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9/21/2019 c2 Da Bananya Cat2
Aaaannnd I’m reading this again (because I have nothing else to do with my life). PLEASE BRING HER BACK, AHHHHHH THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!
4/29/2019 c3 inxctiveee
i hope you continue this. just like all your other stories, it’s really gripping. and the feels hit you really hard, in this chapter especially. love it so far, keep it up!
3/5/2019 c1 130PutMoneyInThyPurse
You are beautiful, is all I have to say. I love your angst and this is just - I devoured it like whipped cream. You've made me a very very very happy camper!
1/20/2019 c3 Da Bananya Cat2
This chapter got me even more teary eyed than the first two chapters. It really broke me down when Vanellope said "thanks for everything" and "I'll never forget you". And from Vanellope's perspective, it's even more heart wrenching, so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna practically be hysterical by the end of this story. P.S. This story's so damn amazing because it's so heartbreaking.
1/1/2019 c1 Guest
Just don't make this a "Vanellope still lives happily ever after in (ugh) Slaughter Race with (triple ugh) Shank" story if she does get restored. Slaughter Race sucks! Shank sucks (and I don't care that she's Gal Freaking Galdot and a "strong female character" cliche)!
1/1/2019 c1 Da Bananya Cat2
I'm legit crying in the corner right now. No death threats ( sorry) I'm too busy crying and thanking Disney that they didn't put this in the actual movie. But this fanfic is still a great one
1/1/2019 c1 42Tigress-is-Awesome
Ow, my heart just broke. Great effort on the story btw, keep writing

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