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3/28 c102 GODKINGASH
Actually a classic quote
Men and women cant kiss as friends its like no bro your gay lmaooooo
3/26 c161 MeYouNThem
And...Fred an George are dead. Seriously why is it they didn't learn anything from their past mistake with Ron. Did they have selective amnesia or something? I mean they know and saw how cruel Ron is like what he done to Harry. Geez... On side note I'm loving Ron adn Draco frinedship. It's so cute how awkward it is lol

Thanks for the new chapter
Men and women cant kiss as friends its like not bro your gay lmaooooo
3/22 c161 58Starway Man
The chapter started off alright, with Ron being his typical teenage self with regards to the meeting in Dumbledore's office and the news Tonks had to share - and I couldn't help agreeing with his analysis of it all being a vicious cycle, the male teen's life being the same old repetitive things where his family is concerned. The next part with Daphne Greengrass, her conversation with the centaur chieftain in that forest - I enjoyed her confusion over the vague and cryptic words, as well as the discussion about her future. The next scene, I loved the way Ron wound up Snape - as always, the Weasley boy has an inborn talent for it - and after Severus left, the private chat Ron had with Albus was okay - even if the concept of being imprisoned with the Star of Madness for all eternity was more than enough to balance out the more lighthearted bits.

Hmm, when you had Daphne find Ron in the RoR in the middle of his training session, you definitely did well in describing how a teenage girl feels and acts around her ex-boyfriend, whom she still loves...the whole jealousy and butterflies and dancing thing, I mean. Later, the confession by Pansy in the Room about what she did in the duelling tournament was interesting to read, too - Daphne's long-winded indignation was totally eclipsed by Ron's curt one-sentence condemnation, you totally nailed that part. The subsequent section with Draco Malfoy, I mostly skimmed through it - though I wasn't expecting him to become sort-of friends with Ron after that little chat! And then the scenes with Percy Weasley and the Slytherin Head Girl - I honestly wasn't sure where you were going with all that, even if the 'steamier' sections of the text were a pleasure to read.

The next part of the chapter with Fred and George Weasley - hmm, they're definitely not your favorite characters at the moment, are they? I was impressed with how Dumbledore handled them and their plans, but unsurprised by how they blamed Ron for it in the aftermath and promised revenge. And I did like how Ron stood up to McGonagall, it was enjoyable to see the way she got so helplessly angry over everything... Percy's reaction to that, and his thanking of Ron for his efforts, was written fairly nicely too. Ditto the next part with Hermione...I wasn't expecting the Granger girl to get a job offer from that Unspeakable, well done on surprising me there. And another thing I couldn't help noticing, was how easily Hermione tattled on Fred and George's plan to Minerva - it was a good way to show that since Ron isn't part of the trio in this story, she has far less loyalty to and tolerance for the Weasley twins...

The final part of the chapter - Daphne deciding to forgive Pansy for her actions, Ron getting a concussion because of Peeves, the Weasley boy defaulting to Champion of Fate definitely made me curious as to what's going to happen to Fred and George in the final third year chapter, not to mention the poltergeist! And as always, best o' good fortune to ye with your university studies.
3/22 c161 pallando the blue
Oh they fucked up! Chop up peeves into pieces and fuck the twins up!
3/22 c127 Guest
the family/drama is still pure trash. its incredible how it has just been one big circle jerk for so long its insane
3/22 c53 boyoyoyoko
Guest, "constant negativity" is your reviews( Have you every heard of "dont say anything if you dont have nothing nice to say"? It's a non commercial work which author writes in her spare time just for her and our enjoyment.. dont you have anything better than to read fanfiction you dont like and then leave hateful comments under it..?
Sorry , i didnt find any button to reply to you directly.. i never leave comments.. but yours pissed me of so much i felt like i had to (i assume the hateful one under chapter 109 is also yours). i really dont understand why you read it and to whom your comments are targeted (since not a lot of people who dont like this story would read that far).
And before you call your replies criticism or an opinion.. they are really notyou just trashing the work for no good reason.. cant you see it? or you see it and you just enjoy upsetting people?
3/21 c109 Guest
this is just getting ridiculous. its so annoying, how about focusing on the freaking cycle instead of all this over dramatized crap. 109 chapters and the war hasn't even really started.
Holy fuck man almost all of it is just family drama and overexaggerated health issues to just drag this on and on.
3/20 c161 1TimC34
I think London is about to suffer for her indiscretion also. Didn't Artem break legs over werewolf fraternization?
3/20 c69 Guest
was going so well without that trash
3/19 c161 alv1
ho they fucked up
3/19 c53 Guest
I think I have really given this story a shot but it is such a wet blanket so far.

It is constant negativity and any positives is so brief that i wouldnt count it since you dont get a chance to really get away from the bad. Also there is absolutely no contrast to compare against, not really. its just bad on bad on bad, so it just seems like more of the same, no real suspense or surprise besides oh so this is how ron get fucked here.
So far its just been a game of wackaron and there is barely any brakes from it.
Ofc you can try an excuse it with the entity stuff, his knowledge of the possible future and his age but that doesnt really change the points above imo. I have read plenty of books/fics a lot 'darker' than this with 'similar' circumstances where they do manage this better.
3/19 c49 Guest
rofl he takes a trashing in every chapter, one way or another
3/19 c38 Drakena
daphne is annoying i can't
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