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6/27 c2 6asokatanos
I don't know if you intend on continuing these or not, but you have such a wonderful grasp on these characters' voices. I especially love moments between Cho and Jane, I like knowing that they're friends too!
5/25/2019 c2 38mayzee
Lovely. Especially enjoyed Cho.
5/25/2019 c1 mayzee
Nicely written and nice insight.
1/20/2019 c2 ReadingVoraciously
Clever and enjoyable!
1/9/2019 c2 80Idan
A fun look at the three of them adjusting to their new situation. And I bet Cho does drink tea. :)
1/4/2019 c2 30LouiseKurylo
Perfect example of the odd interactions occasioned by Jane - regardless of venue. Jane would be the only one to ignore Cho's potential wrath. I do wonder though that Cho, of Korean heritage, would not long be a drinker and lover of tea. It's the kind of easy familiarity that would be sorely missed were they no longer working together. Pleasing. Thanks.
1/4/2019 c2 1Munkeyfump20
Wow thanks for the very good read. I hope there will be any more it still has potential for more.
1/4/2019 c2 Guest
Well done : )
1/3/2019 c1 57clairebare
whenever someone asks if you really want to know the truth about something (what someone thinks of you, etc), say no. it'll drive them crazy.
nicely written. hope you do more.
1/3/2019 c2 Guest
So pleased you are continuing this series of one-shots.
'Jane tilts his head' is a lovely reminder of how expressively he did that.
Many thanks.
1/3/2019 c1 1Munkeyfump20
Wow thanks for the very good read. Are you doing any more if so can you send me the link as I did enjoy reading this one. Thanks again.
1/1/2019 c1 80Idan
Heh, so in character for Jane to refuse to behave as expected!
12/31/2018 c1 30LouiseKurylo
Nice appearance of favorite characters (blessedly IN-character). With Jane's perceptiveness and a dozen years of knowing Lisbon, there'd be little he didn't know or figure out. Still, I imagine Lisbon would appreciate his forbearance. For once. Thanks.
12/31/2018 c1 North Coast
Nice You have really nailed the characters, and you have a very readable writing style, as well. I hope you will write some more Mentalist stories!
12/31/2018 c1 Guest
Clever and intriguing. Thank you and I hope you write more.
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