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2/3/2019 c22 2The Arcticourt Spellwright
This is by far the most interesting Ron-centric fanfic I have read, a real treat! I can't get 'One Night in Bangkok' out of my head; it was playing all the way through the chess tournament arc...
2/3/2019 c22 58Starway Man
Nice start with Fred getting an earful and Ron showing up at Longbottom Manor, I liked the way the Weasley reacted to Hermione's presence there and then to Neville's - although I was rather surprised how Harry wasn't there with his fellow Gryffindors! I'm not sure why... I guess it's because since Neville's more or less taken Ron's place in this story, appropriate arrangements would be made for Harry to attend the party (it's not like the Dursleys would have wanted him to stay with them, if there was an opportunity for him to go!). Anyway, Ron's meeting with Augusta and the birthday party mingling was described pretty well - Padma and Hermione were cool, Seamus was rather obnoxious, and Dean was obviously doomed at some point in the future (poor kid!).

The next bit with Ron practically having a meltdown and screaming at everyone after he arrived home - that was unexpected, and I'm not sure what real purpose it served... other than make everyone think he's emotionally unstable? Still, the conversation where Ron and Mrs Lovegood made up was okay, but the real winner was Ron giving Sirius the pepper-up potion and convincing Padfoot to go rescue his godson! The rescue itself was described pretty well, and I liked the way you had the dynamic duo interact - and yes, Ron *did* act like more of an adult than Sirius, what with the guy's bad language and loss of emotional control! But...Sirius had to wait for Remus to fall asleep? Were they sharing a room? Or was this a subtle hint at Wolfstar...?

I liked how you described the return to the Burrow, the huge emotional scene there...and is it just me, or do the women-folk deliberately push Ron's buttons the wrong way nearly all the time, in this story? The way Sirius did the whole self-blame and 'blame Dumbledore' thing was alright, but I wish you had showed us the subsequent 'conversation' with Dumbledore rather than just mention it in passing, that part of the chapter lost a bit of emotional impact that way. And lavender-clad 'hero', eh? I look forward to seeing what you do with Lockhart in this story, and how many of the second year girls will go ga-ga over him!
2/3/2019 c22 Niel2804
Wow i thought i will be nevile, i am glad that harry is safe now, i hope ron getting healthier. Can not wait for daphne birthday wink wink
2/2/2019 c21 randver
Good follow up chapter.
Hitting the highlights. it's nice to see Ron recovering and dealing with his weakness and his scars. His weakness is the biggest issue for him to internalize I'm sure simply because he took a little bit of pride in being more physically capable than his year mates by a wide margin. Running circles around your friends one day, fighting off the fractured spirit of a undead wizard and then dealing with being so weak that you need help to take a crap doesn't sit well with most folks sense of independence.

I enjoyed reading the way you handled the meeting between his mothers( yes plural) and Lady Greengrass and it showed that while they love him the separation that comes with boarding school means he grows and changes in ways they never imagined, manners and being able to handle himself amoungst the nobility being chief among them. The jaw dropping was excellent description.

The way you handled the conversation between Lord Greengrass and Ron was interesting to read. "As one chess player to another" had him hooked, it wasn't a patronizing "man to Man" attempt it was one enthusiast to another and the level of respect that comes from that. Rons to self aware to fall for any patronizing from well meaning but ultimately stupid adults who have no clue. M'Lord laid it out in an understanding manner while acknowledging Rons position and then let him come to his own conclusion after pointing out a avenue of play he missed due to his focus elsewhere, in short Ron wasn't seeing the whole board when it came to telling the world about old moldy shorts. That's very common for a 12 yr old and a guiding adult who has his best interest at heart will simply show him an alternative rather than demand compliance. Now if I was Ron and knowing what I know I'd want to talk to a certain headmaster and tell him I want in. Whatever plans that supposedly crazy old man has Ron needs to be a part of. Ron's seen him drop the crazy old man act and caught a glimmer of the true Albus so he should be able to approach him like that. In Rons way of thinking he's a underused and neglected piece on the larger board that can sneak past the lines and be in place when needed.

I laughed out loud with the interaction of Sirius. I don't wonder why he wants to spoil Ron so much. He sees too much of himself in Ron not to. Both from different families sorted into opposing houses and suffering for it greatly. The fact that he saw Ron's destroyed things only reinforced his negative feelings towards all things snakey.
As far as the adult talk I can't think of anyone better suited to help answer Rons questions. He's 12 his nuts are going to start dropping into place any day now and so here comes puberty ready or not.I can see Sirius being the older uncle, older brother or non family trusted adult make that Ron can talk freely to about things he is too embarrassed to talk to a family member about. I cant see him going to Fred and George because they'd take the mickey out him forever, Percy'd turn it into a health lesson and Bill and Charlie are too far away so Sirius is perfect. Remus will be there to make sure the facts are correct. Plus once Ron settles on a certain young lady he will know the proper courtship forms is she is a young lady of society. Much like his own Mother was as Lady Prewitt.

