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8/8 c144 raimondimi
Thanks for the chapter!
8/8 c144 Freedom41
I really wanted to see some sages getting kicked...

8/8 c144 7Phlebiac
Maaan, I have always feel that despair is the emotion that you write the best and this chapter is a solid proof. The creepyness in the mountain and how even Dumbledore loss his will was superb and Octavia being cheerful the entire time make me shiver. Excellent Chapter as always my man!
8/8 c8 A reader
Wow,I'm not expecting story is darker than The Red Chess and Choices. I also love the way you make your Ron different from the stories that inspire you. Ron in The Red Chess has calm and little bit playful personality while in Choices is melancholy and introvert. Your Ron ver
has darker personality and hidden jelaousy but still trying his best to protect people that he love.
8/7 c144 tanya
i'm glad to see daphne and millie's confrontations with their parents, but i wonder how millie's durmstrang plotline will play out… i really enjoyed the second half of the chapter; the way you paced and formatted how they all succumbed to the darkness was really haunting. now i'm guessing the sages are showing them the futures they never got to have? in any case, i'm looking forward to the next chapter.
8/7 c144 6 foot 3
Hey Mario! Great chapter as always, hemorrhoid eating cunt was a new one but I’ll be sure to add that to my vocabulary as I’m an American and that word is extremely appropriate here. Anyways thanks for the chapter!
8/7 c144 7Avatar Vader
Wow. What a chapter!

Loved seeing Daphne’s conversation with Mary,though i do hope that we can see a nitty and gritty convo. With Sebastian… maybe he’ll bring her in to help him organize stuff and things for the Order and such. That’d be cool to see.

Millie is in hot water now! Aaaaaaand when Ron/The Champion learns about this… heads gunna roll…

It was heart wrenching seeing the companions of Fate (eh? What do you think of the nickname hahah) go through their worst fears. Seeing Dumbledore and Snape crack like that left me reeling as those two are such a bastion of hope.

Seeing little Cedrella was just…. Goddamn wow. Words cannot express…

I simply canNOT wait for the next chapter Spartan!

No added pressure or anything but please pleeeeease get it to us as soon as you’re ready with it!

8/7 c144 5aegon Targaryen17
Merlin ! the most grim chapter i have ever read , the second half of the chapter was such a rollercoaster ride!

awesome chapter as Always
8/7 c144 Guest
Lmaoo, missed kiss gonna get Daphne on bad side
8/6 c62 LK Again
Britpicking : Multiple uses of term 'jerk' ... not really a British phrase . Wanker or perhaps even wankstain both used instead ( I know Wanker is a surname sometimes used in North America - Thomas Wanker of Buffy fame - but it's firmly in the insult category over here ! )
8/5 c143 9LadyTypewriter21
Thank you for this amazing read! Such dedication, can't believe I got to read this for free! Took me multiple days to finish this!
8/4 c1 LadyTypewriter21
I noticed a possible mistake on chapter "Choice". I thought Ron returned his original wand to Pandora?
8/4 c60 London Knight
I've been to Doyle's bookshop a number of times . Five floors of books ... no wonder Hermione chose to go there .
Also well done for checking past weather , as 9th July 1993 was a bit cold for that time of year .
I feel something bad is going to happen in next few chapters , as it's going along 'too well' for Ron at moment ? We'll see . LK out .
8/3 c143 Guest
Hope you're alright TheTrueSpartan.
We're all waiting for your next chapter, I want to know if Ron manage to break Voldemort's curse :)
Good holiday all
8/2 c143 victor
Amazing chapter as always. That's the best ron centric history i ever read. Thank you for that. Really eager to see how this tale will unfold. Thanks again for this incredible experience.
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