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1/6 c19 1Ultimatrix bearer
Since Jones was hurt by lightning I’m guessing her resistance only applies to kinetic forces?

1/5 c10 Ultimatrix bearer
Honest trailers!? Hahaha I’m giving this 5 stars

1/2 c3 1Anas Nazim
That Fonald Trump joke killed me!
1/1 c5 logon702
Я даже пол пятой главы не дочитал.
Ломание 4 стены - просто ужасно написано!
Я не девушка и я не парень - что за гендерные заморочки!
Что если? - зачем все так усложнять?
Джони и Есаку - вообще лишние!
Я не могу полюбить этого главного героя - потому что она мне противна не из-за характера, а из-за автора и его стиля написания.
Если ты хочешь пытать главного героя - пытай! НО не пытай читателей!
1/1 c4 logon702
Четвертая стена это дерьмо! Вся 4 глава лишняя. Бред антисоциального человека.
12/6/2021 c36 Eyriegirl
I just found this as a recommendation from this bites! I have to say, I really like how organic the changes you have made are. Jones is likable without becoming a Mary Sue. The titles given to the crew fit perfectly, though now I am curious who else will be added. I can’t wait to see where this goes, but even if you don’t write a single word more, thank you for writing as much as you have.
12/2/2021 c31 FloydianFan
If anything, I would’ve gone up to a tenth or even fifth of the island. It is Teach we’re talking about here. And yeah, even with help surviving such a high tier battle at the current level is impressive on all accounts - especially since Teach have Shanks the scar without the Yami Fruit.

Even a baby dragon has the fear associated with being a Straw Hat. Was fun to have the Shiki reference this early - that one of the movies that definitely has to happen. Especially now that we’re getting into Rocks more.

The crew has a necessary discussion ahead, and Robin has things to get acclimated towards with her place on the crew. They had their moment with the centipede and south bird to show their skills, and I really loved the backstory you sprinkled in. You’re able to add to the characters in a way that compliments the canon, while being able to make it distinctly your own, and that’s something worth commending.

Even if Jones knows so much about the crew, there is still a disconnect due to a lifetime of different cultural values. Freedom vs Duty and just the idea that your onboard with these larger than life figures that you know will be great as opposed to yourself and the uncertainty that goes with it. It’s hard to reconcile that at times, and I hope Jones can figure it out with the crew helping.

Again, I love what you’re doing with Luffy in this story- he’s impulsive, scattershot and hates spoilers, but he loves his crew and their well being far more than the suprise. Hopefully the crew is able to communicate properly now, though I’d recommend a therapist or someone to talk about issues as well ( Chopper’s good for health but he’s so young he couldn’t fulfill that at the moment.)
At least on the plus side, knowing what you have to do and actually doing it are far different things, so it’ll be fun either way.

Plus, if the crew know a series of events in the future, then it makes it that much more fun to pull the rug out under them.

The crew has grown, and so does their skill set. Good to see everyone be able to contribute, even if in a small way like Toma and Gin. Loved the background events with the flyer and Celestial Dragons, and was fun to see the crew’s background brought up slightly. Hopefully, the wings will become a permanent thing for Merry and especially for the Sunny. Untested ideas on a legendary ship? Franky is all about that. Maybe could even create small airplane for scouting as well.

And we’re off to Skypeia now! One of the most important arcs of the story on retrospect and it will be a delight to go through it with you.
11/24/2021 c1 Johanna Kesia Santos
I don't really like the way you made the mc says that they were from another world already. I get that they don't have a point. You should have created more creative ideas. Still, I only read the fitst chapt so I wont judge the story too mucb
11/24/2021 c1 Johanna Kesia Santos
11/17/2021 c35 RedminSoulute
Yessssss! I have never been more happy. Please keep going.
11/12/2021 c36 IcedWolff
Glad to see you updating again, this is one of my favorite one piece stories! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for Jones’ future. I can only imagine how much Blackbeard being gone will butterfly the plot, I wonder who’ll take his place as the series main threat?
11/2/2021 c36 Guest
Such a breath of fresh air to see this updated once again. I read this a lot throughout high school, I'm now in my third year of college. I've loved Jones' character and plans, and related to them a great deal also. It's something special. I would say your story is what inspired me to write my own One Piece insert, even if just for myself. I hope you're able to continue writing this, I know I'll always come back every once in a while to read through it all again!
10/25/2021 c36 Lord Anubis Judge of the dead
Good story.
10/22/2021 c30 FloydianFan
Fun fact: I learned the definition of chiaroscuro from this chapter when I first read it, so thanks.

