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for Rekindling the Will of the Broken Guardian

4/12/2019 c7 TrueVirtuoso
Rather don't have harem pls. Let ichigo with orihime.
4/12/2019 c7 Deaths Remnant
I’m liking everything so far and I do like Angra Manyu as an enemy for Ichigo as for the harem thing I say write it however you want and my opinion for Rias is have hers and Ichigo’s personalities clash like he did with Rukia and that could remind him of her and be used as some sort of trigger well anyway keep up the good work
4/12/2019 c7 12Mokushiroku115
I like it.

Maybe a pairing with Orihime and rias in the future sounds good to me but that’s up to you.

Also. Will Ichigo meet susanoo? Or the other one?

Ps. I like yasaka and I wish she can be paired with Ichigo somehow but it’s your story.
Have a good day and see you in the next chapter
4/12/2019 c6 1MrKipll32
hola me da flojera traducir y que tu historia es muy buena y tiene un buen futuro asi que espero que la continues ichigo [2019] ese poder es hermoso continua PORFAVOR :3
3/24/2019 c4 olivia.rodriguez.927
Please only Orihime~ no more pairings..
3/18/2019 c4 6Primus2021
for an Ichigo harem in DxD I'd go with ... ...
1] Orihime (it's like Shiro said, Ichigo is the King and she's the Queen, btw I'd love to see the DxD ppl's reaction to her with 12 angel wings standing next Vasto Lorde Ichigo.),
2] Rias (she deserves better than Issie he's like a younger and dumber Riser),
3] Yasaka (a political union at first, a reason to tie Ichigo as the new Shinigami of the Shinto Pantheon as the last one died, but turned into a real relationship later on, plus then Kunou can call him daddy or papa or Tou-san/chan/sama, lol.)
and 4] Gabriel (I know you said 3 max, but adding the Princess of Heaven to the Harem along with the Princess of Hell would be a way for Ichigo, as a neutral, to bring peace to the factions.).
3/7/2019 c5 PERORONCINO
I like this one...pls update as soon as possible
3/9/2019 c6 ulttoanova
This is a good story and I like what you’ve done so far but in regard to power levels unless you’ve given Ichigo’s True Bankai some BS ability like what it damages can’t be restored in any way or an aspect of Yhwach’s ability to change the future he probably can’t beat the Dragon Gods as Ophis has pretty much infinite power until she is hit by Samael’s Blood which greatly weakens her due to its BS curse affects on dragons and Great Red and Trihexa are stronger than her since Great Red can pretty much do what ever he Imagines and Trihexa is noted as being equal/slightly stronger than him but Ichigo would probably be the next strongest being in DxD. However if you do give Ichigo’s True Bankai some new ability, which would make sense as it never really was shown in use only that it was very dangerous to someone who can rewrite the future, and potentially have Orihime refine her abilities by studying magic/powers of DxD, then the would probably have a decent shot at fighting them though it would be tough on them. Anyway that’s just my thoughts as someone whose fully read both of the series and read a lot of fanfics on each and no matter what I am eager to see where this story goes.
3/9/2019 c6 Bjermen
Ok for anyone that says the dragons would shit on Ichigo that's simply not true from what I've seen. Let me explain. Yamamoto in his bankai was suppressing his own power but the heat of his spiritual pressure was still destroying Soul Society which is as large as earth which puts Yama at planetary. Ichigo with his true shikai and hollow powers awakened was much stronger than Yama but let's lowball him to being Yamamoto's equal. Then his bankai is times that by ten which puts Ichigo at 10times planetary and since he gave him his mask in this story on top of a form that's superior to his bankai he's at least 100times planetary since the normal visored mask is a ten times boost and this is his Vasto Lorde mask which would be stronger so unless any of the dragons can compare to that then no Ichigo would shit on them. And if we go with statements they said that Trihexa could destroy the planet and that's arguably the strongest character except maybe Great Red I'd put Trihexa higher than Ophis.
3/5/2019 c4 Jose19
The Heavenly Dragons would eat Ichigo for Breakfast due to their skill set, and hidden powers.

I read the entire Bleach manga but fighting Ddraig is a suicidal death for Ichigo the Heavenly type, and most Dragons are OP beyond reason.

Dragons in general when angered can’t be stopped unless everybody helps you against them since their anger, and lust for battle makes them stronger like the Hulk or Saiyans.

I suggest that you read Dxd more carefully to know power rankings the Hindu Gods would cream Ichigo, and the Norse as well, and Dragons are the top dogs in existence of power in Dxd,
3/5/2019 c3 Jose19
Dragons are more powerful than Yahweh if you haven’t followed Dxd in the novels, and the Gears are designed to kill even Ichigo.

The True Longinus of Cao Cao in the series can slay any deity even Ichigo, and Ophis , and Great Red are greater in power than Ichigo.
3/5/2019 c2 Jose19
My favorite pairing of Orihime, and Ichigo is present but both will be pushed to levels unseen, and there are women here that can put Orihime to shame, and Sacred Gears can level the playing field against anybody.
2/22/2019 c5 kydomos
Amazing story just don't turn them into devils and this story will go further than most dxd crossovers. You can still give them eternal youth/immortality though.
2/21/2019 c5 TrueVirtuoso
Make the shinto denouce the japanese people who became a devil. To isolate and consider them as betrayal.
2/11/2019 c4 Neema Amiry
Not bad
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