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for Wish Upon a Star (Thx for the Deus ex Machina, Disney)

6/13 c7 5NagisaShiota11
I always look back every now and then to see if you ever update it. I really enjoy this story and hope that you’ll continue it soon in the future!
4/11 c7 Guest
Oh I've been loving this so much! I'm not the best at words but this has been a delight to read, it's really tickling all those little trope-buttons that I love to see in fics like this! The juxtaposition between "watching" Ratatouille & reading how the characters of the movie react to it, is very interesting! I also like the orignal dialogue spins you've added in - tho I don't quite understand why people made such a big stink about quoting dialogue before. I've seen countless fics on this site that do the same thing, but kudos to you for going the extra step to rewrite things instead of just giving up!

I'm sad it hasn't been updated in so long, I was really enjoying this read, but I appreciate you posting what there is! Hopefully one day you'll have the time to come back to it, but if not, so be it.
2/15 c7 131PutMoneyInThyPurse
“It caught Remy squarely and hurled him against a copper pot that was sitting on the counter. Alfredo flinched and tried to erase the image of his friend's limp body smacking into the hard surface. His perspective the first time through hadn't let him see how much it could have hurt, nor how disoriented Remy seemed afterwards, but now it was all too clear. Don't worry. He begged himself. He's fine, he's right here in your hands, that was all in the past.”
My shoulders came up to my EARS. My chest filled with warmth and I shivered. UNF. You deliver the feels in the most powerful way possible. MmmMMMMmMMMmMMMMMmmmm.
“Unlike the first time that he'd experienced this particular event, he paid attention to the rat in the jar. Alfredo had been scared, hadn't known what to do or what Skinner was going to do to him, and it showed on his face, but not like it did on Remy's. The rat crouched low in the jar, eyes wide and tiny body shivering. Alfredo felt guilt creeping up the back of his throat…”
“Skinner lowered the mop, easing something Alfredo hadn't realized was tight in his stomach.”
“In his hands, Little Chef shiver[ed] a little… He glanced down at the rat perched on his knee; seeing all this couldn't have been easy for him. Where Alfredo had stood to maybe lose a job, Remy had been surrounded by people all too willing to take his life. How Remy had held on to that first ideal, that he wanted to make things and contribute to greater goods, with all this hatred aimed at him, Alfredo couldn't fathom. Carefully, he shifted his hands closer to the rat and cupped them up around him to remind him of where he was, in safe hands, protected and supported.”
I REPEAT: MY HEART. The way you show how they love each other so, so, so much. I’m dead.
“He leaned his bike against the wall and with a hesitant glance at the jar in his hands, approached the edge of the river. Remy pressed his paws against the glass, body shaking with anxiety. In his hands, Little Chef pressed himself a little tighter against Alfredo's thumb.
"You were going to drop him in the river?" Colette asked, surprised. A frown was etched across her face as though in marble and her hand was clenched in the fabric of her pants, but her body belied no other tension. "That's a slow death."
Oh God. Oh, God, oh, God, oh, God. I… It… The way you write it. Oh, God. Oh, God. That juxtaposition—your Remy pressing himself into Linguini’s hand for comfort from the scene of that selfsame Linguini about to kill him. Such a contrast between what they were to each other and what they are now. It’s wonderful and heartbreaking.
“For most of the time that Alfredo has known Little Chef, he'd thought that he was some sort of expert. At first he'd thought all rats had his sort of talents, and when that was obviously untrue, he'd started thinking that his friend had trained himself into this ability. But more recently, not just tonight but for a few weeks now, he'd been noticing how much he changed what he did from day to day and how much he'd improved from those first few days they were in the kitchen together. Little Chef was a novice- a talented one, but a novice still.”
Oh, a;sdfuadfs;laksdfj;lkj “A novice still.” YES. The movie acts like he’s a fully-fledged chef, but of COURSE he would need to learn and grow. This is what I mean when I say you fill in so many gaps from the movie. You’re amazing.
“Alfredo had known he'd run. Because that's what he'd do. He'd be scared out of his mind, he'd be so far from trusting any human ever again, he'd run as far as he possibly could.
