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2/18/2019 c28 Niel2804
I don't mind with the chapter away from Ron's POV, i think all character have interesting insight.
I am curious how Theo will react if he find out about the plot that his father planed. It's about vengeance for his mother, a family matter but it's also agains Ron's believe to defeat Voldy.
Seriously Draco ! grow up ! ewwrrr...
Its always fun reading to Neville's POV, i get it that he doubted Ron, (Ron act like Voldy when he was student in Hogwarts, too many secret minus Voldy have followers instead Friends like Ron's) i guess if he want to know what Ron up to he need to be more friendly lol instead showing how he doubted Ron (in Ron's face nevertheless)
Are Dean have a crush to Hermione ? honestly i Ship Romione since day 1 but for this FF the loveline doesnt matter i love Ron with everyone hahaha, btw if in the future Romione not the end game in this FFDaphne is the strong candidate in here i thinki wish you are not pairing Hermione with Draco please, i just can't lol (i am so cruel)
Wow the part of Ginny and Tom is creepy, its thrilling to read her convo with Tom since we already know how manipulating Tom is. I want spoiled Ginny back. PSi miss Luna
lastly, out of all FF i've followed you the one who constantly update your FF, i respect you.. too many good ff are abandoned.. i hope you enjoy your volunteering work and i'll be waiting for your update have a nice day...
2/18/2019 c28 7TheIndianMuggle
I enjoyed so many POVs. Especially Pansy's. Hopefully Ron comes clean about his scars to girls.
2/18/2019 c28 Guest
Thanks for the chapter buddy.
2/18/2019 c28 58Starway Man
Interesting glimpse into Lucius Malfoy's mind, and Cornelius Nott? I thought his name was Cantankerous Nott...anyway, I loved the scene with Sirius and Remus, and then later when Sirius found the locket Horcrux...thanks goodness Kreacher stole it back before it ended up in some landfill, and was lost forever! The scene with Draco and Pansy was tense and emotional, and I wasn't expecting Ron to show up and end things that way - well done on surprising me there. Ditto on showing Ron and Pansy interacting like human beings, there aren't all that many stories out there which do that!

Neville's POV on things was good - again, you have a talent for getting inside his head, showing us how human (and insightful) he can be. Hermione's crush on Ron, Ginny's odd behavior, Ron's constant lies - he truly is the One Who Sees! Snape's grumbling and gnashing teeth about Lockhart was amusing, but I honestly couldn't believe Dumbledore's speech about how he deliberately hired a a DADA professor who he knew beforehand to be a fraud, and sabotaged the education of the children whose parents were doubtless paying a fortune for them to attend Hogwarts! Greater good, my arse...

Oh, but Voldy's rant was good - poor Ron, his future looks grim...I thought Voldemort believed the kid had died and so would ignore him until after Tommy had resurrected himself, but no such luck. Nice descriptions of pain and agony, there! Likewise, the conversation Ginny had with the Diary Horcrux was creepily good, it makes you think of what online predators are like these days. The rest of the chapter was okay as well, looking forward to learning what Theo Nott has to tell Ron!
2/18/2019 c28 MMax
congratulations on volunteering-we can wait and be patient. It can be like Ron learning to be patient.
2/18/2019 c13 4everRomione
Ohh. I never expected the confrontation of Scrabers/Peter in this chapter. I love that Sorting Hat is helping him. Now Ron at least has one person to which he can discuss his visions.
And Ron winning all the bet is great too, so does Nott's and Zabini's concepts.
2/18/2019 c12 4everRomione
That was scary. So the entity is protecting Ron's vision and somehow using him. It also hurt Ron so I wonder that it did not hesitate to kill him either. Glad to see this concerned side of Snape. I never like him very much but in this story, you are able to show that he can be kind in his own way.
The Parkinson part is good too.

PS: Happy Belated(one month) Birthday.
2/18/2019 c11 4everRomione
Ohh, a nice concept on Silver Triumvirate. I am glad that the older students are at least protecting Ron. I love that Molly was coming around and that they make peace soon.
2/18/2019 c10 4everRomione
I love this chapter so much. Not just it the previous chapters shows that Ron is powerful and mature but this chapter tells that he is also an eleven-year-old child who misses his family very much. For a moment I thought that Malfoy was about to shake hand too but he still needs some growing up, I guess.
2/17/2019 c1 tyry95
Was this pre-written or something? Nobody can write 330,000 words within a month in a half while keeping the plot going and coherent
2/17/2019 c9 4everRomione
That chapter is the best. Wow. Just amazing. You are clearly a very talented writer.
The whole Ron's plan to search Hermione and talk her out of the bathroom is awesome. I love that part when Ron was desperately trying to convince Hermione. I don't saw that coming that Ron will kill the troll. I thought of the less violent version like canon but I think this one makes sense too. I just hope that Hermione will be treated actually like friends by Harry and Neville.
I love this chapter.
2/17/2019 c8 4everRomione
The violence was intense. I thought that nobody will call Hermione this time but somebody has to do it.
2/17/2019 c7 4everRomione
I like the part when Ron defended Tracy and punching Malfoy. The chess tournament is awesome too. I like that Molly turned her head around and realize her mistake before receiving the letter from McGonagall. I just hope that her relationship with Ron will be fixed soon.
2/17/2019 c6 4everRomione
That was a funny chapter with Ron acting all loony. I am a little concerned with Molly's letter here.
2/17/2019 c5 4everRomione
I am glad Ron was able to make friends in Slytherin. I hope that his friendship with Harry will continue.
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