The interaction between Neville and his Grand mother was well done and very long overdue. I hope she realizes just how close she came to losing her grandson twice in a single year. If that wont shake her up nothing will. I did enjoy the slight rebuke from Olivander. Like "and why would it"? Like it was the most basic thing in the world this side of breathing.

The whole Neville recap I'm not sure I get. I always think of Neville as Beta team. He's the silver Trio working with Ginny, Luna and the resistance to keep the home safe while the Golden Trio did the hunting task. Sure he had his moment in the last battle but other than taht he was just kind of there. I do wonder where your taking him?

The last part was pure gold. I loved it. The 400 galleons for cloths almost made ME choke like seriously WTF! Only the blond ponce or the lavender menace can match that kind of wardrobe price tag.
The last line of "Clearly I get my good looks from my mother" was perfect. I loved it and the reaction from Sirius was definitely in character.

I am so looking forward to "The rescue"

As always love the story. Best wishes.
2/1/2019 c21 Guest
Thanks buddy. I really enjoy the chapter.
2/1/2019 c21 CookieCat
This is really good. Hope you update soon.
1/31/2019 c21 Niel2804
finally new chapter, yeayyy slytherin gang is back, i like Ron banter with the gang esp Daphne hahaha
1/31/2019 c2 sugarrii
Oh this is so good! There's so much fic about Ron bashing I grew a little tire of is oasis of my thirst!
1/31/2019 c21 Starway Man
The start was a bit heavy on the exposition, but I suppose it was necessary for Ron to get all caught up on everything by his friends after being in a coma for so long. The talk with Daphne's father was definitely more interesting - and I thought more muggles died than magicals in Voldemort's first war? Unless that happened differently in your story, of course. Still, Ron went from angry to surprised to excited very quickly in that part of the chapter, something I couldn't help thinking was rather odd - unless the childish glee was the product of a spell or something?

The next section with Sirius calling Ron "pup" was something of a cliché (and usually restricted to Harry in most fanfics!) but the ensuing conversation was very amusing - Black's efforts to corrupt the Weasley worked wonderfully well! The next section with Neville was okay, but it was a bit jarring to hear that 'fear of a name increases the fear of the thing itself' line come from Neville's grandmother... wasn't it Dumbledore who said it to Harry, is she quoting the old man's philosophy verbatim here? Still, your flashback summary of the past twenty chapters from Neville's POV were very interesting! You showed a very human Neville, jealousy and concern and all the rest, and truly brought the character to life in a way you hadn't done before; well done there.

The next part with Molly saying "honey" didn't sound right at all - definitely not British enough - and the dinner conversation seemed a bit stilted, but I did enjoy how Xeno got shut down immediately on taking Ron along on a creature hunt. The next part with Ron hobbling downstairs using a crutch seemed weird - it's a magical household, why couldn't someone simply have done the Mobilicorpus spell? And Sirius's advice to Ron about never getting married seemed to come out of nowhere, after that whole 'pup' and 'cub' business! But I liked Ron's cluelessness about the shopping spree, well done there, and how Sirius and Remus could tell puberty was just around the corner for the kid - not to mention their concerns for Harry! I'm not sure how Dumbledore got away with giving orders to Sirius not to claim custody of his godson, but it's good to see Black not mindlessly accepting that, most definitely. Just as good as Sirius trying to be a ladies man, that was good for a smirk. Hope we see Harry get rescued soon!
1/30/2019 c20 Astro
It was kinda a hopeful/edgy theory of Ron being evil but apparently he's going to down for it to save his family.

Oor, The entities/Voldemort/both are a side effect of Ron's darkening moral. Since one is an eldritch abomination and another is an Evil Dark Lord of Wizarding Britain... and Ron's Slytherin...

Okay a lot of factors did cause Ron to turn “dark” in hindsight, not just Voldemort and Entity.

Time for second year of Hogwarts! Featuring! Sadness maybe, Angst maybe, Snakes absolutely, Red Heads absolutely, More red head snakes... MAYBE.

Or more Red Head lions... or maybe a red head badger or eagle.
1/30/2019 c20 MMax
Daphne will be thrilled to see Ron. She would not care about his bandages - Once Ron recovers fully, I am sure that Ron will try to form some sort of alliance between the Gryffindor trio.
1/30/2019 c20 Guest
Thank you for the story buddy.
1/29/2019 c20 1Marbbles123
Awe I loved the Weasley moments! Especially between the brothers! They might tease each other but it is all out of love. Can’t wait for the next update!
1/29/2019 c20 Niel2804
PSPlease do something with Ron scars T.T
1/29/2019 c20 Niel2804
This is so sad and i am worry about Ron, he never be the same right? He become dark slowly... T.T
Good FF keep writing
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