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11/29 c156 2JeanAndBilius
11/27 c144 1TimC34
Outstanding writing, outstanding story. Please give us more!
11/4 c157 Ghost
I actually appreciate the twist in the centaur plot. Sebastian may yet redeem himself but will not emerge unscathed. Daphne will in time be better for it too. While unexpected, Ron's involvement is consistent.

The politics was off the chain. Know you've been building Amelia's anger and righteousness up but damn! Certainly Ron style tactics and i am curious whether Dumbledore and others are correct, that she will become too authoritarian. Righteous anger gone too far. Time will tell. Involving the American authors was a smart move by her and a good tie in by you.

Another brilliant chapter!
11/1 c107 1Sasquatchae
I built this fence to protect my family and my home when I am long gone. This chapter made me cry. Amazing.
10/30 c100 Sasquatchae
10/25 c157 MMax
Finally reading this….hopefully Daphne and Ron can smooth things over.
10/23 c157 Foster-the-Wizards
Really awesome chapter, loved how Ron beat Sebastjan at his own preemptive game. Really disliked howbeasily ron forgave daphne, I just hate her, she's a spoiled bitch, and my persknal least favorite character in the fic.

Pretty bloodless amazing wizengamot revolution there. Been waiting for something like that, but it was definitely faster and more xytthroat that I anticipated! Awesome job
10/23 c157 Eaken
Thanks for the chapter!

I really liked the story around the centaurs, the Amelia coup I found a little bit unrealistic, 30 American Aurors, and whatever British ones they had wouldn't hold against the armies of mercenaries the purebloods could easily hire. Especially with such a simple plan, if it can even be called that. And they have to hold against the DE backlash as well.

I can't see this going any other way than a short coup followed by all of them getting murdered.
10/22 c156 MeritoCrastination
Thank you for the grat chapter!
I miss this story. Have a lot to catch up.
10/21 c157 58Starway Man
First of all, good luck with your exams! I hope they go well. Now, you started off okay with Amelia Bones handling Pius Thicknesse and Alastor Moody, in typical politician style...I liked some of her speech to Moody, such as the way he escaped the hospital so quickly. But later, her speech to the magical press was much better - powerful stuff that, once I read it, my initial thought was, "Holy cow, is Amelia's character being set up to be killed off?" Not to mention the subsequent talk with Barty Crouch senior - I hadn't taken her to be such a revolutionary, nor for Crouch senior to freak out so much, so that was some good character development. Of course, once he was home the father simply didn't have it in him to kill the son, as I expected (but secretly hoped Crouch would - that would have been quite the plot twist!)

The scene with Bones and her magical police force confronting the Wizengamot, Dumbledore doing his vanishing act with Fawkes, and then all the 'unworthy' members getting sacked - it was written fairly well, even if it was a bit wordy in some places and it made me wonder why Amelia didn't just order her people to fire stunners at the Wizengamot members and then throw them all out of the chamber onto the streets (preferably starkers, just for laughs!). Still, Amelia's appeal to the leftover Wizengamot members was uplifting in its idealism, and I could see her actually going along with Ron's plan to affiliate the Order of the Phoenix with the Ministry - as the idealism has definitely not tarnished the practicality in Bones' actions. Oh, and I liked Ron's wisecrack comments to Dumbledore and Snape in the next scene, especially the one concerning the Weasley boy's upcoming night-time fantasies...

Hmm, Blaise's apology to Daphne for his nasty words was alright, but the subsequent chat with Pansy Parkinson felt a bit better to me...and yes, now that you mention it, the Zabini boy *has* been acting like a typical Gryffindor lately - strange how I never noticed it until you stated it in the text! And then the scene of Draco Malfoy eavesdropping on Fate!Ron talking to Ravenclaw!Ron, but only hearing one half of the conversation - context is everything, but you definitely caught my attention with Weasley's disparaging remarks towards Hermione and Harry, not to mention Draco's decision to keep his mouth shut about everything (that is, after deciding that Ron was completely insane!) I have to admit, I always suspected that Fate!Ron would screw up that way one day, and I'm glad to finally see it happen.

You made me chuckle in the following scene, how Ron was the one to school Hermione on wandless magic instead of the other way around - it definitely showed how Fate!Ron has a greater 'people' awareness than his canon counterpart very nicely. The next few scenes with Daphne's father - wow, you made it clear from the pensieve memory that Sebastian was a truly *horrible* human being when he was younger, a Death Eater Voldy would have been proud of, but you also made a nice counterpoint to how fatherhood changed him for the better, true character development if I've ever seen it.

And then - the scene in the forest between Ron's mercenaries and Daphne and her father, that built up the suspense nicely for the confrontation with the centaur certainly surprised me there, I thought for sure Sebastian was going to die from the build-up, instead he just walked away from that horror (even if it cost him in terms of Daphne's feelings towards her parents). Nice example of subverting expectations, I guess...just like the scene between Daphne and her mother, and when Daphne confronted Ron at Hogwarts in the aftermath, he didn't utterly reject her like I was half-expecting. And yes, let the Fate-verse third year end, already - I'm sure lots of readers are looking forward to your version of the Goblet of Fire!
10/21 c157 Guest
Beautifully crafted chapter. Please update soon.
10/20 c157 1Brocole07
great chapter keep up the good work
10/20 c157 51shinChan
really great writing...a dictatorship (no matter what amelia says she staged a coup using military force) running the country during the war is not something a common britain folk would want and to use foreign force for that is not going to end well for magical Britain but amelia intentions are right the purebloods weilds too much power that needed to cut down... Sebastian greengrass pov was one of your best writing piece... now the story where is now is the perfect time for a small time skip... nothing major will be lost and it will really boost the story to move forward at more speedy pace...hope you are well
10/20 c157 MeYouNThem
Uhh... this chapter is really heavy. Btw Amelia is getting on my nerves. I know Ron needs her but seriously can we have someone else as a Minister. She's no better than her predecessor. Well maybe a bit better but still worse in different way. Also I have mixed feeling about Daphne. Sure she apologized but the fact that she kept picking a fight with Ron and insulting him and then Ron just accepted it like that kind of irked me. Guess even when breakup he still has a soft spot for Daphne. Well can't wait for the next one.
10/19 c157 1Pk930
Great chapter, very creative usage of POVs and trying to make the reader make effort to connect dots and draw conclusions, very nice new style of writing in this chapter, also, no Ron POV is refreshing for a change
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