Ace Logic at its finest.

Please, don't let him go. Seriously, no. NO. Ace has to understand that he's wanted and loved.
If that takes time, fine, okay. But for the love of everything holy, he has to be present to be showered in affection!
Just throw Teach overboard.
I mean it, toss Teach. Make that swine go away.

Who ever said you needed to go beside yourself? You idiot DDDX
Teach, the insufferable demon in disguise also didn't use words to convey that you had to go. He only said Roger's kid would be killed here. Okay, that's as good as 'you are unwanted here' but!

Gosh, just run into Marco or Izo or let Sabo wake up. Then have a humongous break down, spill all the beans and see that you are loved for who you are, not hated for who your father was.
And make sure to tell the others EXACTLY WHY you ran. Teach has to pay. NOW.

*Hysterical chuckle*
"It almost feels like the wake after someone died. He tries not to think about it too much."
No. I'm interpreting too much. It's quiet because everyone is still shook after Ace's escape attempt etc. Nothing to do with Thatch. Nope. Brain, shut up.

OH. The comparison of Marco to their tree house! My heart, shit, that's so adorable.

And Thatch is there and accounted for. Phew. See, Brain, he's okay. Now pshhh.

Wait, he only wanted to go to Marco this whole time? No second escape attempt?
*Sparkly smile*
(Don't burst my bubble with this, Brain. We take it as this and praise Ace. He wanted to go to big brother Marco. Point)

This comes naturally with the terrain of caring for one another, Ace. You did something dumb, but no one is angry at you. They are WORRIED. Because you MEAN A LOT TO THEM.
Jesus Christ, understand it, pleeease!

Thank God For Thatch.

That I don't believe, Curiel. I'm sorry. Re-evaluate some of your members. One member. Teach.
ACE. Tell. Them.

Knowledge can be such a curse.
I know what Teach said. ACE knows it. But nobody else.
*Slapping the backrest of my couch in frustration*

Oh, right. Not only Ace has mental health problems, his brothers as well. Healing is such a long winded complicated process. But they were doing great! Urgh.
Fuck those set-backs DX

If Ace won't come out of hiding RIGHT NOW I'll travel interdimensionally to drag him out of there myself!

You heard them, come on!

THAT was NOT what I meant with 'come on'!
Damn it!
You're allowed to cry, for fuck's sake!

"I get it"
He GETS it.
Former!Slave Marco!
I'm still waiting for THAT backstory, Sess xD

Oh my Stars, I LOVE how you revealed that!
The contrast between the two sides in Ace's head, one part like 'No, they'll never understand, they can't love you' and the other like 'They already love you and they won't stop just because of who's your father'.
I'm legit shaking. Amazing. I'm in awe once again. I love reading, but reading good written stuff is even better and you deliver every time.
Sess, wow. Great scene.
Especially this last sentence.
"It's okay"
Asgfhjkl. I can't.


To think it wasn't enough to stumble upon the son of Dragon, now you realize you sheltered the son of Roger the whole time. Descendants of two of the most sought after men of their time.
I'm surprised nobody fainted from shock xD

Rakuyo, you're not the only one confused xD Ace ought to be older, but Rouge prolonged the pregnancy. I have no fuckin' idea how she did it. Pure power of will, probably. Impressing, to say the least. She must've been a hella awesome woman xD

Ah, right. D's. That explains everything and nothing xD

And there's a second valid opinion that thinks you take after your mother. I LOVE THIS, PFFFFF...!

Demon Child? I feel like there's someone else who already claimed that title, baby. Sorry.
(DEVIL Child Nico Robin, yadda yadda, close enough)
Also, when are you revealing Teach's involvement of your unfortunate, ahem, misinformation? Hm? HM?

Okay. This scenario was heart warming and I'm so happy that Ace can accept their love freely now.
What a great big step.
Who told the kid and who isn't still exposed?

Ah, whatever.
I see the source of inspiration now.
So good. Sess, seriously, great chapter, the depiction of Ace's inner struggle was marvelous so far anyway, but today, this break-through!
BAM. Awesome.

After proof reading, I realized how much I complained, YET AGAIN, about Teach XDD Whoops.

I still have many questions and wishes for future content, but I trust your plans. You'll do the right thing for the sake of the story and our lovable idiots xD

As always.
Thank you for writing for us bunch of 'just scribbling stories to myself in the safety of my home' people and the other more brave ones out there
Can't wait for the next chapter :D
4/13 c33 8Caraline Fisher
Good for Ace! Love him so much!
4/13 c33 samantha.a.burr4
Great story but is it really over? It just doesn't feel like an ending when Luffy still isn't speaking.

I hope there will be more :)
4/13 c33 157Stormy1x2
Oh screw you, how dare you make me burst into tears? Oh my ACE, poor baby boy, at least he's finally getting some comfort from where it's needed. Now, Teach. Please tell me that when they ask again about those 'heinous lies', Ace tells them where he got the most recent ones from. *glares at Teach*

Beautiful and moving as always. Can't wait to read Luffy and Sabo's reaction to all of this - and Kotatsu! I'm surprised Kotatsu didn't follow Ace off the ship!
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