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9/16 c146 MeYouNThem
Ron's emotions changed at the speed of light cause me a whiplash. One moment he planned to be wise like Dumbledore then he changed into Voldemort's rage, lol I can't keep up. The kid here, I don't know why but I really don't like Mafalda the moment she appeared. Well, good chapter as always keep up the good work.
9/16 c146 7Avatar Vader
Holy god what a chapter. Rip Octavia.

I love seeing OP Dumbledore, no doubt that’ll be a topic of conversation in the discord.

Omfg we finally see Mafalda and she is everything i hope for! I cant wait to see her interact with literally everyone!
9/14 c145 saffron-savage
Another thing, I look forward to the rest of the Weasley fam meeting Marty. Marty is such a cute character.
9/13 c87 LK Again
In the books , there were two Hogsmead Weekends : one on October 31st and one in December before Christmas Holidays . It was the Christmas one that had the snow , and the snowy one shown in the third film .

Despite many fictional portrayals , Scotland very rarely gets settling snow before the end of November . It just doesn't often get that cold .
9/12 c87 London Knight

Not only is 6th November the Saturday , but it Rained in northern Scotland rather than snowed that day . It was freezing overnight .
The 7th was the Sunday .
9/10 c145 saffron-savage
AHHHHHHHHHHH (insert hundreds of crying emojis) finally caught up to the most recent chapter and oh my I cannot stop crying about Ron’s perfect world and his last convo with cedrella. I really hope this was the reality check he needed to bring his humanity back and to challenge fate’s hold on his destiny. Such a beautiful work of art you have so far, I just know that whatever is to come will be just absolutely marvelous and I look forward to it completely
9/9 c85 London Knight
The 'my boy' phrase is getting old very quickly . Only Slughorn used it canon , and yet so many fan fics have Dumbledore saying constantly ?
Why ? It's just a lazy catchphrase .

Plus Snape would NEVER say it , not to Ron or even - his not godson - Draco .

It's not in every day British speech - can't recall anyone using it in 40 years outside Dickensian films or TV series (Bleak House ?) .

Try & uses something else perhaps .

Also reusing too many first names : Cornelius , James , Mark etc , as it gets confusing . JK gave us a whole range of wonderful names so at least try to be original .
Names do repeat - SIX Lisas in my Primary School class of 30 pupils - but on the page/screen we often need mental cues to keep these characters in separate memory slots .
Two hundred plus named characters in Lord of the Rings & this is much longer ...
9/8 c135 saffron-savage
I wanted to wait until I caught up before I reviewed but I’m too out of it right now. Ron got me so sad and having him not be able to unleash his anger out on johan (who by the way in despise his existence for what he put Ron through) like damn I just want a happy ron moment for him. Granted I’m not caught up yet so hopefully there’s some smiles on Ron’s face soon but I just have to say: this is probably the best and most beautiful, unique and emotive fanfic I have ever met. Absolutely spectacular story you have so far, looking forward to more
9/6 c91 3oceanicsunrise20
wow that chapter was intense! absolutely amazing work once again, can't wait to read more!
9/4 c80 LK Again
And the Marvel references continue !

Stormbringer : X-Men's Storm's hammer given to her by Loki ... it didn't go well ... ( also known as StormCASTER ) .


Leir Lord of Lighting : Celtic God of Lighting & God of the Spear ... helped the Asgardians defeat Seth and Sultur in Thor Vol. 1 #400 .

( I am such a nerd when it comes to comics )
9/4 c80 London Knight
Kurt Varga sounds suspiciously close to Kurt Wagner ... another furry skinned outcast who sports some bestial features ... lol

I'm watching X-Men : Apocalypse as I type , so it made me chuckle .
9/3 c145 9Howard blake
I'm really glad that we finally see a glimmer of hope for Ron's situation. A possible future he could strive for instead of constantly moping about his eternal damnation. Not gonna lie but I did lose investment in Ron as a character in these current arcs because his motivation is just "finish this and be done". I truly understand that his situation is due to how you want the plot to progress and it's part of the struggle of being a pawn in the grand scheme of the universe but the addition of hope and possibility improved the overall story. Creates a contrast to the highs and lows Ron can face rather than just plain misery every waking moment.

Wonder if next chapter will be the climax of this Ilvermorny arc and what ramifications it will have on the Wizarding World. Also curious to see what the MACUSA are cooking up in the background.

On a personal note, I really respect the dedication to this story and I'm rooting for you to reach the endgame you're eventually building up to.
9/2 c77 London Knight
Of course the Sword of Gryffindor wouldn't work here , because it was never infused with Basilisk Venom . And they never opened it either , which would have been interesting ... would it react to Dumbledore , Ron or Snape showing visions ?

Thought Ron did go over the top with Kreacher , but it did work in the end AND he did apologize .

Onto next Chapters .
9/1 c75 London Knight
Hmmm a few too many Americanisms slipping in & the speech patterns & phrases aren't British .

Also St. Mungo's is a CHARITY boosted by payments from Wizarding Taxes - you don't have to pay anything . It's free at point of need like the NHS . Otherwise Lockhart would've been booted out on the street when his Gold ran out . This is the UK & not bloody USA ...
Sirius could be making 'special donatstions' to keep Peter's husk there , as it IS a special case .

We'll enough rants : I'm greatly enjoying the twists & turns of this story . A bit long in the text sometimes , but many of the little details are very interesting & welcome .
LK out .
8/31 c145 alv1
thx for the chapterim so happy to see Ron so proactive
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