He'd known he'd run, but it still took him by surprise. Then and now.”
3.“…still took him by surprise. Then and now.” Oh my heart. How do you do this to me?
I am so, so, so, so, so, SO sorry that you were a target of the FFN hate—But OMG your words are more brilliant than the movie! Your dialogue! I am in love!
“(And watching this hurt a little, for Alfredo. Because Alfredo had held him over a river and meant to drop him there to drown. Most of him did, anyway. And even when he didn't, all he thought about was himself. It was Little Chef, who was pitted against the entire world, who turned back for Alfredo's sake. He hadn't deserved the courtesy.)”
The way you write—crisp and decisive and with a perfect mixture of short sentences for punch and emphasis, and longer ones, with the lilt of repetition “who was pitted… who turned back…” and parallels “against the entire world…for Alfredo’s sake” and that gut-punch final line. “He hadn’t deserved the courtesy.” Oh god all of it, “…for Alfredo. Because Alfredo had held him over a river and meant to drop him there to drown.” Your sentences are so clearly and brightly structured and they have perfect rhythm and, listen. I’m in love. I haven’t read Ratatouille fiction in so long and I wasn’t hoping for much when I got on FFN but you… you gave me everything I had ever wanted and more. You’re a star.
2/15 c6 PutMoneyInThyPurse
“I never realized how much fire was in the kitchen…” AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH GIVE ME HIS WORRY AND CONCERN IN MY VEINS!
“I am still happy that he was there that night.”
“And *to*night.” Ohhhh Linguini. *hearteyes*
Oh. This. Passage.
“His nose twitched and his eyes fluttered closed. Colette didn't need the film to visualize what he must be doing, though the sensory rendition returned anyhow. Like an artist with paints he was sorting through scents, remembering tastes, and imagining what they would do with the flavor he was in the process of crafting. He turned back to the soup, still poised to jump through the window but unable to leave the soup where it was. Other colors grouped around the various dishes and ingredients lying around the work station, and some shifted as though begging to be brought into the full picture. A full orchestra seemed to pound out of the speakers, currently a jumble but with something like a tantalizing melody waiting, buried beneath all the discord. His work was incomplete. More than that, he wanted to cook. His giddiness at being able to watch a professional kitchen was long gone, he'd fallen into it and wanted to contribute, to be a part of it.”
Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.
“Colette could relate.”
And this, coming in a separate paragraph – it’s perfection. The paragraphing is perfection, the parallel between the two of them. Perfection. Art.
“When he dumped the entire tub of chicken broth in she almost cringed, but at once he took measures to counteract the overbearing flavor. She would have only included half the tub, and indeed his personal symphony blared out in unpleasant trumpets when he added it and yellow flooded the pool of colors that had been growing steadily into something that looked appetizing. But he hadn't been able to control the outflow, so he added an extra two cloves of garlic to dull the flood of color and noise and found a carton of heavy cream that drowned it all to something quieter and more sophisticated. Steadily he became more comfortable, more engaged. He was in his element.
He wasn't just fixing the soup anymore, he started experimenting. Impulsively, he grabbed several stalks of parsley and shrugged a few loops of celery over one shoulder. Their colors had not been reaching, as though hoping to join the creation, but he wanted to see what they would do, and so he brought them in. At once she could tell he liked the results, because not a moment later he had an entire spoon full of a myriad of herbs, a cloud of greens and golds…”
The way you work the synesthesia is brilliant. It allows you to play with colour and music and this is such art. I’m spellbound.

“Like a light had been turned on, things snapped into focus, the colors fled like a startled school of minnows. Remy on screen realized at the same time as they did that he'd had an audience. Alfredo was standing very still, his mop clutched in his hands, watching Remy with a slack jaw. Remy shifted to look at him and Alfredo gasped. The two stared for a long second before Remy dropped the herb into the pot, the bubbling of the concoction mixing the addition through and completing his work just as it seemed he'd be forced to stop it.”
This paragraph. This paragraph. This paragraph. You write it better than it was in the movie. It’s brilliant. It leaves me speechless.
