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10/2 c16 17starofjustice
Another fine chapter, I'm pleased to say.

I was honestly surprised early in when Felicia used one of her wolf mode decoys to get away from the humans. You made it seem tense enough, and she'd just gotten her butt kicked hard enough, you could believe she was just getting desperate. The clever trick was a great twist.

Having Dr. Kagami mention getting help from other Kamen Riders was an interesting idea. It sounds like it might happen, it might not. If it does, I wondered if you were thinking of official Riders, or ones from your own stories.

The regional speech patterns of that one dude they ran into out in the woods were pretty amusing. Too bad it got interrupted by Alpha finding them. The humans are clearly getting really desperate, but Dr. Kagami tried to reach out to them one last time anyway. That was really heroic and brave.

And as always I loved the understated but soulful interactions. You write interactions and let me pick up on their meanings myself. I find myself appreciating something like that a lot more after some other stuff I've been reading.

Good chap, DC!
10/1 c16 JTWAS1994
Oh, Man This Is Going To Be Intense!
9/3 c15 starofjustice
Well, that was an intense chapter!

Omega's a force to be reckoned with, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens to even the odds. Going by the story beats, guess it's about time to think about an ultimate form! That should be awesome!

Also I guess I forgot this about him, but Dr. Kagami's first name really is Hiiro too. Cute. Very, very cute. X3
9/2 c15 JTWAS1994
Oh, Man, This Is Getting Intense!
8/30 c14 starofjustice
Another notch on my crusade for the day to get caught up on all the series I'm following is complete!

It's a clip show of sorts, but I appreciate you making the effort to get your readers caught up before we start another ark. I mean, arc.

As usual, you manage to make the relationships between the characters sing even in something like a recap. I loved how they opened on an RPG, made them seem so regular despite being out to save the world. Will be looking forward to the next real chapter, count on it!
6/3 c13 starofjustice
Hey, nice chapter!

A lot of it was a long, elaborate fight, but it was damn cool. I'm especially impressed how you managed to do that while having a lot of it happen underwater, which a lot of action series seem to have trouble with.

Some really personal stuff going on in this fight. I liked how you try to make the villains relatable too.

Finally, Alpha will recover from her injuries, I'm sure, and come back as something even worse. That should be interesting.
6/2 c13 JTWAS1994
That Was Awesome. The New Shark Form Is Badass, Kind Of Reminds Me Of W's FangJoker, Can't Wait For More!
5/1 c12 JTWAS1994
A Shark Form?! This Is Going To Be AWESOME!
5/1 c12 starofjustice
Ah, things finally come to a head. Looks like a final battle, or at least a mid-season climax, are imminent. Really looking forward to that!
4/2 c11 starofjustice
Pretty good chapter!

That fight scene was on the long side, but dang if it wasn't cool too. You strike a good balance with those, DC. I always worry I have too many, and that they run too long.

You do the tension well too, like the confrontation between Alpha and lion!Dr. Kagami. She did seem repentant, but resigned.

4/1 c11 JTWAS1994
That Was AWESOME! That New Cheetah Form Is So Badass! Fuli Would Be Proud. (If You Don't Know What I'm Talking About, Ask Any Disney Fan) Can't Wait To See Where You're Going With All This Next Time!
3/4 c10 starofjustice
Surprised but glad to see you taking the time to put up another chapter! Liked it, still feel like something really big's coming soon, especially after the first scene with the tensions between the humans clearly about to boil over.

I somehow missed mention of the henshin items being use-once-and-toss. I have no excuse for my failure.

I like hearing the explanation for why Felicia (or whatever we're calling her right now) likes to take pictures of the places she goes. It kind of fits with her being more or less a restless beast who's always going from one hiding place to another. I also enjoyed Dr...P. Dagon telling her to take the chance to enjoy all the places they go while she has time. It's the little things, good and bad, that really fill out a character.
3/2 c10 JTWAS1994
Holy Crap! This Is Going To Be Interesting!
2/4 c9 starofjustice
Sorry it took a little while to finish this up, Stuff's been a little intense, but the new chapter was entertaining as always. The fights were as involved they ever are, which was cool to see a guy putting that level of detail into them among all the quick and repetitious fight scenes I seem to see in the fic world.

The scene with Alpha was good, with her being close to a total breakdown. Feels like something really big's coming, the buildup to the end or some other big turning point.

Does it say anything about the limits of my imagination that as I was reading this, in my head...Hau Lynn, looked like Juno? Also, I know I've said this before, but I think Dr. Kagami's relationship with Felicia is cute. I caught myself thinking he was really her dad once this chapter. It captures that kind of feeling very well, without having to inform me that's how it should feel.

I'm not sure if we ever discussed this or not though, I felt it a little hard to frame Felicia as Wild in the action scene. Mainly because it used her regular name; speaking personally, whenever I write a KR fic or even read one, the narration calls a character by their Rider name while they're transformed to make it clear. Other than that, enjoyed this chapter. GJ.
1/31 c9 JTWAS1994
That Was Awesome, Can't Wait For More! Also, Dopants? As In The Monsters From W?
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