Of course Nami is still going to have some hangups from Arlong about the fish man race being so nearby, but she’ll learn into live with it soon enough; Honestly it’s admirable that Nami was able to find it in herself to not hate all Fishman after what she went through. Guess the Straw Hats with their ideals make more of a splash than I thought. Still great to see Luffy be willing to assist his crew even if he’s overwhelmed with everything- he’s really stepping up as a captain much earlier than in canon.

Was wonderful to see how Nami, and by proxy the rest of the Straw Hats draw so much inspiration from Luffy and the crew’s synergy. It’s honestly that reason why their such an admirable crew, they don’t break apart - they just harden together. Though Jones harebrained nature has really put a wrench in that for the moment. Really appreciated how Nami also felt the sheer otherness of Sabo instead of Sanji, was a small but meaningful detail.

Gotta love seeing the Whitebeards be impressed by the crew and Luffy’s attitude of freedom. Also The Alliance’s reaction to seeing Marco was just hilarious. Nami might have her own variant of Observation going on with the weather and Robin opening up about Ohara is both heartwarming and tending all at once. She’ll find peace with the crew, she just has to believe. Also I put Chopper and Drifter’s interaction in the last review, sorry.

Sanji might be worried about the plan and pie, but they’ve got one of the best crews they can for dealing with traitors. Also, pretty sure Zeff would be willing to accept the poison here, at least for such an important event - he could at least see the importance of loyalty this once. Luffy needs to have his talk with Jones, and he’s not gonna take no for an answer here.

Jones has to be commended for keeping cool on such a critical task such as this, and Lisa of course came to the rescue with her background. Pretty interested to see the Fleylin is going to expanded on in the future, seems like an interesting setting. Of course Tach would recognize the tongue of certain lands, he is a veteran New World pirate after all.

Was neat to see the Blackbeard’s just relaxing in a ramshackle bar at the moment. I know that’s what happened in canon, but I’m so used to seeing the Blackbeards as a shadowy organization always lying in wait for opportunities to advance their apotheosis to the top; Just not used to seeing a more human side of them is all.

More world building with the Painted Warriors and subterfuge with the duo here. Jones might not like being referred to as a ninja, but they can live up to that title when they want to.

Lisa’s paints are devastating when set up properly and turn the tides of a battle when applied. Also, the idea of Van Auger of all people pulling an Eneru? Priceless.

Jones really needs to think about what goes into a plan and every factor that could go right or wrong in said plan- wearing weights is definitely one of them. At least Gin pulled through, albeit at the cost of an arm. Hopefully Franky can build a spare for him, if anyone can it would be Franky.

And as such the tapestry of fate has been altered here. Teach having Conqueror’s, the crew and Allies working together to take down such a threat to the world at large, Luffy getting his scar two years earlier than canon and most of all Teaching biting it here. I have never seen another story have the Blackbeard’s suffer such a major loss this early in the story. Literally everything that happens post time skip is a result of the events of the Paramount War: Whitebeard dying, territories being annexed, New Marineford and upheavals in the Marines themselves with Akainu and Aokiji, and so much more. Without Teach around to instigate that powder keg, so much of the story now is up on the air I. Terms of what’s to come. It’s one of the many reasons I love this story - you’re not afraid to completely say goodbye to the rails of canon and change the main story in significant ways. I don’t know what’s to come, but I’m all for it. Also, was interesting to see Teach have the trademark D. grin, may have been a bastard, but still was a D. Through and through.

Blackbeard’s have been defeated, but get a distinct feeling this is nowhere near the last we’ll see of them. Maybe the Impel Down prisoners could take or leave Teach, but the core crew, ESPECIALLY Laffiete seemed to be genuinely loyal to him and would be willing to go on to wreak some vengeance. Doc Q and Laffiete could find the bound up crew, or potentially intrigue Doflamingo into helping them out. And I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling that Doc. Q could try to pull off some really depraved procedures to resurrect the departed commodore or something along that line. If there’s anyone, Doc Q could find a way.

