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5h c162 58Starway Man
Wow, this was a long chapter! You started off alright with Dumbledore talking Ron out of destroying Peeves (although I wish you hadn't!), and Snape complaining to Albus about the Weasley twins. I also enjoyed how Theo Nott and Tracey Davis finally became a romantic item, you've been building up to it for many chapters and the execution was well done. The next scene, I definitely found it amusing over how Hermione was complaining how easy her exam was, but that was balanced out by Harry's pathetic apology to Ron over his part in the 'prank' during the previous chapter. But it was the subsequent narrative where George Weasley finally realized that he and Fred had gone too far which really grabbed my attention - especially that conversation with his friend Lee, it was good to see that character doing something other than make biased comments during quidditch matches.

I have to admit, the next part of the chapter with the third year DADA exam caught my interest, especially how the red-haired Champion blew the competition completely out of the water - and the way the girls all fawned over him afterwards was moderately amusing, in a silly teen sort of way. Ron blowing off George and fooling around with Daphne afterwards was also noteworthy, even if I skimmed through Ron's conversation with/apology to Dumbledore, and the brief Corban Yaxley interlude. I found Arthur Weasley's chat with Daphne's father more interesting, especially how Weasley told Greengrass off once he learned the truth of the man's crimes! And then the scene in the headmaster's office with disciplining Fred and George, it felt like you were writing from experience there - especially how Fred was acting like a childish git...

I can't deny that I also skimmed through the next few parts of the chapter where Ron's parents came to talk to him at his cottage, and then the gathering at the Burrow with Ron's godson Lysander - not sure why, just that all that didn't seem to catch my interest for some reason. But the part where Ron lied to Arthur about his wealth, that definitely caught my eye! You got both characters very in-character there, well done. I also liked how you handled the Neville/Pansy breakup, it's been coming for ages and I for one am glad to see it's over - that plot arc had definitely run its course, although I liked how you portrayed Neville as the clueless, sensitive, miserable ex-boyfriend. Just like how you wrote Ginny Weasley, when Lavender attempted to bribe her to take photos of Ron - that was moderately funny, all things considered, so nicely done there.

The ulcer interlude, Fate!Ron's chat with Ravenclaw!Ron, the meal shared between Ron, Fawley and Ogden, and then the Weasley boy's chat with Emilia Travers - they felt like you were building new plot arcs with that content, so I didn't spend too much time on them. I did with the reunion of Daphne's parents in Magical Germany, though - all that was rather unexpected, to be honest, especially the reconciliation between those two. You also had a good little interlude with Ron and Amelia Bones towards the end, I liked the way he wound up the Minister over her lack of success in apprehending Dolores Umbridge! Not to mention the chat/argument between Daphne and Astoria, you nailed the bratty little sister act almost perfectly. The final scene was a bit...weird, but Ron deciding he wanted to live was an excellent line, as a number of other reviewers have said. I look forward to seeing what comes next, the summer between third and fourth year for our young wizards and witches will hopefully be wild and exciting...
17h c160 2Morningstar689
I love how much Daphne has matured in her interactions with Ron. She's learning. Zotair and Reid are also very wise and interesting characters.
17h c161 Morningstar689
Fred's vindictiveness knows no bounds.

If only those little shits knew who they are dealing with. If only they knew what Severus and Albus know. If only.
17h c162 Morningstar689
I want to live. Those words are so meaningful. Ron is truly coming around and I cannot help but love Dumbledore. He truly is the greatest.
20h c3 Zero
Always glad to see content of Luna and her family.
21h c2 Zero
Please make it in time...
21h c1 Zero
Interesting concept.
4/22 c162 Guest
Was hoping to see ron tear apart peeves...pout
4/22 c162 zidankingdomkeeper
Damn the "I want to live" hits hard. Keep up the great work!
4/22 c162 Pk9809
Awesome chapter mate! I don't know how you do it but the latest chapter always tops last one!
keep it up man and thanks for the chapter
4/22 c162 MollyMcDip
A masterwork as always! Honestly one of my favourite chapters yet!
4/21 c162 51shinChan
What a chapter,one of the best so far... eagerly waiting for fourth year
4/21 c162 bullshit123
Obrigado pela atualização
4/21 c162 7Phlebiac
What everyone expect of this chapter: A rampant murderous Ron who will crush the untouchable and his own blood

What we got: One of the best chapters about Ron healing his tormented soul, embrasing both his personas and make everyone happier

Really this chapters is one of your best Spartan, it has everything positive, even a new power up!

and the last part man! such a beautiful way to end this perfect chapter, with wonder about the infinite universe, a new alien being and such a strong declaration as a "I want to live"

I cant wait for the next chapter!
4/21 c162 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Yes it’s finally over
Time for the triwizard tournament man :) and frenchies will make a return
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