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for The bat of gryffindor tower

4/13 c1 selin32227
some said that everyone was acting out of character and that made the story bad, I ignored it while reading but inclined to agree...
11/24/2020 c24 Guest
Look I tried, I really tried to get behind this story but i can't. It seemed interesting, but people act so out of character that i just can't get lost in the story. Maybe it gets better I only got up to chapter 24 and skimmed the latest chapter and there is significant improvement, but for now this story is kinda hit or miss for me.
9/26/2020 c53 James Birdsong
Well written
9/25/2020 c53 Drakon45
I hope we get to book five soon enough so Umbridge can be finished once and for understood why Rowling would create such a despicable character and not kill her at some point.
8/30/2020 c2 n740
You have broken the curse my friend your 9 3/4 scene isn't have bad now we don't have to think of it as conspiracy any more
7/21/2020 c52 Drakon45
Please let him do it. Don't take the pussy way like other fanfics and have Bruce stop him first. I'm sorry to say but Umbridge deserves to die. If I was under her in year five I might have murdered her myself.
12/25/2019 c46 Controlchaos
Both HP and Poke fanfic r good I saw the An on chapter 46 and I can help if u need it for both ps how is rwby idea
11/17/2019 c43 5Akashic Records
This is a mess.
Please, clean up your grammar. And make the characters more believable.
11/13/2019 c43 Controlchaos
Yes! New chapter thank U
11/11/2019 c1 Controlchaos
I mean that last week or 2 their were 48 chapters now there are 47 so the chapter number is going down
11/11/2019 c1 Controlchaos
Hey guys is the chapter number going down
11/6/2019 c54 Drakon45
Bro seriously you have updated the same fucking chapter more than three times. WTF. Are you ever going to continue this story or should I abandon this story?!
4/8/2019 c91 5ShadeFireDragon
So if Sirius is free, doesn’t that mean that you’ve broken away from canon?
4/4/2019 c89 ShadeFireDragon
Your grammar has gotten better. Nice. I guess Jason would be able to figure out Lupin’s secret pretty easily, with him having to think on his feet during battles with villains. Not bad overall, I guess
4/3/2019 c88 ShadeFireDragon
But what animal is Jason? You never wrote it down.
Please also double check your writing. There are times when there are spaces before a period (there should never be a space before a period), periods that should be replaced by question marks, etc. Also, OOC-ness everywhere. Alfred calls the Bat Family “Master [insert name here]”. So it isn’t “Jason”, it’s “Master Jason”. Barbara (not Barbra, Barbara, btw) can take care of some wizards by herself. She’s Batgirl, after all.
Draco isn’t as evil as you portray him to be in this story. Yes, he’s a stuck up guy, but that’s because his parents raised him to be like that. He wasn’t that loyal to Voldemort at the end, defecting at a climax that I can’t remember.
In all... please reread your work. My grammar senses are going off the chart.
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