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1/3/2019 c1 Jo
! You've written again, oh man, I'm so freakin' happy! I'm trying to not repeat myself, but the way you write Balalaika (and Revy) is just perfect, I read some other fanfics with them and they never hit the right/exact note with me like your stories do (because I feel like they always slip with the characterisation somewhere, although the effort is ofc always appreciated). Also this stuff is never gonna get stale, so encourage you to post whatever you've got! When it comes to the story, I have the feeling that Boris would be quite understanding, and would keep it to himself (unless he was feeling something for B too, but even then..I feel like he's the type to keep secrets with him safe and to the grave), other men though..not so sure, so paranoia from that aspect is understandable; possible homophobic tendencies aside (though they're in Thailand...god knows what her men are up to there), they idolize her and keep her on a pedestal, so seeing her so close with another person wouldn't be good for her image (sadly:'(, I always like to think they would understand at some point their Kapitan has needs too, damnit! )

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