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for Rekindling the Will of the Broken Guardian

6/25 c6 Guest
Not important!
5/18 c7 Leafy-tan
Please update I like it
2/2 c7 Guest
Pls continue the story
1/12 c7 3A Queen Among Women
This is so gooood!
10/14/2019 c7 sugoijack9
You bastard already made a mistake.
Ichigo is off limits!
He's only bound to Orihime that have power of Amaterasu to purge you out of existence you worms!
10/14/2019 c6 sugoijack9
I think this AU of yours fanfic Bleach at the end of the arc is more satisfying than the canon.
At least it shows how the main character really overcomes a dire situation than the canon presented.
8/16/2019 c7 gunzen
I don't think it should be Rias, or any one character from western beliefs. The shinto, and therefor, Amaterasu, are consolidating their hold in Japan, their bastion of faith, where worship and belief for them is very strong.

If Ichigo will have more than one wife, it should be someone from the shinto faith. Granted that Orihime is the sudden heir of Amaterasu, some shinto factions may not like this because for one, Orihime is a literal outsider. Heck, she arrived from another reality. So yeah, there will be unrest with the other shinto factions.

If Ichigo is to marry anyone else, she should be from the Japanese faith. Not Amaterasu, but maybe another Japanese goddess.
6/21/2019 c7 Please
Please NO Rias!

Please please please
Please please

No Rias...
6/4/2019 c7 marquis.shax
Why must EVERYONE ALWAYS pair Rias with Ichigo she's a fucking spoiled bitch who can't handle her shit properly let her be with Issei. Pair Ichigo with Akeno as that would be a tie to Devils and Fallen and then for the Angel side if you really want a pairing to strengthen relations then make it Irina or Mirana Shatarova who are members of the Brave Saint system as Gabriel while beautiful is just a very bad choice she's a leader of heaven she's not allowed relationships hell nobody from Heavens side is supposed to as they made a special room so that Irina can do shit with Issei without falling. I'd also suggest you find a beta reader
6/4/2019 c4 marquis.shax
I'd add Akeno just due to the fact she's very rarely paired with anybody other than Issei and I think someone like Ichigo and Orohime could easily get through to her about her fallen angel blood. As for Asia I'd definitely say make Orohime a big sister figure to her someone she can look up to as she'd be a better person than Rias who honestly is a bit of a fuck up. She gathered a group of people (with I believe just over half her peerage having a sacred gear or a holy item) that are a bunch of nut jobs. You've got Akeno who's a complete mess due to the whole deal with her father, you've got Kiba with his hatred of Excalibur, Gasper who's got severe agoraphobia, Issei who's a complete pervert and has issues due to the whole Raynare killing him thing, then you've got Koneko whose sister supposedly went mad and now refuses to use her own special talents, you've also got Asia who's absolutely naive and has lived a sheltered life, not to mention adding in Rossweise and Xenovia later on and she did absolutely nothing to help these people get over their issues she just skirted around them pretending like everything was fine. Another reason she's a fuck up is she just sat back an allowed Issei to die just so she could feed her sacred gear fetish (honestly I don't know who's got it worse her or Azazel when it comes to sacred gears lol)
5/21/2019 c7 TrueVirtuoso
I think it's a good idea for you to add fate characters. Do you think you should add the evils of humanity too? Like kiara, kama, fou kun and goetia and many others?
4/14/2019 c7 Neema Amiry
4/12/2019 c7 Guest
I don’t like Rias. Hope you not include her in the harem.
4/14/2019 c7 1MrKipll32
No mames wey estoy cansado de tantos harems porfavor almenos has esta historia con 2 chicas 3 maximo no es una critica pero sinceramente e leido tantas historia incluso con harem algunas buenas pero siento ... el romance esta bien es algo que alegra el corazon y puede generar tension pero un harem es...es no se pero me aburre tanto esto ademas pon el concepto ichigo es amable tu ya sabes el resto ._. Un personaje como el es no se como madres termino junto a orihime porque no e leido la novela pero estoy bastante seguro que fue algo bastante denso maximo puede enamorarse de 2 pero un harem? Bueno es tu historia espero el proximo capitulo ademas me cae mal Rias desgraciada si te das cuenta como obtuvo su sequito son demasiadas considensias y revivio a asia que por el momento ella murio pero no fue su desicion ser revivida si no fuera por el idiota de issei 6.9 es muy mimada y siempre quiere ser la damisela en apuros rias tengo un ligero odio hacia su personaje, nadie merece ser infeliz por las desiciones de los demas(el matrimonio de rias) me desvie del tema xd ._. Pero eso no me gusta los harems pero igual es buena la historia. -MrKipll-
4/13/2019 c7 golemsilagan29
fresh from the war and now he's having a harem? remember when his mother died, he can't open himself to others because of her death. Now all his family and most his friends are gone. Also give Orihime a chance lol Ichigo is her long-time crush for f*ck's sake!
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