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3/16 c11 2hengrimm
So, I said last year I'd read this chapter around Independence Day ... and I did, really; well, I started to, but I couldn't remember the details of the story so much or the characters because it'd been so long since the last update, so I gave up on it until I could re-read everything else to this point. I finally found the time to do that. But you may not be happy:

In chapter 7, Eliot mentions the European couple with the black Malinois. Malinois are not black. They are fawn or mahogany or tan with black overlay and usually with black masks. The two dogs that played Bear in "Person of Interest" are good examples. If you still want to use one of the Belgian Shepherds, the black one is the Belgian Sheepdog, AKA the Groenendael. This may be anal or nitpicking on my part, but I used to have a Groenendael long years ago and for a brief time a Tervuren - and hope to have both again someday - and just want the proper name used.

*Anyway*, on to this "current" chapter (is it still current if it's 10 mos old?):

Answers at last! Yea!

Your characterization and dialogue continue to be absolutely stunning and such a joy to read. Add to that the unfolding story, ongoing drama and tension, mystery, and how well-written the whole thing is, it's my favorite "Leverage" story and one of my favorite fanfic stories of all time (and, no, I won't actually mark it as a favorite until it's done).

I'm dismayed that that blockhead is putting limits on how long he'll accept help, everything is tempered with "for now," and am doubly dismayed at his silent insistence that he's leaving after the whole Moreau thing is resolved - if he lives through it - that he'll go back to solo work. Idiot.

I loved the team demanding answers. *Loved* them fencing him in, not allowing him out of anyone's sights and how they're between Eliot and exits. Loved them finding Atherton's family and Bonnano saving them (is this the small role he'd have you mentioned earlier or will there be more of our Detective Captain in upcoming chapters?). The team is wise to be concerned with how much Eliot is off his game, with how he's giving up on things he shouldn't. I laughed that Eliot had the same thought Nate did way back when, that Nate could at least cook something without poisoning everyone. I'm not so certain - and not happy - with Nate asking Hardison to dig into Eliot's family background. (Just, *please*, tell me you aren't introducing an OC to come disturb the waters, no matter how minor the role.) I'm interested to see if Hardison's 'brother' comment out on the mountain road ends up bringing the trouble Eliot seems to think it will. Nice light, funny, yet sweet last scene, with the shopping trip Shelley and Parker are going on. Everyone seems to think that because the monkey is inaccessible it's been destroyed. Eliot never came out and said that, so I wonder what's going on there. I have to admit when I first saw "'Man, I coulda been your Sam! Your *SAM*, Eliot!' the first thing I thought of was Nate's dead son Sam and my brain froze momentarily before I realized oh, THAT Sam. One of my favorite parts was Sophie's "'Eliot ... you are *loved* by four highly paranoid and very protective criminals. It's what we *do*.'" I'm also glad that Nate ripped into Eliot about just what he thought he'd accomplish by leaving them behind. Not that either of those things seemed to make it through that thick skull of his, but hopefully with time and lots of repetition, it finally will!

All in all, another wonderful installment in this story that just makes me want to read MORE (there *STILL* is more coming, right? You've not given up on it, right?!), and I hope you're able to carve some time for yourself and eking out some writing time from that. Please.

