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1/9 c31 33FloraOne
I'm on my dozenth re-read and still love this fic just as much as the first day, and thought I'd let you know how loved your words are! I hope your new year started ok-ish, and that you're well! And if you ever wanted to give this a new chapter, I'll be here squealing and grateful and cheering.
11/25/2020 c31 tavae.themisal1
and now I've bingd up...and need more!
8/18/2020 c31 Ghost Man
Rei for the win! Best friendo!

That was hot.

Some things change...some things stay the same.
...Minako is gonna be pissed when she finds out what Ami did I bet.
Alright! Good job Mercury! Play dirty!

Behold the classic reveal!
Oh yeah...this part
Interesting. So...the crystal itself is alive? I like it. Makes sense really.

So...kick ass time?
8/18/2020 c30 Ghost Man
Oh his insurance is NOT going to like this o,o

And of course the Universe loves to mess with Usagi.
Mercury has a new attack? Noice!
Oh son of a bitch!

Burning healing O,o
*sighs* Of course she's thinking of the crystal. Thing is...Usagi absorbed it...oh she didn't.
8/18/2020 c29 Ghost Man
Way to go Ami! That's the awesome lady I know!

Sheesh...those two just need to date again...blasted adult drama.
Ooh. Cat wine...he knows!
LOL! Ovary up. I love it!
...crap...lots of pests
Woo! Good job, Sailor Moon!
Mercury you sly dog!

Actual adults being honest with their feelings and not letting it impact their work? This is definitely a work of fiction D
8/18/2020 c28 Ghost Man
Sheesh. I wish I could root for Minako in this story.

Poor Umino. He's a good kid.

Oh yeah. there was a little history huh?

Gotta love Luna/Usagi. They play off each other so well.

Jaedite is right...it's a terrible idea.
All good plans meeting the enemy, right?

Wait...when did Umino join them for karaoke?
What!? Complicated bad guys? Hahahahah!
Is Umino Jaedite now? I'm confused.

Oh well. Another day. Another gem.
8/15/2020 c31 Pk
I've never known that you had this on ao3 with lemons! So therefore I had to reread it all on there haha. Omg the sex scene this chapter was amazing and I can definitely see the improvement from earlier chapters! You have grown so much and I'm so proud of youuuu. I loved your writing then and I love it now! Keep up the great work! And I just really love the way you retell this story for us. My jaw DROPPED this chapter when Mamo-chan was spitting out blood omg. But THANKFULLY that wish came through. Thank you thank you. he can't be taken now right? RIGHT? If jadeite was saved and with everything else I refuse to believe she'd let him be taken! But I will brace for impact still ohboy. Again, thank youuu and wishing you the best
8/14/2020 c8 Guest
I'm rereading and my memory is quite bad so I'm not sure if Rei does find a booty call but haaaaay Mr Jed is now pure and good and can they please get together? Was this foreshadowing idkk hahahahah it's don't take me seriously I'm really enjoying this story over again and thank you for writing it!
8/1/2020 c31 Buffy fan
O.M.G. What a chapter. Love how you had them admit how much they love each other before the reveal. And I also think back to being 10 and watching that episode on TV and how powerful it was. Honestly you could have gone either way either your writing - loving the story, where it connects and differs.

Sending you good thoughts - sounds like life has been A LOT and while daily updates would be amazing, for a fic like this I’ll be okay with every two months! Sending positive vibes to your family.
7/29/2020 c31 smoon4409
Loved this chapter, and how you did the reveal. Looking forward to next update!
7/26/2020 c31 caro
como puede algo s r tan parecido y a la vez totalmente diferente? me encanto, espero que aqui no se vayan a robar a darien y se lo lleven al reino oscuro.
gracias por escribir
7/24/2020 c31 Guest
Great chapter! I loved the reveal. So emotional. I always loved this scene in the anime and you did it justice. It was so good.
I hope Motoki will be okay. They were all so devastated. Poor Mamoru was so heartbroken.
I read the sex scene on AO3 and it was amazing!
You made me feel all the emotions in this chapter. Cant wait to see what happens next! I will be waiting.
7/24/2020 c31 5ViviRen
Soooooooo good! Loved your rendition on this iconic episode! Can’t wait for more!
7/23/2020 c31 1AliceNotInWL
nice! you covered quite a bit with this one. loved the flow of this chapter!
7/23/2020 c31 LokiGirl1221
Omg holy shit yes
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