Not sure if Toma sees the Fruits or the Devils inside said fruits, but I’m pretty intrigued to see where this heads out. Jones got a staff and the Revolutionaries are going to be involved in Enies Lobby somehow, I just know it. If there’s anyway for the Straw Hats to get past that without receiving bounties, pretty sure Dragon could help on that front. The crew gets respect from the Whitebeards ( Seems to be a common aspect with there Marco and in the story with Apkiji and Whitebeard seeing the crew’s potential), Koala shows up and chews Sabo out - not unwarranted and Robin sees how far the crew is willing to go for one another. Let’s see if Aokiji can beak that this time, if he even shows up at all now.

I’m surprised we didn’t see more Mock Town residents see what the commotion was about, though most of them are just dregs who couldn’t see anything or accomplish much of any thing of merit anyway. May be contrived with Cricket, but all stories run on contrivance to an extent, it’s what makes it interesting in the first place. This may have been my favorite chapter of the story so far; Action packed, great character interactions and significant effects on the main story that leave me guessing how everything is going to play out- all the ingredients needed for a fantastic chapter.
10/22/2021 c29 FloydianFan
While it’s not a bad plan with the pie, Jones really should have given Sanji a heads up or thought about how another plan could fill the gap.

Of course the Hopeless duo manage to create thermite - might not be a bad additions to their arsenal when properly refined though, though hopefully not on the ship. Already has enough problems with the Merry, no need to add more that are avoidable. Also really like the interaction between Mr. 13 and Chopper - 13’s got his own way of doing things and sticking with it is the mark of a man’s conviction, even if it can be a little stupid. But that’s life for you.

Crew training is still pretty fascinating to see, wouldn’t have minded seeing more of that it canon, but seeing Sani willing to hit a (biologically speaking) woman? Yeah, things are going pretty pear shaped on the crew, and that has to be dealt with accordingly.

Amazing how a little shared empathy can make such a difference, isn’t it? Ace getting a much needed dose of reality with Jones finally willing to accept it from others is a fantastic scene for cooling heads, and the crew being there for them is apparently “Straw Hat”, you know? Also, literally everyone on the crew is a monster on their own right, so they fit right in regardless.

Jones having to go on their own and messing things up is a given by this point. Really needs to consult with others - need some sweet WIS to offset theirs. Also great to see the crew willing to hold Jones accountable for the plans - Luffy is getting a chance to really learn what a captain really needs to lead - have to be willing to step in when the crew starts falling apart and mend it. Also have to be willing to put their needs above their own - if they can’t set an example, then who will?

Never seen a scuba dive in a One Piece fanfic, so it was pretty novel. Crew getting it explore submerged ruins almost has a dream like quality to it- like this a realm not meant for them to explore, but the Straw Hats follow no rules but their own. Also good on ya for showing what happened to Robin’s turtle. Small detail, but nice to know.

Weird to Nami actually using laws to the crew’s advantage here, but that’s the butterfly effect for you - just cool to see how the crew not having bounties has both big and small effects.

So we get our introduction to the Whitebeard Pirates here. Honestly, the best introduction was Haruta - kind of a cross between Sabo and Koala there with the touch-feely nature of the brothers along with enough bite to want to keep Luffy.

Now I’m just imagining Dadan bawling her eyes out while refusing to look at Sabo for all those missing years. A scene that should have been in canon. Also, the ASL brothers getting pipes again, really brings things back to Dawn don’t it? Luffy should keep the pipe, if for nothing else another tool in his arsenal against Logia types or special fruit users like Magellan

Luffy getting a good whack at the Alliance has to at least give some relief for being constantly underestimated. He’ll get a bounty one day. At least we’ve got a good crew with Sabo, the Whitebeard’s and The Straw Hats - at least that’ll give them a chance against Teach.

Nice to see in any timeline, the Bellamy Pirates will always be irrelevant fodder. Another application of forces unlocked, could potentially be used for Geppo or crew transport in a more manageable fashion. Also localized vacuums for removing oxygen? Goddamn it’s a good thing the Navy doesn’t know how to use the Force fruit to it’s full potential- nobody could have stood against the World Government with that kind of power at their disposal. Auger is pretty dangerous as well, six shots without breathing; Teach knows how to pick a hell of a crew.

Teach and Luffy really are two sides of the same coin. Except one side of that coin is rusted and likely to give you tetanus just by picking it up.
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