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8/7 c144 6 foot 3
Hey Mario! Great chapter as always, hemorrhoid eating cunt was a new one but I’ll be sure to add that to my vocabulary as I’m an American and that word is extremely appropriate here. Anyways thanks for the chapter!
8/7 c144 7Avatar Vader
Wow. What a chapter!

Loved seeing Daphne’s conversation with Mary,though i do hope that we can see a nitty and gritty convo. With Sebastian… maybe he’ll bring her in to help him organize stuff and things for the Order and such. That’d be cool to see.

Millie is in hot water now! Aaaaaaand when Ron/The Champion learns about this… heads gunna roll…

It was heart wrenching seeing the companions of Fate (eh? What do you think of the nickname hahah) go through their worst fears. Seeing Dumbledore and Snape crack like that left me reeling as those two are such a bastion of hope.

Seeing little Cedrella was just…. Goddamn wow. Words cannot express…

I simply canNOT wait for the next chapter Spartan!

No added pressure or anything but please pleeeeease get it to us as soon as you’re ready with it!

8/7 c144 5aegon Targaryen17
Merlin ! the most grim chapter i have ever read , the second half of the chapter was such a rollercoaster ride!

awesome chapter as Always
8/7 c144 Guest
Lmaoo, missed kiss gonna get Daphne on bad side
8/6 c62 LK Again
Britpicking : Multiple uses of term 'jerk' ... not really a British phrase . Wanker or perhaps even wankstain both used instead ( I know Wanker is a surname sometimes used in North America - Thomas Wanker of Buffy fame - but it's firmly in the insult category over here ! )
8/5 c143 9LadyTypewriter21
Thank you for this amazing read! Such dedication, can't believe I got to read this for free! Took me multiple days to finish this!
8/4 c1 LadyTypewriter21
I noticed a possible mistake on chapter "Choice". I thought Ron returned his original wand to Pandora?
8/4 c60 London Knight
I've been to Doyle's bookshop a number of times . Five floors of books ... no wonder Hermione chose to go there .
Also well done for checking past weather , as 9th July 1993 was a bit cold for that time of year .
I feel something bad is going to happen in next few chapters , as it's going along 'too well' for Ron at moment ? We'll see . LK out .
8/3 c143 Guest
Hope you're alright TheTrueSpartan.
We're all waiting for your next chapter, I want to know if Ron manage to break Voldemort's curse :)
Good holiday all
8/2 c143 victor
Amazing chapter as always. That's the best ron centric history i ever read. Thank you for that. Really eager to see how this tale will unfold. Thanks again for this incredible experience.
8/1 c58 London Knight
In the UK - especially in the 1990's - the mother would say they we're pregnant , not both of them . It's more of a 2000s American thing to say 'we're pregnant' and doesn't fit in with the dialogue . A minor thing .
7/30 c54 London Knight
Back again - miss me ? ;-)
Britpicking : Dumbledore is much more likely to say 'missing class(es)' rather than 'skipping class(es)' . Or 'not attending class , Ron ?' .

This is a great read & I purposely left it as a standby while I read other works . Back for now & well done for continuing this epic masterpiece .
LK out .
7/28 c143 Guest
Omg ı m still romione shipper. But this good :)
7/25 c69 White Pony
"Don't be so hard on yourself, mate" Blaise patted his back. "You have a blind spot when it comes to people that you care about. I think it's one of the reasons why you put up with all of us so well. You ignore the bad, all the while putting the good on a pedestal."

Interesting observation on Blaise’s part. I have to wonder if you developed this trait or if you picked it up from Ron’s canon personality. Because, let’s be honest, I can think of several instances where Harry and Hermione treat him bad during their conflicts and he either just takes it in stride or ends up taking all the blame, then, afterwards, as Blaise said, “putting the good on a pedestal” and viewing himself as beneath it. As much as I like your version of Ron, he doesn’t beat canon!Ron in my heart, LOL.
7/21 c140 Minatom
Review for chapter 140 part 4

Daphne's POV.
Grandfather and grandmother are coming. And Daphne is already internally hostile to them. Well, no wonder, considered how they treated Greengrass family in the past. However, I'm curious to see how Daphne will act with them. She does need them for her business plans, and Daphne IS good at keeping poker face and being polite. Ice Queen is her nickname after all. On the other hand, she recently become more impulsive.