“When she'd been a cook under Chef Skinner's guidance, there had never been an easy or fun day in the kitchen. There was always a threat on the horizon. She hadn't minded it, imagining it to be the way that professional kitchens worked, but when she'd begun to run a kitchen herself- at first through Alfredo, who didn't know the first thing about leadership (or cooking but she hadn't realized that till later) and then with Ratatouille- she'd found that it didn't need to be so. She'd discovered that Skinner's temper, pickiness, and superiority were unnecessary and uncomfortable to a degree that she was amazed she'd been able to withstand previously.”
Again, something that the movie didn’t have time to explore from Colette’s POV but you do wonderfully. We really needed this.
“We are all undiscovered masters in our own right.” What a beautiful line. Even stronger than “Anyone Can Cook.” You add such depth to the movie. It touches my heart.
“She'd already stuck out her neck for him, there was no point in stepping back, Skinner was already mad. And he'd feel especially challenged by her speaking out because she was a woman. The only way she saw to speak her mind, which she had promised herself she would always do, was to include the other chefs. If all of them, or at least more than just her, were speaking for the garbage boy's behalf, he wouldn't be able to come down on her so hard.” And this is a brilliant rendition of what it is to be a woman in a male-dominated space. Absolutely brilliant.
2/15 c5 PutMoneyInThyPurse
UNF your Remy being embarrassed about his hallucinations, even when Colette told him it’s okay to find comfort whenever he can. This is so intense, you make it so intense and you haven’t even got to the harshest parts yet. My heart is so full of this.
“He treats you as though you are less than human!” I LOVE THAT LINE OMG your Colette’s righteous indignation! And then **speciesist slur** you EMBRACE the differences in their species and that’s so… so… so… it celebrates who and what they all are and makes it so much richer and I’m so here for it!
(Oh btw – last chapter – loved how your Remy gives your Colette the stink-eye when she says “infested” and she changes her phrasing. HEARTEYES)
“If giving Linguini something to do with his hands is a comfort, Remy will provide what he can.” They love each other soooooo muuuuuuuch DYING HERE
Uuuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh Remy has something to be ashamed of too! “The hot flare of regret seemed to swallow him.” UNF. So powerful. “…so quick to judge Linguini, just as every human is quick to judge him and yet he expects better? He is just the same!” AMAZING!
AAGH Remy hugging Linguini’s WRIST I’m DEAD
OOOOHHHHHHHHHH your Colette knocking some sense into the guys’ heads! YESSS! And ohgod your Alfredo thinking he deserves it… and Remy saying he was wrong and ANOTHER HUG AND MORE HEAD-STROKING and THANK YOU!
(PS. Don't you know that FFN reviewers are monsters? Ignore any idiots sounding like they're admins. They don't know a thing.)
2/15 c4 PutMoneyInThyPurse
The way you establish Colette POV with the first line of this chapter is excellent. Your POV is always tight and perfect, but this was the first time I’d seen it shift – it was so good that I hadn’t even noticed it before. A lot of the time your writing just gets out of the way and reveals the scenes and the characters, which is what the best writing does – not make you aware of the craft. The craft’s there though, and it’s amazing.
Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee the tender gestures between Remy and Alfredo! (AND THE WAY YOU SHIFT FROM REMY’S POV CALLING HIM ‘LINGUINI’ TO COLETTE’S POV CALLING HIM ‘ALFREDO’ YOU ROCK!) The thumb and the nuzzle. I… a;dslfasdf;oilwer I’m dying. You’re your REMY PUTTING HIS HANDS ON LINGUINI’S WRIST OH MY HEART.
“What was just a small chunk of cheese and a mushroom to her was every possibility in the world to him.” The contrast – in Colette’s POV, too – her realization – the contrast between their worlds – ohmygoodness, it leaves me speechless.
“It was like watching Picasso realize that paints could make pictures.” You capture the entire essence of the movie’s theme in this one phrase. That it is your Colette who realizes it is doubly amazing.
“Live without knowing what you could have accomplished.” I want to hit that person who blasted you for using dialogue from the movie – but I want to kiss them because without them, you wouldn’t have given me this line! It makes me think of my own life. It’s profound and… I just… Words fail.
