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1/26/2019 c18 58Starway Man
I was surprised, given how enraged Ron initially was, how quickly he calmed down when Nott told him to think of the four girls, and how his actions would affect them; but I did like Ron's attitude in getting revenge on Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle through that Slytherin seventh year, and how his friends were concerned for him afterwards. You provided a nice set-up with Charlie's letter, and the meeting with the Gryffindor trio and the Slytherin one was was handled well - kick you in the stones, indeed! Hermione was brilliant, as always, but oddly enough - I found myself wishing she and Daphne could have had a longer confrontation. for some reason...

The second meeting between Ron and the Slytherin seven year was a bit heavy on exposition, but not too bad. The mutual destruction scenario between Ron and Draco was okay, but you got the impression that Ron still came out ahead - as he still had all his friends and family, while Malfoy only had Crabbe and Goyle on his side! And as for the detention in the Forbidden Forest, those kids were quite right - you can't put children in a life-threatening situation as part of school punishment, Hagrid shouldn't have been able to do that! Even Madame Pomfrey knew that... still, I liked Ron's thoughts regarding being stuck with two cowards hunting a monster in a forest full of them - and that vicious argument Ron and Draco had, it was a long time coming!

The scene with Firenze saving Ron and Draco was described well, along with the way Ron panicked and then calmed down enough to save himself and Malfoy with that Confringo. Then the following conversation...oh, I definitely liked how it was different to what was in the book, how the other centaurs weren't present and no one said, "Mars is bright tonight"! The scene in the medical wing was okay, along with Ron's private thoughts - his developing paranoia was good, it made sense that he couldn't automatically trust Dumbledore, but deciding to do everything himself - that has 'disaster' written all over it! Well, he is only twelve...lookig forward to the next part, and enjoy your short break!
1/25/2019 c17 randver
Cliff-hanger, You dare call that a cliff-hanger THAT is so far above and beyond a mere cliff-hanger it's borders on an unforgivable! That was literary Crucio and you darned well know it. Daphne and the girls had better make an appearance IMMEDIATELY to diffuse this situation or the boys are going to handle this man to man and it will NOT be pretty.

Ok now back to the rest of the chapter before I rant too much about the end. First I loved the fact that Ron got Slytherin some positive recognition from the HeadMaster and the whole house knew it.

The section with the solo Triumvirate was interesting and If I had to guess the other two stopped the renegade 3rd from fulfilling his last part of the bargain as punishment for violating the rules. The fact that the other members of Ron's court stepped up all on their own makes the victory that much sweeter.

The whole dragon episode was great, I thought for sure that it was just going to be background and never be bothered with for this story but you wove it well and it made perfect sense. Ron now has the whole trust of the Trio which I'm sure will come into play later. I look forward to him meeting a Dowager Lady Longbottom and seeing if he can impress that old besom.

Ron had better hope his Father and Lord greengrass make a good agreement about Ron's training because an apprenticeship is a HUGE deal so lets hope Arthur is up to the task. I think he knows what a special boy Ron has become so now it's up to him and Molly to guide him to proper manhood with out losing his heart to the wealth and power he is sure to encounter.

The last part is just so bad. IF and I do mean IF he can prove Malfoy did it or that he ordered crab or Goyle to do it on his orders then the rest of Slytherin house WILL turn on him. Destroying someone else's property for no reason other than jealousy is the height of childish and immature behavior no matter who does it and all of daddy's money can't protect him from the court of public opinion. He may have money, power and fake friends that will gladly take whatever he's willing to give but he will never command the respect his family once did.

I look forward to the next chapter of Ron's potential trip to Azkaban. Oh and great job on giving Theo a back bone and showing his growing maturity thanks to Ron.
1/25/2019 c17 Starway Man
Hmm, I don't think there's any such thing as a Herbicide Potion - is there? And to be called a 'nerd' by his fellow Slytherins - one, Ron certainly has changed from canon!Ron and two, I'm pretty sure that word's not British enough for JKR! I also liked how Ron was cynical enough to realize his good standing in Slytherin wouldn't last after winning that chess tournament, nicely done there. And the 'negotiation' with that seventh year Slytherin - definitely attention grabbing, in a weird sort of Cold War way! Too bad how later on, that kid didn't seem to hold up his end of the bargain about taking care of Malfoy, though.

