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10/21 c10 3Costin
Ah Ortiz. Good diving right into the thick of things instead of some ridiculous story about children with WMDs.
10/17 c10 Alcides12
I am amazed, a not half bad Andromeda fic.
I am definitely going to be checking on this one.
Very much looking forward to more.
As a side note, from my understanding, the producers of Andromeda were really starting to mess with the shows flow and choices rather than Kevin Sorbo’s ego.
Sorbo even mentions how they were trying to turn Dylan Hunt into a Demigod like figure by making him in to a Human Heavyworlder/Paradine Hybrid. Sorbo mentions how that felt like cheap shooting the show.
10/6 c9 2WHCnelson
Nice, I can't wait for the next few chapters...
8/22 c9 3Costin
Impressive, and a really nice way of handling Andromeda.

Hope you drop the nonsense of them not having a full as quickly as possible though and Dylan's BS about not leading the Commonwealth he re-founded.
6/25 c8 18ariom
Is that all there is? Did you get motivated to finish this? I hope so.
6/25 c7 Guest
Plenty of action in this chapter, but imo it's not as good as some of the others. Heh, I did laugh however at Hercules being Hunt's favourite of the Greek heroes. :)
6/25 c6 Guest
I'm still enjoying this alternate version, and also your author's notes at the end of each chapter.
6/25 c4 ariom
Ahah ... interesting!
6/25 c3 ariom
Yep, but the debate bit worked imo.
6/25 c2 ariom
I'm glad to see you have reintroduced Parvati; she was indeed interesting.
Minor nitpick - it's Gerentex, not Geretex (and probably only a typo.)
And I'm not quite sure there would be dozens of mercenaries on the Maru. (Anyway, maybe you decide they needed a lot, I'll find out later I suppose.)
Interesting that you already had Trance and Rev on board but Harper came with the mercenaries.
After reading two chapters I intend to read the rest of this.
6/25 c1 ariom
I've read the first chapter and liked what I read. And I have to agree with you SO much about it becoming the Dylan Hunt show! Tyr had so much potential and killing him off was ridiculous.
11/23/2019 c7 Kimmie500123
This is awesome! What should of been, but was not. Please continue!
10/24/2019 c7 Guest
Out of practice or not, it was a good chapter. The byplay between harper tyr and dylan over greek heroes was fun. I also liked that the marias were not totally useless and the explanation of why they were not more effective made sense. Thanks for writing.
10/17/2019 c7 3Costin
Ah good to finally see this updated. I'd recommend throwing it up on space battles, you'd get a heck of a lot of readers for it.
4/7/2019 c6 Guest
Great chapter. Like the twist that Andromeda is compromised by Rhade and that Dylan is trying to make alliances with the maru 'boarders'. The Tyr Harper alliance also makes sense along with Tyr putting himself into a position to be recruited by Gerentex rather than just be picked up like a regular gun for hire. I agree that Tyr suffered (along with Beka) the most of the changes NuDrom brought.
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