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9/29/2023 c119 ansaris
I have been trying to read the story but couldn't continue... I am stuck on how childish Ron behaves. He goes off on a mission of vengeance, then says "the murderer of my friend has a child, so I will instead cut off his hand". Doesn't capture the murderer or bring him to the parents of the victim. Tells his accomplice that the murderer has a child so we can't kill him, and she immediately agrees. Then Ron goes home and creepily smiles at his best friend and tries to shock his friend into compliance. I can't read this crap anymore.
9/23/2023 c156 3ethanleetwan
DAAAAANG another brilliant chapter! Lived legit everything and I am as always concerned about Ron’s mental health lmao
9/21/2023 c3 Aegor
I dunno if torn fingernails merit a two day coma..
9/19/2023 c1 Guest
Wish ff would tell you which chapter you last read till
9/19/2023 c27 NastySquire
Is he seriously not going to get revenge on Malfoy just because of a vision? How pathetic. Just because someone might do something good in the future does not suddenly absolve their entire shitty life before that.
9/18/2023 c23 NastySquire
To me, buying someone jewelry just means they don't have any personality and so that's all you could think of. Does Daphne have literally no interests so that he couldn't have gotten her a more meaningful gift?
9/18/2023 c19 NastySquire
The adult characters like Snape and Dumbledore have been made more realistic along with other things. I hope this mysterious force possessing Ron will also be realistic and not a generic 'true evil' that no one can fathom.
9/18/2023 c14 NastySquire
This is why I despise Slytherin sortings for the MC. It becomes all about trashy relationships instead of cool magic.
9/17/2023 c106 ansaris
Note to self, what happened in this chapter was very convenient to regress Ron's character back to Ronnie, but it fails to be convincing. Losing his memory is not sold properly, but not getting angry, acting like a schoolchild is completely out of character for the Ron we know. I would sooner expect false bravado than humble Ron. I am still reading the chapter and I know he will be redeemed, but inconsistency needs to be ironed out.
9/17/2023 c3 NastySquire
Well if Molly isn't set up to be a hated character I'll eat my shoes. I hope Ron goes to any house other than Gryffindor just to see that hag explode in rage.
9/17/2023 c156 58Starway Man
You started off well with Amelia Bones's world-weariness and Ron's uncaring attitude, but Arthur Weasley's thoughts were what really captured my interest during his 'chat' with the female Minister - especially that "Some part of me is very glad that he's just gone" crack, it exemplified Weasley's true thoughts towards his youngest son perfectly (in this story, I mean). The way he reacted to Amelia's every order, even to getting a copy of Ron's private diary - 'twas well written indeed, especially Arthur's weak protests out of paternal instinct. And then when Ron showed up in the Minister's office? That exchange was almost spellbinding, the way the red-haired boy used facts and logic to strong-arm the Bones woman into submission - ditto the one with Barty Crouch senior later on, I loved the way he promised to gut Arthur's department in revenge! The conversation between Ron and his father I more or less skimmed through, apart from the big reveal about the Greengrass definitely made me wonder whether they're going to die, and what Daphne's reaction would be to that.

In the next scene, the confrontation/apology between Ron and Alastor Moody as seen through Dumbledore's eyes was okay, as was the subsequent conversation between the Headmaster and the red-haired Champion of Fate - but their meeting with Tracey Davis afterwards was amusingly memorable. The battle in Magical Russia, again I mostly just skimmed through it apart from what happened with Rudolphus Lestrange - that was kind of strange how he shrugged off all those wounds, I must admit. I was more interested in Harry's meeting with Dumbledore, and Potter's invitation to the next meeting of the OoTP - as well as the chat between Ginny, Percy, Fred and George just before Ron made his dramatic entrance into the Great Hall! That part was written so that you could actually feel the characters' excitement, so nicely done there.

Fate!Ron's meeting with Ravenclaw!Ron later on was alright, and Ron getting smacked with Snape's cane was definitely attention-worthy too. But then his meeting with Daphne and his thoughts on passwords for the Slytherin dorms - serious, balloon arse? Pointy tits? Bulbous peckers? You definitely managed to sound like a typical teenage boy with all that! Still, I enjoyed Ron's speech to the Snakes and the way Astoria Greengrass acted like a brat, calling him a Blood Traitor in public. Not to mention how later on, Minerva handed Ron that mountain of overdue homework and assignments, there was some good snark there. Hmm, the whole potioneering thing in the next plot arc of this chapter was fairly good, but the most memorable thing (to me) was Ron's inner thoughts of 'handling large balls and phallus-shaped objects' concerning Angelina Johnson! Again, typical teenage boy thoughts delivered well.

The breakfast scene with Millicent's letters was enjoyable, that was a good plot device to tie in the events of previous chapters to this one - and I liked how Daphne acted as a both a spoiled, entitled heiress and someone willing to fight for what she believed was right. The subsequent Potions Club chat between Ron and Hermione was good too - it's been too long in this story since they had a scene together! Oh, and the domestic tiff between Daphne's parents was written brilliantly, I could see where they both coming from where their daughter was concerned in that argument. The final scene with Dolohov and the vampire Gaspard was a bit creepy, though. As always, I look forward to more soon!
9/16/2023 c156 7Phlebiac
This is one of your best chapters so far man!

Starting strong with Ron making Bones see that trying to arrest him only would fuck her over, with the adding bonus of seeing Arthur growing a spine (kinda lame of Arthur that only need some sweet words to change his tune of Ron tbh)

Reading Moody being salty af because he was knocked out of a single hit is one of the things I wanted to see, and as always you deliver it! Wonder how is gonna be the relationship between him and Ron now that he knows some edited version of the thrut, like he knows that Ron is dangerous buy he is doing what Moody wish he could do.

Thse fighting in russian was interesting, we finally got a taste of both blood magic and what the Loyalist are capable of doing, looks like only the top dogs could hope to bring them down.

Reading Ron being happy surrounded by people of his own age in Hogwarts make me happy, Ron is trying his hardest to be someone good to his friends make me proud of him.

Really weird how Daphne bake that half ass apology, and then being mad that Ron dont buy it. I dont really mind how she reacted with the letter since that was only a difference of valors. After she see the centaurs with her own eyes and the consequences of his father actions wonder how she is gonna change.

Keep the good work man
9/15/2023 c2 Marco Zilvetti
Holy, the writing style is so good that the scene of Pandora death truly impregnates in my mind, it gives me goosebumps as if it were an horror movie.
9/15/2023 c156 Foster-the-Wizards
What a chapter! So good seeing ron work on himself and come back from the edge of madness a little bit
9/15/2023 c1 kingpj999
The red knight is one of my favorites fics, glad to see there are more people who appreciate such good work.
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