So Tracey didn't allowed any visitors yet, and Daphne feels down about it. She's even considered to hire someone to track and kill Ajax. Even though it was only her wishful thinking, I would've liked to see how she would have tried to do that. Like, where she'll even start? Of course her only option is to ask Jurgen for that. I’m curious will she follow through.
Also, the difference in power/efficiency between Ron and Daphne is staggering: Ron tracked and interrogated Ajax in a matter of days, and Daphne only considered to hire someone to track him down several months later.

Daphne was needlessly rude to her mother to establish her authority. It’s good that she’s trying to up her game and there is a good point trying to imitate Ron a little. Because obviously, Ron’ style gave him results, and imitating others is a process of learning to develop one’s own. Obviously, Ron is not perfect role model, and Daphne should be careful with her timing and situation awareness when she’s trying to imitate him. Also, Daphne’s power play felt sooo fake. Maybe it’s because we as readers know her very well, and know that she’s very sensitive and actually not ruthless as she pretends to be. This is why her threat felt flat. I mean, when Ron’s making threat, we as readers know he actually can and will fulfill it, if won’t get what he wants with the threat only. The establishing moment for that was when he burned Flint’s forearm. There Ron showed how much violence he is willing to inflict, even in a school bullying conflict. Daphne on the other hand, talk the talk, but I don’t believe she’ll walk the walk. In this regard she’s like Draco, before he had fallen from his imagined pedestal.
However, once before, Daphne HAD demonstrated her ruthless side – when she viciously cutting Crabbe in their duel, until Remus forcibly stopped her. So there is at least one instance when Daphne walked the walk. So maybe – just maybe – this was the first call of Daphne’s development in confrontational area?

Daphne's new determination to protect her friends and achieve power is admirable, and I hope it'll result in something, but so far it's just empty promises. I know, Daphne is not a natural fighter, but she could have at least increase her power by training her dueling skills as well. I bet she felt good when she defeated Hermione and cut Crabbe. Relying only on her money and family influence could only go this far. I mean, even Lord Greengrass was recently outmatched, and he's in different league altogether.

Jurgen quickly caught up the power shift within Greengrass family and obeyed Daphne. Jurgen is also suspicious of Daphne's grandparents and was going to guard her all day. His suggestion to check out their affairs to have leverage... this is interesting. It almost seems like Jurgen personally interested in undermining them.

Millie's POV.
Oh, this is the confrontation I've been waiting for a long time! I'm actually surprised Robert and Anne pretended that everything is alright, and were not upfront abput everything that happened.
Damn, it was so hard to read... even though Robert and Anne are obviously bad people, being Death Eaters, gathering and leading armies, slave-trading... but they do actually love Millie. And this is so heart-breaking! Violet Parkinson was an abusive bitch, so Pansy has no problem of accepting her evil nature and write her off. Blaise was never close with his mother, so when he broke up his ties with her. the main concern was to stay alive, and Cornelius Nott is very neglectful of Theo, so their confrontation, I believe, won't hurt as much. But Millie is extremely close with her parents, who loves her to bits. Millie is also very honorable and noble, so for her facing and accepting how evil her parents are is so damn painful.
It was also interesting to witness Millie realize her entitlement, when she noticed how much food they have on the table. Just another slap in her face.
I wonder how exactly Bulstrodes did raise their daughter. I mean, Malfoys did raised Draco pretty indifferent to suffering of lesser beings in their book.

Lord Bulstrode is also an arsehole for trying to put the blame on Ron for his own faults. Luckily Millie saw through his bullshit and called him out.
Now, I'm actually curious about Robert - he DID shamefully averted his gaze when Millie accised him. So to some extend he does understand that what he has done is wrong.

