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2h c144 PK930-theories 2
Also, no one is dead, they're all trapped in illusions like the one ron is in, Harkins managed to break away once but it took him several weeks to get out of the illusion the last time/didn't make it deeply enough to be in the illusion stae and he was afraid it will consume him this time, the word "consume" is interesting and further proofs my idea from the last review about ron's freeing of the sages and sustaining of the mountain through the soul piece inside of him, furthermore, this is pretty reminiscent of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, madara vibes ! I wonder if we'll have a peek into each of our heroes perfect worlds in the next chapter, maybe the first Artyom POV in the story ? Also, I'm curious whether the awareness that this is an illusion is specific to Ron only due to his special powers or will all the others have the same awareness ? another thing to point out is that jewel of the serpent provides invisibility so it'll be extremely creepy if it was revealed that the horned serpent has been following them since they entered the tunnel but they never felt them cause simply they were invisible, also, the idea of visions sent to ron by the sages makes this creepy on a whole new level, did they give octavia the leaf the first time to lure all those powerful wizards and creature-william- deep into the mountain to consume them all and thus prolong the mountain's lifeperiod by more wizards being consumed ? or is it that the illusion will last a certain amount of time till they can use the wizards for one large ritual-like the one voldie did using all power sites when he blew up the planet- to cleanse the tree and the mountain from the curse using the triple of the soul piece, the magic of all the people there and the earth's magic to stop the infestation and thus allowing the earth's magic to flow safely once more towards the tree ?
Another original idea is that the illusion produces feelings of warmth within the person thus soothing the tree as it was shown it feels "cold and afraid", and that's maybe why Ronald was needed, because he has a piece of Voldemort's soul, making the transmission of that type of obscure magic possible to the tree ?

Also, I think Ronald will be woken up through his new wand, as it can sing to him alerting him to the danger that dwells ? I mean it's a long shot but how will he wake up instead ?

Another idea is that the fate/RR/fused Ron will do something to free Ron from the illusion which may explain RR's absence so far, maybe he was too busy defending ron's mind until he got overwhelmed-we saw before that he gets tired- so maybe once he is refreshed, he'll wake ron up ? or is the mountain magic applied to all souls meaning that RR himself is in an illusion ?