Ron's meeting with Harry, Hermione and Neville - oh, I liked how he felt ashamed and guilty over how he was deceiving them! Same with the dragon-related meeting - and I also liked how Nott was smart enough to figure things out, and Ron was stressed and on breaking point after the meeting with Malfoy, twelve year olds shouldn't have to deal with that sort of thing! As for the meeting with Hagrid, the nightmare of his rock cakes is always good for a laugh - but I wish you had done something different than the standard scenario of the Astronomy Tower pickup. Hagrid's hut is isolated, far enough away from the castle - how hard would it have been for him to set up a signal fire at midnight, for Charlie's friends to home in on?

Having said that, I did like how you showed that Hermione was Ron's closest Gryffindor friend, and the journey to the top of the tower was somewhat humorous...and wow, Ron was smart enough to remember about Harry's cloak! It always annoyed me how those kids could have possibly forgotten that...and well done on Ron learning how to bribe people properly once he arrived back in the Slytherin dorm, even if he was dumb enough to let himself get caught by Blaise! Too bad how Ron lost it that way in the morning, though, after the destruction of all his things...nice cliffhanger of sorts to finish up the chapter though!
1/25/2019 c17 Astro
Going to wonder when will Ron will have a “fail” or serious fall, and I find out in the next chapter.

Tbh, I was hoping for him to be second or third for the magical chess championship as a reason he's fallable. Another thought is that Ron's a first year, so not too much responsibilities other than his future visions of his brother's death.

You should add spoiler warning in the reviews too. Dunno about you but there could be spoilerific mass guessings in the review section.
1/25/2019 c17 MMax
maybe Theo and Blaise can offer a deal with Ron, reminding what happened the last time he punched Draco. i.e. we need to do this sneakingly.
1/24/2019 c16 randver
This was good. I can honestly say that you surprised me with Ron at the rather tender age of 12 winning his first ever Professional Chess Tournament. Granted it is Jr. League and he will have a great deal of strategy to learn and even more deportment and manners involved, after all Chess is the game of Kings and Gentlemen the world over. The fact that it helps with analytical thinking and other mental stimulus is a side benefit.

I like the fact that Ron now has a formal apprenticeship and patron to help offset some of the costs associated with hos rising star. Lord Greengrass was right after all the apprentice is often times noted throughout history alongside his master. I could name names but its a google search away if anyone cares to see the Master/apprenticeship relations in arts, sciences and other fields.
The biggest benefit to all of this is the fact that Ron wont be stuck wearing those horrible dress robes in 4th year.

I like the way you punctuated the difference in behavior with Daphne and her family, when she was with Ron and friends she was more relaxed and what is considered normal but with family and especially in public she has certain expectations to which she has been born and bred.

The maturity Ron was forced to deal with when he realized his own hypocrisy and false moral superiority was very nicely done.
In a way by Daphne giving him something else to focus on that was completely non-chess related is more than likely what saved him from burn out before the finals.

The Hemione and Neville PoV were intresting. I'm glad to see that Hermione is gving Ron the chance he deserves and as for Neville well in his situation once it comes to lite then I'm sure his friends will understand.

I can not wait to see Malfoy start something in the common room thinking he has his supporters around him but with Rons well deserved triumph his supporters will dry up because the headline read "SLYTHERIN" Prodigy, not Hogwarts but SLYTHERIN! When was the last time the house got good if not such excellent press. But this also means that little Rita is going to snoop around a bit more to find out where such a phenom came from. I'm still waiting for Rons reaction to the lavender menace when they meet.

