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6/28 c1 Guest
Así que todo ha sido adelantado 6 años veamos cómo va esto XD
6/19 c2 yonatanl26
If it is going to go by the evolutionary tree of Lunamon why don't you put the one of Coronamon and thus you put Dianamon and Apollomon when they merge they create GraceNovamon.
5/15 c2 12Aclux
the story too interesting to leave it suspended continues
4/30 c2 MrKeyFox
3/13 c1 46Hikari Nova
the 4th HGW happened in 1994 and the 5th when shirou was 17 happened in 2004 meaning that in 1998 shirou would be around 11
3/9 c2 5Revamped Persona
Terriermon and Lopmon actually do make a lot of sense as Shirou’s Digimon partners for other reasons besides having a “dynamic”. For one, they are sibling Digimon. A lot like Kanshou and Bakuya, the “married” twin swords. Another reason could be that Shirou was given an extra partner to help make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid/suicidal. This is pre Grail War Shirou, who doesn’t have a lot of power to back up his reckless attempts to “save” people yet.

So which Digimon season is this Digital World supposed to be? I’m leaning on the Adventure or Adventure 02 version. Tamers is out automatically because of the ruthless nature of the Southern Quadrant and that neither Goblimon is trying to kill other Digimon for their data. Frontier is out because the Digidestined/Legendary Warriors don’t have physical partners and instead TURN INTO their “Partners”. Fusion is out automatically because of Digivolving problems. Now the only two Digital Worlds left are Data Squad’s/Savers’ and Adventure’s. It could be a toss up really. But then again there isn’t any sign that the government is involved with Digimon. So that leaves Adventure. However now the problem is “when” is this? The original Digimon Adventure took place in 1999. Now the Fuyuki Fire took place in 1994. At that time in which Shirou was adopted by Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu dies in the year 1999, the same year when Tai and the Digidestined are sent to the Digital World for the first time. That means that it’s actually highly wrong that Shirou is 17 in 1998 and that Kiritsugu died before 1999. The 5th Holy Grail War occurs in the year 2004, ten years after the 4th Holy Grail War. At that time Shirou is 17 years old in 1998. Which would be wrong. Shirou would probably be 11 years old. The most logical sense would be that Shirou is 12 years old and is in the Digital World in 1999 after Kiritsugu died. Either that or he was chosen at age 15 at 2002 with the “New” Digidestined (Davis, Yolei, and Cody).

Sorry if I am being too analytical, but Shirou’s age combined with both the Fate Stay/Night AND the Digimon Adventure timelines DO NOT add up. Other than this big glaring timeline problem, the fic is fine.
1/7 c2 5Orchamus
I can honestly say this is one of 3-5 fics that involved Digimon that I've read in the past 5-7 years that I didn't almost immediately dislike, and judging by the flow of these first two chapters, wouldn't. I am cautiously hopeful that this might be continued.
11/23/2019 c2 TrimusicaDrag00n90
this is great
10/4/2019 c2 Dj stat nova
Random challenge do a fic where shirou train all the digimon leader's
9/12/2019 c2 1tobi.zt
This is interesting, I like to read more. To be honest all the Digimon I can think of that would match Shirou is a Knightmon, the sword arms Digimon. Lunamon is interesting and fits him due to the whole moon thing and bow and arrow.

I like to read what you do with Gummymon. Been reading the evolution tree, he has some fun lines like the Hagurumon line, Toy Agumon line which could evolve into the Mamemon line and even Bakumon line. Ghosts would fit Shirou well due to his eventual meeting with Heroic Spirits.
9/9/2019 c2 1MysticRising
Gotta say, im sad he didn't get something knightly (like a saber class digimon lol) or something draconic, or something more angelic like. No I do not consider the plush bunny to be angelic. For one it's a fucking bunny, it doesnt even have wings! Angewomon and angemon would have been good. Poor patamon.
So he has 2 digimon, one degivice. Wonder how that will work, similarly how will this update when you have a few other projects. Aren't you stretching yourself a bit thin?
9/9/2019 c1 MysticRising
In all fairness, i only care about tevhnology for my stories/books/fanfics, music, and drooling at delicious food pictures and recipies, cursing the cost for said recipies.
Oh and school work
8/22/2019 c1 ThatOneGuyUpstairs
You know, I’m actually kinda interested in how the digital world would interact with Gaea, or the Throne of Heroes, or Magic in general, most of the stuff Magus’s doesn’t break any of the physical laws in the digital world the way it does on earth, so would it become easier or harder? How would a Noble Spirit do against a Digimon, I mean I could see your average spirit being able to beat most rookie and Champion Digimon (most, not all, some Champions are pretty op, I mean look at the first Angemon we ever saw, he one shot what I’m pretty sure was supposed to be an Ultimate level and I’m pretty sure most Champions can’t do that), but let’s use the original Augumon’s line for an example, one of Metal Greymon main attacks let’s him launch the equivalent of a Nuke multiple times, War Greymon can ignite an atmosphere, and Omni-mon can straight up delete things from existence (that last one might just be a power given to him as a Royal Knight by the Yggdrasil system so one could argue he wouldn’t be able to do that on earth under normal circumstance thought) and that’s not touching Omni-mons alternate forms or any of the other bullshit certain Mega’s can do. Speaking of Digimon, any chance of say, the legendary warriors or the royal knights playing a roll in this story, even if they’re just mentioned in passing, like some random Digimon start talking about whatever threat the digital world is currently facing and saying “this never would have happened if the royal knights were still around” (which could raise an interesting plot point, maybe the characters have to try and find out whatever happened to the royal knights, which would also kinda make sense since the original digi-destined had two halves of one of them as parters) or maybe some Digimon could look into the war that happened between Beast-type Digimon and Humanoid types that was mentioned in Digimon Frontier, and end up finding one of the spirits of the legendary warriors. Just saying there’s a lot you could do with the lore on the Digimon side of things, especially considering that a good chunk of the lore on the fate side is concerning ancient heroes or legends.
8/22/2019 c2 xaldreca
Hmm, looks pretty good so far. I'm glad this exists, we can always use more good Digimon stories.
8/16/2019 c2 Notemix doragon
Yo ya quiero mas capítulos ya me terminé los dos capítulos que tenias
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