That's all for now, I'll come back later if I have more ideas
3h c144 1Pk930
Okay, this story is incredibly original, there is no doubt about that now, never did a fanfiction go to such lengths in terms of sheer originality, this whole arc is incredibly fascinating, I loved how the entirety of the chapter was filled with connected lines, ron and lord greengrass' comparison, the hatred ron harbours for himself and sebastian, artyom's real name being Yuri, harkin's regrets over octavia's death the first time voldie attacked, now I am leaning towards the idea that this is an illusion from the sages rather than a mission by Fate, but it'll be a nice twist if it's the latter, now why do the sages need to put them all into slumber ? are they using their magical cores as a way to reinvigorate the tree and thus keep the mountain stable for a few more decades ? I mean, 4 wizards are very strong aka albus, harkins, snape, artyom, one is a demi-god ron, the oldest pudkiwige alive, overall, very strong individuals, not to mention the sages have called for ronald specifically, and thus, maybe the illusion has something to do with keeping ronald alive enough for the sages to use the soul piece inside of him to keep the mountain alive enough, which makes sense cause voldie was the one to cast the curse, so it makes sense only a piece of him will be enough to keep it alive enough, remember the sages saying that he lives within him, another idea that has some merit is that he is to deliver the sages from the darkness, this is a very interesting part, cause it has a possible biblical reference, jesus will deliver believers from the darkness and thus will change their domain, possibly meaning the curse was also cast on them, keeping them deep within the mountain and unable to leave from within its confines especially since Isolt met the first horned serpent near a creek and not underground, another idea would be that darkness here would mean despair and that ron will liberate them from it, we'll see how it goes, if I have new theories about what will happen, I'll write a new review, also, I wonder whether ron seeing his heart's deepest desire will either compel him to stay in the illusion or more interestingly make him strive towards that life as a goal after he finishes his mission, thus preparing us readers for more heartbreak and despair, sounds like something you'll do lol, lots of love, PK
8/14 c144 Strangian
8/14 c143 Strangian
yo spinny is a real one ngl
8/13 c144 Mari
Wow that was glad you are back !
8/11 c144 Imp
It’s good to see Ron taking back his identity. The whole dehumanization thing wasn’t exactly taking his pain away, haha. Though there is a running theme of identity, especially regarding him. From the people around him not recognizing the person he’s become (or wanting “Ronnie” back) to him discarding his own humanity to take on the title of Fate’s Champion… Your Ron struggles immensely with his identity; he is both proud of and disgusted with who he’s become. He hates himself perhaps almost as deep as he hates Death Eaters, Fate, the Entity etc, yet he believes himself above the others—who are clueless to the truth of the universe—and believes he should take control of everything. I see it as Ron vs Ronnie vs the Champion, in a way. The same person, yet wildly different: one is an immensely traumatized boy trying to make sense of his reality, one is a figment of a brighter, more innocent past, and one is a ruthless dictator hellbent on killing Voldemort by any means necessary. If there’ll be no “epic final battle” between Ron and the Gods, I wonder how this inner battle will play out, and if Ron will take back his humanity or give himself up in the end.
8/10 c144 RavenHeart356
What the-! Also, this is a great chapter, I can't wait for the next one! So amazing! Love this as always
8/9 c144 LesinPc
Ilvermorny arc seems to be full of Mysteries .Reading about Dumbledore, Snape, Artyom & Harkin confronting their past & what effect that left on them was scary. I was shocked when the figure of Lily came out of see Ron woke up in a bed with Daphne as his wife & having a daughter in a peaceful world is sweet, but at this point I think Ron will not have happy ending and to read a scene where Ron is seen in a peaceful & happy world left me sad.
Daphne & Millie's POV was good, it showed more on their character arcs .It seems Daphne came to peace with the neglect of her parents in a single moment , I didn't expect that.

I appreciate you adding more humorous scenes, it keeps the story in a bright mood.
I am curious about what the horned serpents are going to do to Ron.I hope they are not going to beat him into suffering, it is not a fun experience to see Ron getting spanked repeatedly & to feel sorry for him.
Thanks for the chapter spartan. Really excited for the upcoming events. Good luck.
8/9 c144 AdityaDubey
plxx please dont kill me from cliffhanger
ron is in his drteam
married to daohne. adughter. marty. a house like prewett mansion.
i m over the edge
8/8 c64 LK Again Again
Britpicking AGAIN : FFS ! IT IS A *FRINGE* IN THE UK ! Talking about 'bangs' over here just makes it seem that person in 'banging' someone ! "Harry's bangs are too long ..." could be inferred as "Harry's having sex for too long ..." ...
Please at least try or ASK about language diffences .
Both UK & US versions of the books state his fringe ... try to avoid your own (incorrect) interpretations ...
8/8 c63 LK Again
Britpicking : Lavender would say "the HIGHLANDS of Scotland" or "the North of Scotland" , never 'upper Scotland' ! Never heard that phrase before & if you think about it , it's rather ridiculous statement .
8/8 c144 Bluerain22
You are evil, fucking corned beef!

Thank you for the update!
8/8 c144 Foster-the-Wizards
Have no idea what just happened, but stoked foe it. Please not artyom
8/8 c144 javi30
Very good chapter
keep writing
blessings to you and your loved ones
8/8 c144 11NewAgeHero
Wow! This chapter was awesome and so trippy, the snakes seem to be sending everyone for a loop. I hope Arytom and Harkin and the others are all right, I’m not sure what was a vision and what wasn’t. Octavia knows more than she’s letting on, but I’m not sure she’s able to say it either. Awesome work per usual!
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