Thanks for the update.
1/24/2019 c16 MMax
maybe Ron needs to rescue Neville again...Ron knew what it was like being in Gryffindor, disliking Slytherins. i.e. Do I need to take a wizard oath, Neville? I really want to ally with you and I do like Hermione and Harry.
1/24/2019 c16 Guest
Thank you for the good read buddy
1/24/2019 c16 Starway Man
Nice lapdog comparison at the start, Ron is becoming more aware of what his girls are doing to him - but the way he lost his temper with Daphne, it's obvious he hasn't changed all that much yet! The Greengrass flashback was okay, and Ron's apology to his friend - the way he realized he was being a hypocrite - that was written well. As for Pandora's loud whistling at the tournament, that immediately made me smile - some of my relatives do that sort of thing at public functions as well, so that was a nice touch of realism there!

Apart from that, you described the chess strategies and victories fairly nicely - well done on the background research you must have done for that, by the way - and Ron's taste of victory was described with excellent detail, along with the aftermath of all the people who wanted to talk to him. The 'SOMEONE HEX ME!' line was brilliant, when you got into all the pureblood manners and etiquette stuff; and it was good to see Ron wasn't being totally naive when he accepted that offer of apprenticeship/employment from Daphne's father...

You definitely surprised me with the whole 'Harry, Hermione and Neville at Longbottom Manor' scenario, but then I realized that I shouldn't have been - Harry has no strong connection to the Weasley family in this fanfic, after all. And I liked how Hermione defended Ron and told Neville he needed to get his own wand, that was very in-character! And as for Charlie Weasley... did he really go from shovelling dragon shit to having lunch without cleaning himself up, or even washing his hands? Ewww...and the kids' first year is soon coming to a end? Did I miss it, or have you skipped over everything concerning Hagrid and Noberta? Looking forward to the next part, as always!
1/24/2019 c16 Petunia
La verdad a mi no me cae bien neville no me agrada que lo pongan en el trio de oro yo apoyo a hermione y deseo que esta fanfic termine ron x hermione
1/24/2019 c15 Guest
I thank you for the great read buddy
1/23/2019 c15 Starway Man
Well, the conversation between Ron and Theo Nott was certainly emotional - it's amazing to think losing Ron's friendship would actually make that boy cry! Well, they are eleven - so I guess it's feasible. The scenes with the three boys, and then Ron talking to his girls, and then Theo and Blaise apologizing, it was exactly the sort of stuff kids would do - you definitely seem to have a talent for getting inside the minds of children on the verge of puberty! And sappy nonsense, indeed...

Ron's twelfth birthday was a bit of a surprise, especially with the chess tournament thing - and I liked how Zabini volunteered to 'watch over' Ron's presents, that was pretty amusing. Ron's letter from Sirius and gift of an owl - Helios, not Pigwidgeon? - was also fairly attention-grabbing, likewise Daphne's birthday gift - that little girl is crushing hard, isn't she? Snape's grumbling and gnashing his teeth is always fun to read, especially over being forced to wait in line like a common plebian! And I liked how Severus gave Ron advice about not getting overconfident about anything, if anyone should know it's him...

The chess tournament, I liked how Snape fixed Ron's appearance (I look like a red-headed Malfoy, indeed!) and how you described winning chess strategies. The 'Greater Good' thing - Snape has been influenced by Dumbledore a lot by this point, hasn't he? And yes, no pressure on winning a tournament that his friend's father is watching...the same father who joked about a marriage contract not so long ago...looking forward to how you bring Charlie and Hermione into this story soon!
1/23/2019 c15 randver
Ok first of all I'm going out of order here and talking about your A/N first. If your goal is a million word story I am so happy to be a part of that. I can't thank you enough for providing such wonderful entertainment with my favorite character finally getting the justice he deserves from a fellow fan like me. I know your going to slow down once school starts but for however long it takes I'll review and do my best to keep up the encouragement.

