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2/18 c11 supratiksen2000
Very good story... Thank you
11/1/2020 c4 castle2126
Oh what the hell! Seriously it's Castle's fault all the time isn't it. Because whatever he do Beckett is always right for you guys, she said she needed time and she didn't show any indication throughout the year that where she is and how mucha she is ready to have a relationship and she was certainly nowhere near where he walls comes down so why would Castle have to put pressure on her so they could have a relationship and if he said that to her again and what do you think she would have done, she would have ran away again like all the times she does, when things get difficult because that's what she always does. So don't blame it on him and here you are always putting her needs first, 2hat about castle doesn't he deserve to put himself first some times, she never sincerely apologized for the summer but she did in heat of the moment when case refused to talk to her. You didn't even think that how much it would have hard for him for the summer thinking whether she is alive or not, whether she is with her boyfriend who is taking care of her.
9/29/2020 c7 hausofrafa
8/20/2020 c11 Jokin
On yes. Still here and living your stories. This was a really good one. Thank you. So happy that you are still writing Castle stories. You are one of the best writers for Caskett. Can't wait for the next story.
5/23/2020 c11 ClaraBow51
Aww, they're now living together and got engaged. Jeez, and she proposed. They're making up for lost time!
Kinda sad Martha moved out (don't care about Alexis) but Martha seemed to have the ability to brighten up even the saddest saps. But I guess most couples don't want to live with their significant other's parents.
So happy that he remembered he had a flash drive with the photos he deleted.
5/21/2020 c10 ClaraBow51
This was laced with warm ooey-gooey sweetness. I don't think he popped the question but wasn't far from it. He really does have way with words, I felt like pushing Beckett out of bed and take her place on his chest. I know he's a writer and a romantic at heart (they both are) but never figured him to love poetry and to recite it with ease. Normally that stuff makes me want to gag but him doing it was so lovely and intimate.
And Martha (the human kaleidoscope, lol) with her cunning ways could tell immediately that they had sex. And if Kate's endless babbling of her plans for the day weren't a dead giveaway she was lying her inside out jeans were. How embarrassing but Martha just has a way about her that puts everyone at ease.
5/21/2020 c9 ClaraBow51
Do people like Castle actually exist in the world? He's real, kind, funny and knows what to say to make her feel better and most importantly he has her back.
The sex did nothing for me but his unwavering support and boundless amounts of love make me swoon for a fictional man, lol.
Castle telling Kate she never has to pretend with him was so gratifying to hear. And how tender, patient he was with looking at her scar and finding a way to ease her insecurities and make her feel special.
I'm still upset with him deleting her pictures. But at least it let's her know the magnitude of his love/obsession has been going on for quite some time. I'm just tickled with his final question to her. Not that she needed it but it leaves no doubt about it now.
5/19/2020 c8 ClaraBow51
Damn, that dreaded Alexis interrupting their special moment. But he got a heated kiss and a text promising breakfast.
Had a good chuckle over Castle giving her passion fruit juice and him saying that coffee is her true love and he thinks her pupils even dilate when she drinks.
Her lists of answers was sweet, funny and so open for her to want to share that.
Aww, her writing he's her one true love. And I'm stunned that her tattoo is his initials. We all know he's going to want to see it, and much, much more ;-)
5/19/2020 c7 ClaraBow51
Wasn't expecting Castle to ask her that question but even more so wasn't expecting him to rattle off a list of everything he's failed at. For how much he talks he doesn't talk about anything private or shameful he is a private person too. I liked that I got some insight into his insecurities, what really makes him tick and I'm sorry she stopped him. I feel like in the show she was the one always coddled. And I think he needed to be reassured sometimes as well. But I thought it was so refreshing, so lovely that she spun it around and listed his accomplishments.
Of course him asking if there is anything she has failed at would go back to her mother's unsolved murder. Beckett's issues are deeper, they've totally gutted her. He didn't mean to upset her that way but it's ingrained in her, it changed her in some ways for the better and some ways for the worse.
But her realizing she has someone in her life to support her, give her strength in every possible way. She wants it, she needs it and she's finally putting her happiness and her love for Castle first.
5/17/2020 c6 ClaraBow51
I don't know if I'm a fool or I just read way too many fairy-tales that I like that he waits, he always waits. I just find Castle so endearing and so rare to actually find someone that stands by you right or wrong. Has Kate's back through everything it is so special and makes her try to be a better person.
Highly amused with Castle thinking about "Singin' in the rain" (I'm partial to Fred Astaire . But either way I miss those type of movies).
Points for Beckett for admitting she probably would have kept the secret from him, even if she said she would of eventually told him. I don't think it's a man/woman thing she wouldn't of handled it well she would have ran out and got herself killed. I don't think she realizes how difficult she can be and no that doesn't give him the right to keep that from her but it's either don't tell her and keep her safe (but worried) or tell her and it's a death wish. She's hurting not quite well mentally, physically and emotionally. And they just got back in touch with each other maybe in some time when he saw her making progress he would have told her.
But Castle tells her maybe (someday) that they can go at it again. But from a different, safer angle they can't let the case become more than their lives. I'm grateful that they are taking blame for what they did and didn't do and are trying to push forward.
It ends with a kiss and a promise of a second date. Progress.
5/17/2020 c5 ClaraBow51
Castle being her life raft is a perfect description of what he is for her. And the kiss, while sweet and short still made my heart flutter. But what meant the most to me was how deep, deep down Kate is sentimental, a hopeless romantic. She wants to put their kiss in with the box of keepsakes along with the orange rose, gummy bears, and the picture she took of him and the fortune from the cookie (I'm dying!)
