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9/17 c146 ReetDaKing
Loving everything. Really interested to see where it's going to go next. I wonder what's gonna happen in Ron's 4th year. I want him to be a participant in the tri-wizard tournament, and meet Voldemort that way, but I am really interested in how this will pan out.
9/17 c146 2ta.shrivastava
It may have been hard to write, but I really enjoyed this chapter. Now, let's see what lies beyond this miserable series of events... On the other hand, we really don't need to know so quickly. Maybe go easy... Who am I kidding?
9/17 c146 9Howard blake
A bittersweet conclusion to the Ilvermorny arc. And so another one begins. Wonder what new challenges Ron and the others will face. Easter Break is almost at an end plus Mafalda has finally made her appearance. I'm curious how Ron's 3rd year will end and how you'll tackle 4th year soon after.

I'm also thankful that Ron finally found his conviction to win and live instead of just letting the Elders take charge of his life. His camaraderie with his Ravenclaw counterpart is always fun to read. They're more or less on equal footing now. Ravenclaw Ron may have more magical knowledge but Ron has more raw potential cuz of being merged with the Entity.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/17 c146 Strangian
An excellent end to the Ilvermorny arc! Really enjoyed this chapter and am excited to see what Dumbledore and Snape think now that they know Harry and Ron are Horcruxes
9/17 c146 2Saintzor
That was a satisfying end to the Ilvermony arc. Not really sure how to feel about Dumbledore's decision to maybe raise the baby serpents on the forbidden forest... sounds like a lot of things could go completely wrong with that

I was bamboozled by Mafalda's appearance! So far she seems to have a similar vibe to Ron from before hogwarts. This can be really interesting!

I'm curious to see how things will happen now... and what you'll come up with to deal with Ron's and Harry's horcruxes since I find it unlikely that Ron will voluntarily eat a AK from Voldemort

Thanks for the update, man!
9/17 c146 RookVibadag
Thanks for the great chapter
9/17 c146 MrKebabi
Well , that arc is over. I think you did Ron rediscovering his desire for freedom beautifully.
Also New Character alarm!?
9/17 c146 2Morningstar667
Love that Ron found the will to live, finally. I'm very excited to see him wanting to live so that Cedrella and Septimus can be his children in his cycle, not just in the dream.

I think, going forward, Fate will be far less depressing to read, ahaha.

Who am I kidding? This is just the beginning. You've got more in store for us. More pain.

Only pain.
9/16 c146 saffron-savage
ANOTHER AMAZING CHAPTER! It made me cry seeing him breakdown and his thoughts veer towards the negative. I really hope he fights for at least a fragment of his dream world in any way he can. I was also wondering when mafalda would come I got he picture and I just love her cute entrance into the story. Also the way you made such a bittersweet ending for the mountain and tree. Just such an amazing chapter.
9/16 c146 Guest
Updated three hours ago how lucky. I feel bad for Ron, he certainly does attract so much trouble. Not a peaceful day for him. I'm surprised he managed to last this long. After reading this chapter, i contemplated on whether or not Ron truly deserves a happy ending. We've all been led to believe that his story could end in death. But Ron has decided to fuck with that ending and decided to change his ending. Good for him.
9/16 c146 58Starway Man
I liked the Champion's encounter with the Sages, just as I did when he finally realized he had a piece of Voldemort's soul with him - and you actually surprised me when the Weasley boy managed to slay one of the horned serpents with the Killing Curse, well done there. Snape and Dumbledore coming to finish the job after Ron was taken away was described well, the pacing of the plot was swift but unhurried...and then, the death of Octavia! The dryad's passing was described in an emotional and poignant manner, that was excellent writing. And you surprised me yet again, with those two having to destroy the Sacred Tree instead of saving it, good job there.

The funeral for Octavia was okay, and I liked the identification of the wand that poisoned the Sacred Tree as belonging to Isolt Sayre, the founder of Ilvermorny - and that it belonged to Salazar Slytherin before her. I must admit, I was impressed by the amount of research you must have done in writing this chapter! And then, the dream encounter between Fate!Ron and Ravenclaw!Ron...hmm, how you managed to make the Champion sound and act so deranged and yet still be himself, I'll never know! I mean, pissing on the captured Entity? And deciding to use Fate as his chess queen piece, while the Entity was being tortured? Intense doesn't even begin to cover it...

The chat between Albus, Severus and the Champion at the safehouse - the one where the redhead identified Salazar's wand and admitted to them that he was a Horcrux, and that he needed to die along with Harry - was handled brilliantly, and I liked the mention of Dumbledore's look of horror at the end of that scene. I also liked when the Champion also admitted the truth to the Headmaster of Ilvermorny, telling him that Voldemort was still alive and there was also the possibility of creating a new Sacred Tree - you used the themes of redemption and new beginnings well in this section of the text. The finale with Mafalda Prewett finding her distant Weasley cousin was a good way to end the chapter, something light-hearted to end a chapter filled with loss and drama - hope you update again soon!
9/16 c146 Freedom41
This chapter was a rollercoaster of emotions for me...really hoped Octivia would live.
9/16 c146 Foster-the-Wizards
Awesome sweet holt mary mother of revenge albus!
What a kickass chaoter. The whole arc has been insanely awesome
9/16 c146 sandipaher619
Beautiful chapter
9/16 c146 7Phlebiac
What a bitter ending for this arc, with both the tree and Octavia dead, and the key players knowing that both Ron and Harry are Horcrux. And now the trio had the wand of salazar in their power...

Man what a great chapter.
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