Millie's encounter with Gaspard. I don't get this arsehole, if he's code forbids him from hurting children, what was the point of scaring Millie? At least he didn't hurt her. But what is going to happen to her now? Voldemort unambiguously ordered Death Eaters not to tell their children about his return, and Millie spilled it out outright. Now Robert knows that she knows, and he can't let it go and hid it from Voldemort. He can't even wipe her memory - she knows about it for months now. I'm afraid Millie may be "homeschooled" from now on. And Ron can't even help her now. Though I wonder how he's going to react, when Millie won't come back to Hogwarts. Will he be worried and rush to save her, or he'll decide that Millie choose her parents over him and her friends once again? With Fate, it's hard to be hopeful, but I do hope Millie will get out of this situation in one piece and find a way to reunite with her friends.

Theo's POV.
It was cute to see Theo taking care of his garden. He was so gentle and caring with the Mandrake, which is quite unusual for his sassy and snarky self. Actually, his love for Herbology is a little out of character for a Slytherin. Granted he's not as picky as Blaise, however digging into dirt does not scream Slytherin at you.
Don't want to nitpick, but when the hell someone other then Ron is going to train their magic and dueling skills at free time? Can we have at least Hermione practicing?

Anyway, it would have been hilarious, if Cornelius had died by entering Theo's greenhouse when he was treating a Mandrake. You know, he entered without headphones, and Mandrake screams are lethal. That would have been such inglorious way of dying. Hm... maybe Ron should think of such way of assassination covered by "accident"? Maybe not Cornelius himself, but some other Death Eater with the Mandrakes. He cannot be the only one. Also, Mandrake scream Sonorus Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Cornelius was very sentimental this time, he even overlooked Theo using Walkman. He's obviously do not care about Tracey herself, but he showed care about Theo's feelings about her. I wonder how much of it was an act and how much it was genuine?

Wandless nonverbal true Conjuration. An impressive skill. I underestimated Cornelius Nott. Considered how physically unfit he had showed to be during his journey in Europe, and how he run away from Emilia's ambush with Lucius, I considered him to be relatively weak wizard. Well, not exactly weak, but about only slightly above average, like Lucius. I know such supplementary skill cannot be directly indicate his fighting level, however this feat indirectly shows an advanced level of his command over magic. Obviously most Loyalists are superior.

Cornelius looked very sincere when he gifted Theo his mother's ring, and even his approval of Tracey did seem genuine. However, I don't buy it. He may sincerely wish Theo happiness, but we saw how fiercely loyal he is to Voldemort and his quest against Muggles. And we also know about his mission to train Theo, so I believe Cornelius have some scheme in mind, and his gift is not that simple. Maybe this ring is charmed to serve like a spy bug?

Surprisingly Theo seems to be blind to his father’s potential manipulations. Usually he’s so smart, suspicious and sees everyone’s schemes without a trouble, but for his father he’s blinded. Even Draco warned him that Cornelius would try to recruit him.

Still, not Millie, nor Theo had showed or mention morning runs and magic practicing. I hope in the next chapter we’ll see Ginny doing morning runs with Charlie and Kirsten, and Hermione practicing her dueling skills or other magic.

Ron told Dumbledore and Snape everything about Fate’s trial and creating of the Champion. As expected they were not thrilled. Ron was very difficult previously, the Champion is going to be a constant headache. Dumbledore showed a lot of willpower sticking to Ron, even when he went Entity-eyed. Damn, I’m starting to respect Dumbledore more and more. Not only he’s probably the most powerful wizard ever, but he’s also exceptional, because he’s not power-hungry corrupted arsehole with selfish agenda.

The voices in Ron’s head were apparently the Sages, and judging by the writing, they were communicating in Parseltongue. So we can safely say that all this Ilvelmory Mystery is closely tied to Slytherin/snakes. The founder of Ilvelmorny was a descendant of Slytherin, Salazar’s wand is buried in Ilvelmorny grounds and most likely The Sacred Snakewood Tree had grow from it, the leaves of that snakewood tree contains Basilisk venom, Voldemort placed here a weird Curse, and now apparently Sages communicate with him through Parseltongue.
It really feels like Fate’s version of the Chamber of Secrets! I mean, we already read the CoS in original, so for us – fanfiction readers – there is not mystery behind it. However, right now we with Fate!Ron investigation Ilvelmorny Mystery, which we don’t have know anything about. Oh, it’s so exciting!
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