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for let the shadows fall behind you

8/25 c1 3Animago
Estou feliz que a vida de escravidão dos dragões celestiais não tiraram as personalidades deles. Estou muito empolgada para iniciar a leitura da história! A quantidade de palavras é muito reconfortante.
5/11 c38 zkianpour371
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd ittttttttt
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
Please update please please update
3/31 c38 1Minata-san
when will you post the next chapter ?
3/13 c38 23Eternal She-Wolf
Great story! I was expecting Shakky to bond with Ace over his Kuja training but perhaps you're keeping that for an upcoming encounter with Hancock's crew?
12/27/2022 c38 2Typhlosion8
This is still in my top 10 of One Piece stories, you develop the characters and relationships so well. I’ll keep coming back over and over again, at the very least to reread the Luffy and Shanks reunion again and again. I love this story and your writing, thank you so much for making a story I can read again and again. <3
11/25/2022 c38 bansalarina
I really REALLY love this book please never stop if need ideas I got plenty of then so when is the next chapter coming up?
11/24/2022 c36 bansalarina
kill the damn basterd pleasee~
10/22/2022 c38 4Goliatth
Hi ! 3
Well, first of all, English is not my native language and I use a translator. (So I hope that it will be understandable and that the translation will correspond well to the original text. TwT *crossing fingers*)

I'm up to chapter 28, but I've skimmed through the last 10 chapters to see if I'll have the pleasure of seeing Teach get shot. (I didn't, but the chase with Garp is SUBLIME. No, not stomach hurts from laughing.) But back to the point...I discovered your story yesterday, and I didn't sleep all night to keep reading it (which means it's now 3pm and my body has lost its subtance and turned into liquefied jelly). I am currently a zombie, and it is only a matter of time before I collapse. (If I am inconsistent, you will also know the reason...)

Tatch is GREAT (as well as a big crybaby), Luffy is a cinnamon bun, Sabo has a charming but completely scary Mister Hyde and Jekyll side, Ace seems so level-headed at the beginning and ends up crumbling like a slice of dry bread as the story goes on (it's actually very well done, if it was your will to write it that way). Marco is just...URGH, I love it so much when he decides to share his past with Luffy to give him the courage to TALK. TwT (I'm a big fan of the Marco/Luffy couple in general, or any brotherly or friendly relationship that develops between these two characters. I think they have a really interesting dynamic, so my fan radar is up). Edward Newgate is well written. (The first chapter from his point of view with the "hunt with a pillow head" is by far one of my favorites.) And Shanks...(that crazy chapter where he finds Luffy ! And shit, even the chapter where we see his agony when Garp brings him his hat...I CRIED ALL THE TEARS OUT OF MY FUCKING BODY.)

I'm not going to do all the characters (because I'm dying) BUT I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH. (Except Teach, but NO ONE likes Teach.)

And I pray that Dragon goes and kills that princess in secret to get his piece of the revenge pie, that Teach stumbles and breaks his neck so he doesn't break the condiance of the Whitebeard crew (family) as they learn what he did. (AND GOD, IF HE MUST BE FIGHTED, I WANT LUFFY TO BE THE ONE TO PUT THE HELL OUT OF HIM...or Luffy to get hurt protecting Tatch, live, and have Luffy's family come down on him to the power of 1000). I have a soft spot for Luffy, sorry, but he is my water, my bread and my joy (Even if you make me love everyone damn it...)

In summary, you are by far in the top 3 best fanfiction about the adoption of the ASL trio by the Whitebeards that I've read. Seriously, I would fanatically follow this story until it was over ! *in fire* (And please, if you do a sequel, make sure that Luffy's "flirty" moment -if you do one- is with Law, Katakuri, or any other male that would set off hives for all that crazy bunch. X'D)

Now, I'll leave you, I've been doing an evil laugh for the last 10 minutes and my mom is looking at me like I'm crazy.

Bye bye ! And thanks again for this great discovery ! 3
10/9/2022 c38 Nobody57
Wow just read through the story. It’s so good, it even made me cry happy tears. Not to mention the insane amount of giggling I went through reading all the fluff. I love this story3 thank you author for making a masterpiece like this️
8/17/2022 c38 Skylinerkay
I’m laughing at how Luffy, Ace, and Sabo realize that feeling. A nightmare feeling that cannot be escape
8/7/2022 c33 Felix's smile
or ufff now I'm going to cry how I love you ace but I really love Whitebeard a lot he is a great man
7/20/2022 c38 Nancy2239
Love it so much made me cry and laugh with wait for more
7/11/2022 c1 Lusa
This story is great! I've seen it several times!Looking forward to seeing more feelings between the three brothers.
6/30/2022 c1 EliraMargaux
Your story is incredible ! Makes me cry ! I hope your going to update it !
6/28/2022 c38 3crazykittylover
I have finally finished reading this through and I'm so sad I got to just the beginning of garp meeting the boys. Damnit man I want to see that part totes hard rt now. Love this story! My god I haven't cried like this since reading loving Luffy or the devil wears white. It's just that legendary of a story. I hope you continue to update this story here as well as on ao3. I'm that site as well but this one is more nogistic or sentimental to me. So I would totes love to see both either way. Love what you did with this so far and can't wait to see what do you do with going forward. Keep up the good work and stay inspired my friend.
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