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11/28 c73 s0ra5000
damm what a ending to a chapter
11/26 c148 Guest
Bir ron aşığı olarak her zaman teşekkürler :3
11/24 c53 s0ra5000
This story is truly great. You manage to flow naturaly from drama to comedy. Great job.
11/24 c52 s0ra5000
I loved what you are doing with Longbottom
11/24 c51 s0ra5000
This story is so good! And the characters are very well written. Thanks.
11/22 c39 s0ra5000
amazing chapter !
11/20 c148 7Phlebiac
Ron is worse than ever, is so sad how my boy cant catch a break...

and now Tracey is learning what she missed...

Gonna say I love what Artyom said to Ron, I hope he take that conversation seriusly

Amazing chapter as always
11/19 c23 Guest
You wrote this chapter bloody brilliantly the comedy in it at the beginning with just hilarious I love this please keep doing this
11/19 c148 Guest
Took me five days to complete the 148 chapters, but now I can surely say that it is a great story. Keep up the great work.
11/15 c148 LK Again
And so many Americanisms creeping into tis chapter . It's now really maddening and unnecessary ...
11/14 c148 1reynanuy
Awesome chapter! I loved Ron's advice to Gin and how it was thrown back to him by Artyom. also the fact that the big guy was worried sick when Ron was down. Another good thing is the relative low degree of family drama at the burrow. I can't help feeling that the peace won't last long. Again, to me this is the Potterverse now. Even better in fact. Please keep those awesome chapters coming. This epic is gonna make fanfoc history!
11/10 c147 5aegon Targaryen17
a wizarding world war in the making! can't wait for it...also voldemort is back!...
11/8 c62 8Leah Kentra
The fact that this fanfiction has more words than the entire Harry Potter series put together is nothing short of amazing. It has over 3 times the number of words!
11/7 c148 Eaken
Ooooooooh keep it coming
11/6 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing


www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing

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