She loves him and how sad she thinks she now has to swim to shore by herself. I'm glad he told her the truth and I understand her being angry but he kept it a secret because he knew she would go after the person and not care for her life. I understand it's her mother but if it's means you tell her and she gets herself killed what good is it then, to her and family and friends? I think both of them kept their secrets out of fear and I believe they both felt ashamed keeping it from each other. I can't honestly say with one is worse, but maybe because it wasn't dealt with in canon very much I could see Castle's side more. And I think it was Beckett's attitude that turned people off on the show. In your story we have compassion, she's apologetic and gets that she isn't the only one who has feelings. But I would agree she would have done the same thing if it were reversed and she feared for his safety.
She tells him to leave and texts him hours later. And he says, he outside her door! He stayed! And my heart just melted.
5/16/2020 c4 ClaraBow51
It's sad and believable that Castle kept that shirt. I don't know how often he would look at it but some people cope with having reminders while some people put away the pictures, clothes, and try to move on without it. And Kate thinking about how she thought she was making progress but maybe she put her feelings away in a metaphorical box.
Glad she opened up about her Lost Summer he really needed to has some insight into her physical and her mental state during that time. He knows how unwell and fragile she still is and he needs to know how to approach her about things.
Was hoping for her to say she loves him back but at the same time she sucked the life right out of it. She loves him but fears for her safety, her life and doesn't want to start things knowing she still has a bullseye on her back. But Castle has a dirty secret of his own. That's rough that he has to tell her but what choice does he have? He can't let her keep thinking she's almost out of time when he holds some information, some comfort in the fact of keeping her safe. He just might lose her when he tells her.
5/12/2020 c3 ClaraBow51
Castle is a naturally sweet, easygoing guy but that must have been excruciating for him to distance himself from her for 3 months. In real life that would've caused some damage and resentment. I know she was hurting and unwell but she could have reached out not just to Castle but to any of them and said she was doing okay or shitty and sore. Anything would have meant everything to Castle.
And her saying some things are better not being remembered. WTH! I always hated when she said that and it was blatantly obvious that she was lying. Loved his rundown of events starting with her shooting and then going in for the kill with her confession in the interrogation box. He wants to hurt her like she hurt him. And him rubbing his heart as he's telling her what it felt like to hear her say she remembered every second of it.
And finally she tells him she heard what he said. And confessed to only confiding in her therapist about it. Now I get she tried to tell him to wait for her and be patient for her on the swings and I really believe he understood her but him hearing her say she remembered just sent him into a tailspin she has more than become his whole world he had to put himself in damage control to cope.
I never believed in canon that her silence was because she doubted his sincerity with what he said. I think she knew he meant it but she couldn't handle it, couldn't reciprocate it back. She wants to be better that's why she's in therapy. For when they do decide to dive in together they won't end up drowning.
Not knocking your reasoning for putting it in this story. It's just that I come across it quite often. And it's not something Castle would say to keep her alive. She saw it on his face in the hospital and it's like Kate gets a free pass for being inconsiderate not acknowledging his feelings. I'm sorry, I'm ranting, I do enjoy this story. It's just today sucked.
Okay he may have been stunned after her confession about trying to put herself back together again for him, and for them, it was so refreshing to hear and long overdue for them both to clear the air.
He waits for her drenched ass to return home and he confesses his love again. It is one of the things (usually) that I find most endearing about him his need to chase her. He could never stay away from her.
5/12/2020 c2 ClaraBow51
That was one hell of a bitchy Castle in this chapter. It's justified though he feels used, betrayed can't blame him for lashing out.
I know they always sidestep the important issues in their relationship but I would've liked if the conversation they had in his office happened in canon (to some extent at least.)
Loved how she thought she was being smart having him sit and she used her height to intimidate him and he called her out on it. That part thrilled me to no end.
I just feel so sorry for the both of them. They both want a serious relationship with each other it's just bruised hearts, hurt feelings and complete misunderstandings got in the way of them becoming more.
She just wants to know why he pulled away. And him saying he doesn't owe her an explanation. I (along with Beckett) felt like I was slapped across the face. That was cruel!
I really liked when she was trying to tell him she thought they were becoming closer and she said instead he sent her out to sea on a sheet of ice. I'm afraid I'm taking that line. JUST LOVE IT :-)
And he finally gives in and tells her she's a liar. DAMN!
5/10/2020 c1 ClaraBow51
I desperately need a pick-me-up and I knew even in your more serious stories, you're always good for a laugh. I think you mentioned this story to me a ways back and I said, I read it but never reviewed. Huh, this story doesn't ring a bell so I guess I'm a liar like Beckett, lol.
You write snarky, pissy very well for the both of them. Beckett usually has that bite to her but Castle you have to poke and prod at him repeatedly for him to react poorly. Probably why I enjoyed it so much in canon when he stood up for himself and told her off. Sometimes (especially in the last season) she needed to be put in her place but by then Castle became a doormat.
And Kate kept thinking about how he threw Jacinda in her face and told her that he started seeing her because she was fun and uncomplicated. Ouch! I am a tad upset he deleted her pictures and how he got stuck on that one after the bank explosion. So true, there is always one that you get hung up on.
I feel sorry for the both of them though. He lied to protect her and feared she would run after the shooter without a care (which she would have.) And she lied out of not knowing how to deal with herself let alone his confession. She was/is an emotional wreck. But also lied out of fear of not being good enough, of possibly losing the one person that she had left that mattered due to her issues, inability to cope with her struggles.
I am reading WAY too much into this!
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