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4/13 c28 RARE2000
To be fair, according to Kubo, all the Vizards are capable of Ressurecion like Tousen. Same with the Arrancar and Segunda.
4/10 c36 codywhite162
Loved the chapter and cannot wait to read more!
4/5 c5 ThFlash
I love that Isshin's reason for being a front-liner is basically just "dad strength"
4/3 c36 arakater
Feel that just like Kubo himself did Espada i justice you repeat it here. Sure I can agree that Unohana should win against all that was show of them in canon but I think both Ulquiora Segunda Etapa and Starrk would górce her to use more strength then you implied at least mailing her use bankai. In general Starrk strength is unapreciated with how Kubo make rights but I was hoping you'd change that a little.
4/2 c36 11nexusplayer
Dang. Oh well I'lll return!

More lemons? More Humor stories. More women in harem(Maybe?)
More baddass Ichigo.
Ichigo getting owned in a video game by hanataro.
4/1 c36 27InsaneMakaioshin
1. Why are they in Muken instead of the Valley of Screams?
2. A year! What about the Bounts, Regai, etc.?!
4/1 c36 fallendemon248
Yeah fighting Yhwach is so stupidly annoying I get why their so frustrated. Why would you tease Nel vs Ichigo vs Unohana and just cut away at the beginning. It was just getting good
4/1 c36 1buterflypuss
Good chap
4/1 c36 Exodus12345
You know with how long he has been with Unohana and Yoruichi by this point I was kind of expecting one if not both of them to be pregnant.
3/24 c35 1Uber Ghidorah
I like the story so far. While I don't like how Ichigo killed Amagai and Homura and Shizuku, I can understand why. That said, I'm wondering when Ichigo deals with the Bounts and the events of the first movie, and meets the other mod souls.
Also, I would like to see more slice of life group activities, like Ichigo's Kamen Rider group session or more of his "Afterlife is Bullshit" podcasts.
3/15 c35 3RyanMK666
Cant lie, really looking forward to seeing how C46 react and try to force their ‘power’ on ichigo to get to trial.
Looking forward to the next update keep it up. I recently reread this whole story and this is my first read of this chapter and it’s not disappointed at all.
woo! hell yeah! glad to see yet another awesome chapter here, and im super glad to finally see you given us a much needed and heartfelt interaction between harribel and ichigo here as well. As i mentioned before, im a huge fan of harribels character, and much like the other former espada and arrancar, have always wished that kubo would've further explored her character and background in canon, which unfortunately he completely wasted away. I also really love the dynamic and bond that her and ichigo could've seriously created with eachother as well, as i always felt that they are just way to similar in nature when it comes to both their hollow designs as well as their overall belief systems, so thank you for giving them both a much needed exposition and bonding moment here. Im also now a bit saddened, that you didn't initially have harribel as one of ichigos main love interests in this story from the jump, as i think they'd make an amazing paring as well given their obvious deep core values and also just based off of the fact that harribel is one of the only arrancar to have actually understood what it means to have a human heart. She's also just as sexy of a woman as yoruichi is and is also just as formidable and powerful a warrior too. So i know this is wishful thinking, but i am really hoping that theres some possibility, that ichigo and harribel can develope more of an actual kinship and maybe even a possible relationship outside or alongside unohana and yoruichi.
3/13 c35 Speed Reader
Excellent chapter. Superb conversation between ***** and Ichigo.
3/11 c35 27InsaneMakaioshin
C46 & Tsunayashiro are biting off more than they can chew.
3/11 c35 tacitblue1973
Authors who beg for donations for writing fanfiction are a pox on this site. Good on AO3 for shutting down needless commercialization of their content. Good luck on the sales of your original work on Amazon. There's a difference dude.
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