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10/1/2019 c6 7Cgarcia555
Man, you’re just getting to the good stuff and boom! No more chapters! Good story so far. Love the team getting one over on Shelly.
Please update ASAP!
8/25/2019 c6 2hengrimm
This just became all sorts of intriguing!

The cursed monkey statue finally made an appearance, as it were. I'm assuming it and Atherton and Eliot's backstory within the military and with the Italian are made up by you and not canon … right? So, is Vance actually a canon character? Someone from Eliot and Shelley's past? (I know the Italian is.)

I really like the blend of AU with canonical events; it really adds another layer, a richer depth to the story. Characterization is still awesome, and now all of the team is on the same page, thinking Spencer won't come back when this is done, even if he does survive Moreau. Shelly was great in this chapter, good humor, and very believable reactions to what's happening around him and to his conversation with Eliot. Hopefully. Eliot will be able to use the Koreans to stop Moreau, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this intrigue plays out and to learn more about the monkey statute and Moreau's plans.

Favorite part was Sophie not bothering to open her eyes as she told Hardison: "'More likely, you'll simply have *two* perpetually grumpy and very proficient hitters constantly threatening to break your fingers, instead of just one.'"

Hopefully RL allows you to update soon … the intrigue and suspense are really building here!
8/19/2019 c6 24sapienlover
I'm really enjoying Shelley's addition to this story and I love how he's figuring all of this out.

Eliot's self-denial and his stubborn refusal to deal with his PTSD so works! I think you've dealt with it beautifully and fits Eliot's experiences and how he has dealt with them canon-wise. Nicely done.

And now we have Atherton in the mix! I didn't see that coming at ALL.

I will patiently await the next chapter.
8/19/2019 c6 1novisha.rivera.1
No worries, surrounded by military, once married to it. Nailed it on the head.
8/7/2019 c5 novisha.rivera.1
Busy? Me and you both.
Work and all getting to be a bit much. Needed a bit of getaway Leverage time.
Just u keep on keeping on.
7/25/2019 c5 2hengrimm
Awesome chapter!

I loved how everyone had a POV scene, and all of them continue to be in character. It was wonderfully done, contrasting their different voices and how they're looking at the situation. I especially enjoyed Nate's (and his air quotes again!), and the remorse or regret or guilt he's now feeling. And that's saying a *ton* from me because I was never particularly fond of him in the series - he was my least favorite, I guess - but I've thoroughly enjoyed delving into his head here. I also love how Nate and Parker pretty much came to the same conclusion about Eliot not coming back ... now I want to see what they do with that bit of insight. Hopefully, they'll use it wisely.

The plot thickens and the suspense continues to grow; well done!

Is the Ram's Horn referencing an actual canon episode? Or is it something you made up for the purposes of the story?

Can't wait to see what happens next, whenever RL allows you to post! (*please*, *please* let it be soon!)
7/13/2019 c4 hengrimm
Once again, characterization is phenomenal; superb job, especially with Nate and Eliot. Moreau's a pretty scary dude, going off Eliot's dream/memory of what he plans on doing to Eliot's team; though I reckon he'd have something planned for Eliot beforehand ... unless he wants Eliot going nuclear on his ass. I'm curious to see what, if anything, comes from looking into nurse Gail. Looking forward to what happens when Eliot contacts Shelley ... if that puts the team back within reach of their hitter or puts further distance between them. Also really concerned because Eliot is with Moreau's strategy to date; specifically, the idea this is all a diversion. Very intriguing.

Can't wait for more!
7/4/2019 c5 MargaritaS
I hope you continue, I am eager for more. I love how you portray Parker and Eliot :)
7/2/2019 c5 4same ol' Tgirl
This is GREAT fun to read - fun in the scary, angsty way, not the ha-ha way, though. Looking forward to all coming installments!
6/23/2019 c5 24sapienlover
Oh Lord-a-Mighty, that was intense! The dialogue and interaction is perfect … just PERFECT … although my heart's breaking at the team worrying about Eliot and what he would do to save them. I especially loved Parker listening to Eliot's message over and over again, trying to rationalise what he's saying and what he isn't saying. For all of Parker's lack of social and personal skills, she understands Eliot better than any of them and she tries so hard to read between the lines. I also love that she's taking the lead here, and the whole team following.

The issue with Eliot having a gun was so, so in character. I have no doubt Eliot would have a gun secreted about wherever he lives, as a reminder. I was watching THE RUNDOWN JOB last night and listening to the commentary, and the point was made over and over again that Eliot is a broken soul and will never be able to redeem what he did, but now he tries his best to be a good man. And you nailed it. Absolutely nailed it.
4/6/2019 c1 20blueskydog
Ohey, it's been forever! I've been seeing these updates and not reading it because school sucks rn (don't get a Master's Degree kids, it's a trap). But it's not because I don't love you and your writing. Here I am finally and so excited for another adventure...YAYYY
My thoughts on this chapter...
I feel like something bad is going to happen right off that bat. It took me a while to remember where that particular exchange came from but I get it now.
I can just imagine Parker "shooing" Eliot and it's adorable.
I love Nate's "World's Greatest Mastermind" mug.
I always love your depiction of Hardison. He's like one of the most distinct characters ever and I love him so much.
I'm feeling a little scared about what's going to happen...make that a lot scared...fire-engine-red scared...
3/26/2019 c4 1novisha.rivera.1
Lol take ur time Life happens we shall be here enjoying every morsel, and now have to re watch the "nurse Gail episode". Writers such as yourself and others keep our favorite characters alive. Thank you.

Ps. I did wish writers did more with Shelly, than just The Boys night out job.
3/16/2019 c4 4paperlion
Suspenseful! I hope they find Eliot soon, before he can do anything too stupid. I loved all the little touches you included here, especially Parker's characterization. She feels very on-point, especially in the ways she shows how much she cares.
3/16/2019 c4 7Cgarcia555
Do glad you got back to this one.
Love it that Parker manages to not only capture Shelly, but luck his pockets too. Clever girl. Can’t wIt for the next one.
3/16/2019 c4 24sapienlover
Moreau's threats to the team are chilling, and oh so brutally perfect. He knows the team is Eliot's Achilles heel, and boy … scary stuff. Poor Shelley, taking the brunt of it in this chapter! It's nice to see him involved - if the series had gone into a 6th or 7th season, perhaps we would have known more about him and his friendship with Eliot.

"And you don't hide behind civilians. That was a tactic of the enemy." That is SO Eliot, and redolent of Eliot's line from 'The Gone Fishing Job' - "That's the difference between a real soldier and this little Halloween outfit you got going on. You'd kill to protect your rights. A real soldier, he'd die to protect somebody else's." These are the ethics he lives by, and he has an inherent honour that he lost sight of when he worked for Moreau. And you captured his mien perfectly. Love it! Roll on the next chapter ...
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