Now onto the review. I'm happy to see Ron getting a chance to play to his strength with the Chess Tournament and even if he doesn't win the fact that he competed and did well will show him and his house both hogwarts and family in a positive light.

Snape is going to have to step in with Ron sooner rather than later and pull him aside and give him some advice one poor boy to another about competing with the rich and powerful. He was as dirt poor as ron and even worse a half blood so the fact that his standing was even worse than Rons is now should make Ron listen. There's no way Ron can compete with the sheer wealth thrown around by his friends and the sooner he realizes it and hashes it out in his head the better. It's going to be a bitter, painful lesson but one he needs so he can reconcile the inevitable poor boy/uptown girl with him and Daphne.

I would LOVE to see Blaise and Theo over at the Burrow for a few weeks during the summer. Having to degnome the garden or go swimming in a pond rather than a stately pool will possibly help them understand Ron a bit better. I'm very happy they are friends again and that Theo didn't go crawling back to Malfoy.
Anyway as always I liked your chapter a great deal and I'm on pins and needles wondering if Ron can really pull this off. He will still be a 12 yr old competing against more seasoned and experienced players so no one really expects him to win but if he can pull off a win like he did with McGonagles chess set the world may end as the dungeon bat actually cracks a smile.
1/23/2019 c14 Starway Man
The trial felt a bit rushed...but since it was Ron's POV and he showed up more or less at the end, I guess that's understandable. Ron feeling annoyed by his parents' sappy behavior and feeling stoked by Dumbledore being proud of him weren't too bad, but he seemed to forget about the legilimency thing almost immediately...I don't know, that felt a bit contrived or something? But the splintering of the first years...and Ron being naive enough to think the Slytherin upper years wouldn't turn on him for what he did - that was great stuff!

The chocolate-y Valentine's Day segment was okay, and I liked how Daphne got all upset at Ron and he didn't understand why - that never gets old. :) The next part where he gave her a present and lied about it, that was good too. The stuff with Blaise's POV wasn't too bad, but what caught my attention was the Undesirable Number 1 quote! Nice foreshadowing there. Ron's luck with that ring was amazing, and I liked the mini-conversation he had with Nott afterwards. The four Slaytherin girls with their prepubescent 'girl talk' was pretty good too, can't wait to see how Daphne's behavior changes! If it does...
1/23/2019 c14 randver
Not too bad. I was wondering when the rest of the house was going to begin showing their displeasure at the sudden and unexpected and definitely unwanted changes in the power dynamic.

Ron needs to pull his head out of his ass and after seeing just how practical and powerful Runes are he should not only take it as an elective but beg Pandoras help and become the best he can with them. He may or may not have a natural talent for them but if he's a natural with charms then Runes should be the next logical step up. Think about what can be done with Runes and Potions as far as heating, stabilizing, preserving etc. The possibilities are almost endless. Once he gets to be good with Runes( assuming that fits the direction of your story) then he can see about runic arrays for more permanent and far more powerful effects.

By now I know Ron is using his brain the way it should be so I am wondering just how long it's going to be before he starts putting two and two together. 1st he likes muggles and knows that they make some amazing inventions like his new pen, two Hermione Granger is the 2nd best example of what muggle borns can accomplish when given the chance, Lilly Potter being the 1st after all no pure blood came up with a way to protect from the killing curse, so why doesn't he seek her and Harry out to help him learn more about muggles and what they can do so taht he can then present it to his friends. I think once Blaise gets a look at his first planetarium or sees footage of the first moon landing once he recovers he'll be hooked.

I loved how the girls supported him when he needed it but most especially how he thought of them as well. The bacon theft was classic Ron and I loved it.

I do wonder if were going to be seeing more of little petey pettigrew. The ministry is notoriously corrupt with HIS supporters so all it takes is one simple mistake and little petey slips away once again. This time he'll be coming for Ron.

all in all very good follow up to the previous chapter and I'm glad that the girls set Daphne to rights in no uncertain terms.
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