I hope to see an update soon - hopefully before the one-year mark of the last! :)
2/22 c11 Wilivtul
More please
1/2 c11 9McMoni
I found out this little gem just this morning and I *had* to read it all in one sitting. It got me hooked. I really love your writing, and I'll be definitely waiting (rather anxiously, I might add!) for more.
Well done and thanks for posting.
8/8/2020 c11 WolfhoundLove1
Wow. I can't wait for more. Parker crying and hugging Hardison and talking about losing a brother all over again was heartbreaking. Shed a few tears over that one myself. Brilliantly done.
I bet Helen (Sapienlove) was reading over your shoulder as you were writing. I miss her wit and her generosity of spirit. She'd invited me to Scotland and to stay with her while we were there. She was a very special person. The dedication to her was great. Bet she loved it too.
Thanks for the ride. Can't wait for the rest.
8/7/2020 c6 WolfhoundLove1
I'm so glad you put an after note regarding PTSD. I had a boyfriend that had it after Viet Man.I clearly remember walking down the street with him when a car backfired. He grabbed me and took me down with him to the ground yelling at me to stay down. He was horrified at what he'd done though I wasn't hurt. My heart broke for him but back then there was no reason about PTSD.
My girlfriend's husband drank himself to death because of it. Horrible what they went through. God b less them all.
8/7/2020 c3 WolfhoundLove1
God, what is there to say? I friking love this! Now I think this will be a fun day spent reading rather than washing floors etc. The hell with the house work. Thanks bunches.
7/13/2020 c11 2Is This Not Reality
I almost never post reviews and haven’t read fics in quite some time, but I HAD to here. This is one of the best fics out there. I so so so hope that an update comes soon! Again, excellent work. Wow.
7/5/2020 c11 1novisha.rivera.1
Okay so now I really want to know what Parker stole in San Lorenzo
6/18/2020 c3 8Lacy073
Okay so I thought I could wait patiently until I finished this story to review it, but as it turns out I am entirely incapable of doing so. Let me just say... this is one of the best Leverage stories I have found so far. Your style of prose is absolutely brilliant, and you fit the characters beautifully. I usually straight up refuse to read anything with original characters but yours is wonderful. You have me laughing at one moment, and scared for their lives the next. I love everything about this.
6/17/2020 c10 1novisha.rivera.1
No worries, the crazy going around enough to keep e everyone busy. Barely making time to stop in with my favorite writers.
Sapienlover/Tetrarch, I had no idea she had passed. My heart hurts at the thought. Long as we can still read her stories and remember her talent, then she is never truly gone.
Take care if yourself and family, your fans will be here
6/9/2020 c11 7Cgarcia555
Poor Shelly. He still hasn’t realized what he’s in for. Love the direction this is going.
5/26/2020 c11 9Praemonitus
I love this chapter! I was beginning to despair of Eliot ever coming to his senses and accepting the team’s help, even if he plans on ditching them again. Thanks for putting them back together for a bit!

I loved your description of Parker’s smile. It cracked me up and is so perfect. The team dynamics in this chapter were great.

Btw your previous description of the chase with the helicopter thrilled a friend of mine who used to fly cobras and other helicopters for the military. I asked him about flying in the snow and I was treated to several hair raising tails. ;) Thanks for that!
5/26/2020 c11 197Daisyangel
There's the Eliot we all know and love. lol
3/6/2020 c10 2hengrimm
I want to say "aww ... the 'family's' back together," but I can't; Eliot (the dumbass), in denying himself their comfort and strength in his misguided attempt to protect them, is slowly tearing them apart. So much so, even Shelley can see it.

This must sound like a broken record by now, but I think your characterization is just … absolutely, without a doubt ... stunning. I like the backstory Shelley tells Sophie and Nate about Eliot's shattered confidence. I found myself thinking a lot about Nate's earlier chess comment, how Spencer's playing the game wrong as far as the pieces (the team) goes. I like the time you spent in each of the characters' POV, especially Sophie's; you haven't done a lot of her - I know she's harder for you than the others - but I enjoyed her insights here - along with her unexpected driving abilities! Particularly great job with Eliot and Hardison.

While still moving the story forward and (temporarily) wrapping up some action and angst, this chapter provided a chance to slow down, to re-group and, despite the tension of worrying over Eliot and if he'll stay this time, to relax a little bit; to be happy they've reunited, even if nothing's been really resolved. Because the *team* knows, even if Eliot doesn't, that they're stronger together and that there's truth in that old saw: united we stand, divided we fall. It was a nice break for the readers as well, a chance to catch our breath. And yet we know things are going to come to a head, if they're able to keep Eliot at the safehouse, having him, the team, and Shelly all there so this adds an element of friction or suspense (anticipation?), because we *know* something - a confrontation if nothing else - is coming. I find myself looking forward to it!

I'm so glad Hardison and Shelley did what they did for Atherton's family with the cell phone - not for Atherton, of course, but for Eliot. I wonder if anything will come of that... I'll be reading to find out!

Btw, I'm slowly making my way through the "Leverage" series on Amazon and I recently finished S2 and was re-introduced (introduced? I don't remember seeing all those episodes before) to Robert Blanche and have to say I *loved* Detective Bonnano; I'm so glad you're including him in this fic, even if it is a small role!
2/23/2020 c10 24sapienlover
Oh, Eliot. "I ain't worth that." Idiot. When is he going to realise he IS worth it, and his team love him more than they can say. I love that Sophie is one helluva driver (although poor Lucille took a bit of a hit) and Nate isn't going to take any of Eliot's nonsense. Although it was so a Nate-thing when he tries to push Eliot's buttons. Sometimes ... sometimes Nate thinks he has to be cruel to be kind, but Eliot sure as hell doesn't take kindly to Nate's pushing.

Hardison ... bless his good, decent heart, and his anger is well-placed. But it's Parker in this chapter. Oh, Parker, how I love how you are written in this story. Her insecurities and her love of Eliot as a brother she will protect with her life. And poking. Lots and lots of poking. More soon, please.
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