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10/8/2023 c52 Jamie0
Yeah imma just say these pureblood customs are stupid and everyone completing as lords or ladies or lards or whatever need to get some better hobbies. If someone's going to go around demanding everyone refer to them as dr so and so, well they've got another thing coming to them. Hermione is right here just as they were right to try to end the disgusting practice of house elf slavery. Of course Hermione has plenty of other flaws but not these.
10/8/2023 c49 Jamie0

Clementine better not try anything disgusting with a thirteen year old...
10/8/2023 c45 Jamie0
I once thought I would want Rowling to go into a day-by-day blow of all of Harry's and others' events. Thanks to this fic, I have learned that in actuality I very much would not enjoy such a thing. I don't need to read the fiftieth time that Ron vacillates between reasonable and stupid, or Daphne does something stupid, or Neville is stupid, and so on. I guess many people seem to enjoy that stuff which is fine, I shall just skim some repetitive scenes and hope I don't miss anything important. I think there's often something to be said for brevity, but if other people want length I certainly won't object.

But seriously, Ron, stop acting like an arrogant jerk. Like, Ron isn't even likeable anymore, and that isn't helped by how in the end we know everything will go Ron's way even when they are in the wrong. It's rather like a super Harry fic (which I have grown tired of, along with super Hermione and it turns out super Ron as well), except with the protagonist being even more annoying.

Also dear Sebastian Greengrass: You notice how despite Voldemort threatening and blackmailing everyone, we pretty much only know of a single non-Slytherin (Pettigrew) who joined the death eaters? Maybe there's actually some value in defiant courage even with it's hopeless, or even loyalty or whatever the nonsense the Hufflepuffs espouse (Ravenclaw's intellect I suppose helps them dodge things). But Slytherins are too ambitious, the world would end if they die, so they bend the knee. Ron's a disgusting human being in Slytherin and I know it won't happen, but let Ron be resorted to any other house, even Hufflepuff, and hopefully get away from the politics-cosplaying Slytherins. (Like seriously, even for 12 year olds, what kind of people playacting politicians throw tantrums constantly?)
10/8/2023 c40 Jamie0
Huh, I did wonder if Ron would get it and it was so. This gives me hope actually that things will improve.
10/7/2023 c37 Jamie0
Ugh how many times do these stupid people have to relearn the same lesson? Which is I suppose very realistic, but I have enough realism in real life, these fictional people need to get it together and not have to get bashed in the head dozens of times until they learn. And I mean pretty much every single child.
10/7/2023 c32 Jamie0
Ok I guess everyone has been infested by stupidity:(
10/7/2023 c31 Jamie0
Ugh and I see Neville has infected Harry and Hermione as well. Sigh I guess 12 year olds really are stupid a lot.
10/7/2023 c30 Jamie0
Wow Neville's an idiot
10/7/2023 c29 Jamie0
I definitely like the date system for orientation purposes. What I am curious about is why mention whose POV it is explicitly. It seems like even without those it is pretty obvious.
10/6/2023 c24 Jamie0
Sigh I guess Ron is still a stupid kid sometimes. Which makes sense of course but sometimes one forgets
10/6/2023 c23 Jamie0
Well I guess everything else about this fic is good enough to struggle through the eventual Ron Daphne marriage
10/6/2023 c20 Jamie0
Huh I'm surprised they didn't go for a cover story blaming quirrel. Seems convenient to explain some things but I guess that would also be embarrassing to dumbledore
10/6/2023 c19 Jamie0
Wow. Shit just got real.
10/6/2023 c152 ironhair
I read the A/N
10/5/2023 c14 Jamie0
Go Ron! That's right, you hang out with who you want and everyone who has a problem can go right off. (Ok, while making sure we at least don't get stabbed in bed, but still)
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