I love how you transitioned the POV “Alfredo could feel his grip tightening…” Perfect. Also *hugging his Little Chef* my HEART
“Remy winced… but Alfredo was on the edge of his seat, gritting his teeth with a frightening force.” It’s hard to convey how my cheap h/c whoresoul loves this. My chest tightened. So, so, so, so, so worried about his beloved partner and best friend!
“In his hands, Little Chef is warm and solid but it doesn’t feel like enough when every bang on the screen could have just as well been his friend – gone.” YES GIVE IT TO ME IN MY VEINS
“Why is he so anxious when it’s Remy that was in danger”
“Remy whimpered and Alfredo exhoed it helplessly, stroking his friend’s fur with shaking fingers… Remy wasn’t even bothering to look at the screen, just patting Alfredo’s hand and looking up at him with worried eyes” ohhhhhh goooooodddd your Remy worried about your Alfredo worried about his dear Remy I SAW WHAT YOU DID THERE give it to me IN MY VEINS
Your Colette saying “Mon dieu” is just… Her shocked at Remy going through all this 3
“There is a line between thievery and necessity.” Thank you for saying thtough your Colette what I thought the film neglected. This is a very important point. Thank you.
“That is Fate herself.” I love how you impart an inner logic to the film’s flimsy coincidence. That’s… it makes things make so much more sense.
2/15 c2 PutMoneyInThyPurse
Oh my God.
"Monsieur Remy."
My heart just broke right there. The way you convey their respect... Your Linguini gets down on the floor and holds out his finger/hand to "shake" - and so does Colette - and I'm. Stunned. The way you imagined this and wrote it, it - oh god I can't, it's too heartbreakingly beautiful.
But oh my God pleased to meet you - Monsieur Remy - Fuuuuuuuuuuuu
That's going to stay in my heart for ever and ever. You're amazing.
2/15 c1 PutMoneyInThyPurse
Wishing on a star. Mmmmmmmmmmmm... And omg omg omg, the invisible barrier not to come into the kitchen! Your COLETTE AND REMY'S MUTUAL RESPECT! I'm dead. DEAD. I love, love, love it! It is so beautiful. The way you worldbuild is so satisfying and so true to their characters in the movie - your Linguini letting Colette take the initiative, just, all of it. And the way they both admire Remy and ;asdlfalsdf so. so. lovely.
11/20/2020 c7 Melei
Well I think that it is fun to read the reactions the charakters have to the tings that happen to Remy. I'm more intrested in this than I usualy am in a watching the movie fanfic becaus of the fact that a lot of things happend that siffrend charakters didn't understand or know about. I'm also glad that you didn't have the charakters know from the beginning what is happening. I wonder thought what you will do whit the Gaustou hallucination. It is all in all a vary intresting fanfic. By the way I'm not a english native speaker and it is rather late were I'm from, so pleas overlook any grammer or spelling mistakes I made.
8/9/2020 c1 1runs-with-vagabonds
I re-opened a 7 year old account just to fave this story, this characterizations spot on!
8/5/2020 c7 5NagisaShiota11
I like it. I really like it. After coming back like months from when I read it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you had updated. I hope you can continue this fic!
4/21/2020 c7 1Phoenix Moon 00
These updates are always so nice to get even if I don’t get to them right away. I lobe this story, it always makes me feel calm when I read it so thank you for posting this :)
4/18/2020 c7 1jinxedtodeath
I really think this is beautifully written. Really appreciate the work and effort you've put into this, even with the setback of legal issues. It's admirable for you to continue, because I know I probably would've scrapped the story in your position.

Reactions are on point and realistic, and I would go as far as consider it the best 'characters react to their own movie piece I've read.

Thank you for taking the time to continue writing this!
(I feel selfish, but can I ask for the documents you've drafted? This fic is just so good)
4/7/2020 c7 Guest
I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to write this story. I love your writing style and how you depict the characters :)

- jabben
4/4/2020 c1 Someperson123
Love it don’t stop lol keep up the great work
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