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8/8 c63 LK Again
Britpicking : Lavender would say "the HIGHLANDS of Scotland" or "the North of Scotland" , never 'upper Scotland' ! Never heard that phrase before & if you think about it , it's rather ridiculous statement .
8/8 c144 Bluerain22
You are evil, fucking corned beef!

Thank you for the update!
8/8 c144 Foster-the-Wizards
Have no idea what just happened, but stoked foe it. Please not artyom
8/8 c144 javi30
Very good chapter
keep writing
blessings to you and your loved ones
8/8 c144 11NewAgeHero
Wow! This chapter was awesome and so trippy, the snakes seem to be sending everyone for a loop. I hope Arytom and Harkin and the others are all right, I’m not sure what was a vision and what wasn’t. Octavia knows more than she’s letting on, but I’m not sure she’s able to say it either. Awesome work per usual!
8/8 c144 TealovingSpider
Thanks for the chapter but now i want another one...
you know the waiting for another one is always the hardest part.
Again thanks for the interesting chapter,
8/8 c144 2Saintzor
"hemorroid-eating cunt" was an absolute masterpiece of a line haha

That was a very good chapter to read, full of emotions at every turn. If Fate ends with Ron and Daphne as they were in the last scene of this chapter I'll be very happy (though I think it's very unlikely haha)
8/8 c144 bzrker1
great chapter loved it so much. each time you release a chapter it leaves me extatic for the next one.
8/8 c144 2ta.shrivastava
The only The only complain I have is that Daphne got over way to quickly with the explanation of Astoria.
8/8 c144 Rendition1
Omg, that's such a good chapter The True Spartan! I'm reeling !
There's so much to digest, but the main highlight for me is the mountain scene. The dangers of the mountain weren't oversold or overhyped in the previous chapters. It was truly harrowing to read their experiences and how they all started to fall one by one. I do wonder, when Octavia explained how the shadows in the mountain work to manifest their fear and all, is it a similar thing to what boggarts do? but this seemed to be on another level with how mentally exhausted they all were.

And gosh, I hope they all make it out of there alive. I was just warming up to Harkin and when you wrote how the mountain claimed him, I was so mad! But then you described how it started happening to everyone else and then Ron, so now I'm just hoping they're all in their individual fantasy lands like how Ron is.

And speaking of Ron, I'm so glad to see him acknowledge himself by his own name instead of the Champion persona. He himself sees what the higher beings have turned him into and is horrified by it. I'm hoping he comes further back into himself at the end of this journey. or who knows? maybe further away? there's no telling with you since Ron never seems to catch a break. But that's what I love about this story, the perseverance and character strength and development is just...really good!

About Daphne, I'm glad she's finally made up with her parents and knows the truth behind their actions. I think it'll go a long way to maturing her a bit since blindly defying them without knowing anything about anything gets her nowhere. Atleast now she's in a better position to understand their actions rather than mimic Ron's defiance to them without knowing anything.

and Millie? Durmstrang? Gosh, I can't wait to see how that goes.

Love the chapter as always, Mr Spartan. Looking forward to the next one!
8/8 c144 58Starway Man
You started off fairly well with the Champion talking to the headmaster of Ilvermorny, and then the appearance of Dumbledore and the others at the school - I liked how the subtle reference to corned beef and how much the Weasley boy hates it, it seems Albus is indeed taking Molly's place in offering the redhead such sandwiches! The Champion's subsequent embarrassment over the suggestive talk during the group's journey through the forest was good as well, and for some reason, you also grabbed my interest with the whole nature versus nature thing regarding squibs. I'm not sure why, you just did!

The next scene at the Burrow, the chat between Daphne Greengrass and her mother, was written very well - the text was emotional and gripping, and I definitely enjoyed Daphne's reaction to the Blood Curse inflicted on her family, and her little sister's upcoming doom thanks to that hag's Old made me wonder if Daphne's ex-boyfriend could heal Astoria somehow, if that's a plot point you're building up to? We'll see, I guess. But in the subsequent section of the chapter, I burst out laughing after Daphne returned home and her sister complained about not being able to hug her properly, thanks to her 'huge tits' - brilliant use of humour, there, along with Mrs. Greengrass blaming Ron for Astoria's foul mouth and all the antics that little girl got up to.

The brief interlude between Millicent Bulstrode and her father was rather intriguing, you portrayed the ideological split between father and daughter very nicely there. I liked how you described Mr. Bulstrode as well, how he didn't think himself a villain - yet he chose to exile his daughter to Durmstrang rather than let the Champion influence her any longer. It was a good yet subtle character contrast to Mr. Greengrass, now that I think of it, a man who is likewise focused on his daughter/s but doesn't go to quite such extremes to ensure they're raised 'right'.

Anyway, the resumption of the journey into the depths of Ilvermorny's mountain with the Champion and his companions - I liked the appearance of the fake Ariana Dumbledore and Lily Potter as part of the tests of worthiness, and how the redhead was able to resist the mountain's effects for so long - until the fake Daphne showed up. And then, the longer the journey, the more of his companions collapsed, the darker things got...that was good writing, turbulent and emotional. I definitely wasn't expecting the sudden whiplash twist of Ron waking up in his future body, though, married to Daphne and with them having a daughter - assuming all that wasn't just a pleasant hallucination of some kind, which I rather suspect it was. Well done on surprising me, regardless, and I look forward to what comes next!
8/8 c144 raimondimi
Thanks for the chapter!
8/8 c144 Freedom41
I really wanted to see some sages getting kicked...

8/8 c144 7Phlebiac
Maaan, I have always feel that despair is the emotion that you write the best and this chapter is a solid proof. The creepyness in the mountain and how even Dumbledore loss his will was superb and Octavia being cheerful the entire time make me shiver. Excellent Chapter as always my man!
8/8 c8 A reader
Wow,I'm not expecting story is darker than The Red Chess and Choices. I also love the way you make your Ron different from the stories that inspire you. Ron in The Red Chess has calm and little bit playful personality while in Choices is melancholy and introvert. Your Ron ver
has darker personality and hidden jelaousy but still trying his best to protect people that he love.
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