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6/8 c35 kukuhimanpr
dumbledorethe sorting hat has never failed to protect its students.

6/8 c34 kukuhimanpr
hermione be going into a coma if she saw ron throwing a very prized book into the fireplace. yeah the book is full of twisted magic, but it would still scar hermione forever.
6/8 c33 kukuhimanpr
harry and neville are still conspiring even after being drenched in toilet water. YUCK.
6/8 c32 kukuhimanpr
gotta say, harry and hermione's reckless plan to blow up goyle's potion as distraction in canon was really dangerous and could kill or cripple some students for life as collateral damage. but that's mostly because they're still naive teenagers. the 2nd book contains lots of terrifying scenes even for adults to read.
6/7 c26 kukuhimanpr
dracoi'm gonna punch you into the future! weasel! my fists has isekai power blessed by truck kun!
6/7 c26 kukuhimanpr
ron1 hermione granger equals 10 draco malfoy!

so when hermione punch draco in the face later, that means 10 draco malfoy punched 1 draco malfoy! math is fun!
6/7 c24 kukuhimanpr
lockhart the arm breaker!
6/7 c21 kukuhimanpr
imagine ron ruining the sorting ceremony by discussing its process to new students
severusprepare your face, mr. weasley.
dumbledoreyes. thicken your face muscle for the greater good.
6/7 c18 kukuhimanpr
ronhow did the darkest wizard of all time know my name?
lord tomi read newspaper.
6/7 c10 kukuhimanpr
all slytherins be likeWEASLEY IS OUR KING
ronbloody snakes...
6/7 c8 kukuhimanpr
chapter title should be the calm before the crunchening.
6/7 c8 kukuhimanpr
ginnywhy are you washing your hands, ron?
ronuh... i just shake hands with harry?
ginnyyandere mode onSO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH...
6/7 c7 kukuhimanpr
yeah, pettigrew has the exceptional talent of making people forget about him unconsciously.
6/7 c7 kukuhimanpr
lulz malfoy's head' so thick that ron break his knuckle punching him. though that means hermione is stronger than ron even after ron goes through all that exercise with charlie, because hermione just punched malfoy's face in the 3rd year like it was nothing. too lulzy.
6/7 c6 kukuhimanpr
albus and other teachersronald weasley shows sign of becoming a dark lord? GASP!
severusyou're all being too dramatic. i just gave him a potion of trippiness this morning.
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