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3/11/2019 c38 1Marbbles123
Wow. I did not expect that Molly and Arthur would actually want Ron to be re-sorted. Yes, maybe threaten in the heat of the moment, but not actually think long and hard about it and tell Ron that’s what is happening. I HOPE they change their minds, especially once the Chamber of Secrets is sorted out, but I’m not sure. You have a way of surprising me so I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

I can already see that Harry and Neville are going to find some way to blame Ron for the missing diary. I mean, there’s no way since he can’t get in the Gryffindor common room, but they’ll still blame him somehow. I am just really curious about how Ron will get the diary because Tom was especially interested in Ron.

Can’t wait for the next update!
3/11/2019 c38 58Starway Man
Thanks for the early publication of this chapter, I wasn't expecting it until later. Anyway, nice confrontation between Neville, Harry and Ron - it was good, the way you showed us how those three *totally* don't like each other anymore. Then the way Hermione showed up - she really is the brains of the group, and the Gryffindor boys deserved the chewing out she gave them for being overprotective gits! I'm glad she and Ron are getting along again, anyway.

Hmm, the argument Ron and Daphne had after the Slytherin Seven got together for their meeting - it did show Daphne as somewhat spoiled and immature, but then she is only twelve and used to getting everything she wants...and I liked how Ron is still clueless about girls, ans how he dealt with that encounter with Angelina and Alicia. It's not surprising how those two hated him! Ron using the map and searching for the Chamber was okay, and so was his "Merlin's saggy balls!" crack, but I was somewhat surprised to see Snape and McGonagall acting so friendly - well, it's understandable they'd bond over Lockhart's idiocy, but I still wasn't expecting it! Their rivalry in the books is legendary, after all. I *was* expecting the Weasley family meeting/argument, though - I had a bad feeling that those kids weren't fully done fixing their issues, and I liked how Ron told the others he'd had enough for apologizing that he's a Slytherin...

The next scene with Dumbledore - he drugged Ron *again* with those lemon drops? Aren't there laws against this? The old man really ought to get in trouble for that, somehow! Ginny's POV on things was okay, and I liked how she panicked and decided to get the Diary back, that was very in-character. Ron's encounter with the Greengrass family was pretty good, too - he actually got Daphne's parents to fight, and I especially liked the way he interacted with Astoria, that child's quite the fun character in your story! The dramatic reveals from Molly Weasley's letter was set up very well, too - I wasn't expecting Ron's parents to want him to be re-Sorted, or else get yanked out of the school. Excellent build-up of tension and heartbreak amongst the Slytherin Seven, there!

The final scenes with the Gryffindor Trio was not too bad - I liked how Harry figured out something was off about Ron, and how Neville came up with his plan to use Hermione's desire to do homework against her, that boy definitely has a brain in his head! And too bad how Ginny took the Diary back, but it made me wonder - will Harry and Neville blame Ron for the theft, as well as their trashed dorm room? It wouldn't surprise me...and Harry never once wrote in the Diary Horcrux? Yes, massive change indeed, especially where Hagrid is concerned! Looking forward to what you come up with next, as always.
3/11/2019 c38 edd17
I'm sorry for wanting to press you with the update but I really love your story
3/11/2019 c38 edd17
What a good chapter I hope to see the reaction of rum by the letter that will be going ask for help to snape or albus? will he escape from his house? Will you ask Pandora for help? I know it's difficult but update soon please
3/11/2019 c38 Niel2804
whatttt ? Molly ? really ? i am so speechless that was unexpectedly. What will happen now ?
I am glad that the relationship between weasleys boys are recovered, i really want the twins, harry and neville to experience living within the slytherins. the won't survived for a month especially Neville, i really hate him ergggh...
What will happen next, i can not wait, and i'll be waiting...
3/11/2019 c38 MMax
I will be interested to see what happens whenever you have the time to do the next chapter. :)
3/11/2019 c38 4CU1
Love this chapter! The dynamic between Hermione and Ron is always a win! Hermione still defends no matter what! I can’t wait the look on the faces from Harry and Neville that how wrong they are and never Jump to conclusions! Daphne is spoiled like seriously she has everything that a every person that wants money and she got to learn. I think Daphne and Ron will have a fallout soon but we will see. Another thing I like is between Minvera and snape being BFFs! Love it!

I hate Neville! He needs to get slap in the face, but the letter that broke any heart the most! Why Molly Why?! Don’t re sort him because he is slytherin and being cruel. Teach him to respect and learn like a normal mother and not a bitchy mother ughhhhh that’s I don’t like her because she have favorites! Even when she got Ronald she was dispointed! Let Ton stay in slytherin because he got more smarter and stronger than the books and movies

I hope you keep updating and I know you are gonna be busy this week but please update as soon as possible because your story is fantastic! Don’t be those authors that doesn’t finished the story. Can’t wait for the next chapter


P.S. I missed Clara, Carey, and samatha
3/11/2019 c1 d1n0s
Oh my god! I just finished reading chapter 37 and thought I'd have to sift through all thr drek and find something else to read and bam, chapter 38 just appears. Thank you.
3/11/2019 c38 Guest
Yaay thanks for updating on my birthday!
3/10/2019 c37 edd17
I really liked the chapter, I could also say that he uses dark magic for fear of voldemort and it seems that Harry is already being manipulated by the newspaper
3/9/2019 c37 1Marbbles123
Great updates! The notifications went to my junk mail so I didn’t even know you updated. The talk between the weasley siblings was really good. And Ginny’s POV about her experience with Tom Riddle’s diary and her throwing it away was great. Can’t wait to see what happens now that Harry has it. Kind of hoping it will somehow get into Ron’s!

And don’t apologize for not updating every two days. Some fics don’t get updated for months so we can handle five days! Can’t wait for your next update!
3/9/2019 c37 MMax
doing volunteer work is great. Congrats. wow, I sound like a Hufflepuff. :)
3/9/2019 c37 2King Of Crows
I am happy that the Weasleys are back together..
And I do like Ron and Hermione back together...
But I have a tingling feeling that Ron is going to be in trouble when she will be petrified...

And Ron's instincts are giving him warning when he talks with Ginny... It actually irks me a little, Because Ron's instincts have a 80% of being Right...

Well, Right soon waiting for your next chapter...

A fan of yourss...
3/9/2019 c37 King Of Crows
So everything is going good..
Once again, A great chapter buddy..

I am a little upset with your announcement...But I know there are more important things for you..
I don't want this story to be another 'Choices'.

Choices actually left me devastated... I don't want that happen again..

I do think your fic is a lot greater than Choices... Because it covers everything and defines every character perfectly..
So, Please Please Please don't stop writing...
3/9/2019 c37 Niel2804
hello... i am back. i love it as always, i am late to read 2 newest chapter but i am happy i have 2 chapter in one reading, as always your story is soooo good, i am likey...
i am so curious how this second year will end, who will kill the basiliks, it will be cool if Ron can summon the godric gryfindor sword, a slytherin who summon gryfindor sword...
i am happy you keep the friendship between hermione and ron, will we get Snape and Lily 2.0 ? but i am so waiting for ron daphne, i am so done...
btw i am so sad with your announcement, maybe you can fix the dates of updates for us? like every friday or something ? i don't want to miss your update T.T
but i am wishing for your success, i hope you doing good in everything you do, and please don't stop writing, you are talented
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