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for Secret of Mount Calliope

7/25/2019 c20 6drogorath
Nice conclusion.
7/25/2019 c19 drogorath
The last sentence is sheer class. This is turning into a Percy Jacksonesque thriller. Cheers.
7/25/2019 c18 drogorath
Good work keeping Jason on tenterhooks. Would love to know what the "goddesses" want.
7/24/2019 c15 drogorath
I liked Jason.. hope he sint offed
7/23/2019 c12 drogorath
Tristan is actually knowledgeable about the Greeks, LOL
7/23/2019 c10 drogorath
A bit too trusting for a SS.
7/22/2019 c6 drogorath
Am I thinking what you're thinking?
The Hardys to the rescue...
7/22/2019 c2 drogorath
Your writing is at its best. The story is progressing quickly enough for my money's on a Knights of Labour kind of society.
7/22/2019 c1 drogorath
Good buildup. The SPAG's impeccable as usual. You remind me of the old ND books. Can't wait to see if it's just a union acting up or something else. If I was the guy, I would probably join the union though what with my politics and self-interest.
2/8/2019 c20 14Cherylann Rivers
Great ending to another well written and exciting story. It’s nice to see a happy ending and a solid wrap-up, and your stories always do read like the “real” ones with your pacing, plot, and especially characterization. The very end where Ned was brought back in was a nice tie in to the start. This was a pleasure to read- thanks for sharing your talents! I do hope that you continue to write both in ND and the HB universe. I’ve been on this site and HDA back in the day for years, and you’re right— there is a definite lack of ND stories now. That being said, I have to laugh because that’s all there used to be. For years, everything was ND, and it seemed as if every story was a variation of how Nancy and Frank got together, which I got over quickly. The Hardy Boys trend has only been the last maybe 3-4 years, I’d guess. It has been so refreshing reading the HB stories after years of ND that I want it to keep going! :) However, you’re amazing no matter what you write. I’ll try to check out your original fiction when I can; I’m sure it’s amazing as well. Beat of luck with your writing endeavors! :)
2/6/2019 c20 max2013
Happy endings are always good-thank you for sharing.
2/6/2019 c20 7ErinJordan
awesome story thank you
2/6/2019 c20 1beachgirlsrule
Really great story all around. Happy that everyone made it ok and that Jason is going to live.
2/6/2019 c19 7ErinJordan
Great chapter very intense hope Nancy can stop the crazy woman. Please update
2/5/2019 c19 14Cherylann Rivers
Wow- that Artemis is really out of her mind. I have to go back and re-read because somewhere I missed that Cole was in cahoots with Artemis- unless he is lying now! How did I miss this major plot element?! Very dramatic ending here as well. I wonder who will get the gun! Lots to resolve in one chapter. Nice job!
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