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10/7 c105 London Knight
Luna's speech to Ginny ... genuine chills & left me emotional ... crumbs almighty ...
That has is some deeply insightful thought provoking stuff she said .
Also some of THE BEST critical appraising of anothers faults & wrongdoings one character has confronted another with ! Anywhere - fictional or real life - I have seen as words on a page or screen ...

Wish I could put my thoughts into words like that ... Bravo indeed Sir TrueSpartan , I doff my proverbial hat to you . Going back to sleep soon , so you leave me with astounding things to muse . LK out .
10/6 c55 ironhair
Wow. Looking forward to the next chapter
10/2 c146 1reynanuy
Another awesome chapter. I loved specially Ron's internacional monólogos about what he wants and his renewed appreciation for Dumbledore, despite the old foll many failings. Octavia's death after her aparent betrayal was kind of anticlimactic, but it works well with the tone of the story. She redeemed herself in her sacrifice, even if it was pointless. I also loved the whole history behind Isolte's wand and Salazar's legacy. His desire to make amends at the end of his life its the best thing that could have ever happened to Slitherine. Again as always, truly and beyond excellent story telling dude.
10/1 c15 ironhair
I feel i have read this chapter before!?
9/30 c13 ironhair
Should have added misty in Ron's theory while talking to Dumbledore.
9/30 c10 ironhair
What a showdown. Twice over.
Why just 200 points?

3570 in first 2 days 10 - 5 110
100 from Dumbledore at end of month 2.

Even with reduced point giving by professors, he should still have like 500 points.
9/30 c9 ironhair
Should have been 100 points, grrrrr... And 50 or 25 each to Harry Neville
9/30 c8 ironhair
Good realistic and horrible troll scene. Well written.
9/30 c6 ironhair
9/30 c5 ironhair
Wow, this is lovely good interesting writing and I'm just on chapter 5! How didn't I come across this earlier.
9/30 c4 ironhair
9/26 c40 Guest
Why the fuck is your MC such a crybaby in this story? In canon, that was Hermione's thing.
9/25 c97 London Knight
Still too many Americanisms slipping in . Hogwarts students do not 'Graduate' : they take their final exams in 7th Year , have the Leaving Feast & leave by the little boats .
No Graduation Ceremony . You do not get a Diploma when you finish in British Schools , despite how hard a concept it is to those from North America ...
And the language & turn of phrase ... more appropriate for a US Prom Night , rather than a formal British gathering . It's irritating to anyone who grow up here .

Many things happening & glad to see another vision . Been too long since we get future clues . The younger kids are adorable & a drunk Luna ... well a pity she didn't do something really odd & funny . Can't have it all , I suppose ...
LK out .
9/23 c146 Mari
Please tell me you plan to be a professional creativity always amazes me so the new chapter
9/19 c146 little-lazuli
I can’t stop rereading the recent chapters! It’s just such a beautiful story. Ron finding his humanity again is just so gut wrenching! There’s so many plot bunnies that I look forward to seeing unravel: Siriusinvestigation” on Emilia, Bill deducing Ron’s ‘possession’, Sebastian’s redemption, the American infiltration of Britain, Johan and High Mother (whom I still hate both of them and hope Ron and Emilia teach them a lesson), Mafalda’s intro into Ron’s perspective of magical politics which I’m sure is gonna clash with Muriel’s views. Just so much to look forward to! And don’t even get me started on some of the chapter titles. From my own deduction, Ron seems to be (in my own mind) ready to kick the bucket somewhere in year four during the tournament. My theory being backed some minor detail such as the Christmas chapter literally being called “Last Christmas” and Percy’s comment about whether or not Ron will make it to see another Christmas. That had me thinking, does Ron bite the dust or fakes his death or something of the sort during fourth year because if so, I am so ready! Just brilliant this story is, absolutely brilliant and I look forward to more.
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