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3/21 c5 kevinthegoat0304
You made Soi fon a real pain in the ass
3/17 c1 Guest
Type more chapters
2/28 c25 REYZERO
este puto capituloestuvo muy cerca de hacerme llorar, demaciado
2/28 c25 8Cloud Narukami
I will say while it was a beautiful chapter I do wish you had let Misaki meet Unohana and Yoruichi.
2/20 c25 1Randomguy0110100100110
she was purified at the end of it

False Hope?
2/8 c25 condie2013
good chapter, some good closure fo the kurosaki's, at the end i was thinking how funny it would be if the Grand Fishers reiatsu and Shiro's Reiatsu mixed so Misaki faded out and appears in Hueco Mundo, Harribel finds her smells ichigo invites and protects her so one day ichigo arrives to check on them and see's his mother more or less "in charge" or acting 2IC, directing the hollow's in cleaning mothering lilynette and the childish nel
2/6 c25 Ouroborosdragon
Why couldn’t ichigo absorb masaki’s soul from grand fisher’s body, then put it into one of urahara’s gigai?
2/5 c5 ymrgf
Most chapters are filled with redundant information that give you almost nothing on story progress. Just skim the chapter and you won't loss much the content of said chapter. Skimmed last 3 chapters and no improvement of this fanfic's story telling. Most si/oc fanfic suffered from self monologues and infodump but in this novel it's the reverse, too much dialogues without substance.
2/5 c25 fallendemon248
Damn loved this chapter and that they got to see masaki again
2/4 c1 harrylawson15243
Wait so I’m confused is masiaki back or is she gone properly now
2/4 c25 Trey of the rebellion
That was a wonderful end, although if I could've bet, Kisuke could've gotten her a Gigai and made her comeback permanent. A Quincy of her skull against Yhwach
2/4 c25 Msid
Глава просто фантастика, конец просто порвал душу
2/4 c25 5MurderOfBael38
damn it, me gusto bastante que Ichigo se encontrara con su madre, este capitulo fue renovador en lo que se refiere a Masaki volviendo a la "vida", sinceramente es uno de mis personajes favoritos porque se muestra como alguien bueno, generoso y bondadoso, pero en si es un lienzo en blanco, algo que se puede explotar facilmente
2/4 c25 Exodus12345
Hmm so they couldn't have gone to Kisuke and put her in a Gigai that slowed down the process and then let him make something permanent? Or had Ichigo absorb her with his blades as a catalyst to maybe make her a third sword spirit for him that share Ossans abilities?
2/4 c25 8Ikrani
That was nice. Masaki deserved to be more than a tragedy in Ichigo's past for raising him into the man he became.

That said, I'm curious as to why and how Ichigo deduced that Nel has a crush on him, but also concluded he isn't interested in her. I'd love to see a chapter or scene of the two of them discussing that. Of course, I could also see Nel trying to go through one of Ichigo's current lovers to get the scoop on how to appeal to him.
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