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3/21 c109 Guest
this is just getting ridiculous. its so annoying, how about focusing on the freaking cycle instead of all this over dramatized crap. 109 chapters and the war hasn't even really started.
Holy fuck man almost all of it is just family drama and overexaggerated health issues to just drag this on and on.
3/20 c161 1TimC34
I think London is about to suffer for her indiscretion also. Didn't Artem break legs over werewolf fraternization?
3/20 c69 Guest
was going so well without that trash
3/19 c161 alv1
ho they fucked up
3/19 c53 Guest
I think I have really given this story a shot but it is such a wet blanket so far.

It is constant negativity and any positives is so brief that i wouldnt count it since you dont get a chance to really get away from the bad. Also there is absolutely no contrast to compare against, not really. its just bad on bad on bad, so it just seems like more of the same, no real suspense or surprise besides oh so this is how ron get fucked here.
So far its just been a game of wackaron and there is barely any brakes from it.
Ofc you can try an excuse it with the entity stuff, his knowledge of the possible future and his age but that doesnt really change the points above imo. I have read plenty of books/fics a lot 'darker' than this with 'similar' circumstances where they do manage this better.
3/19 c49 Guest
rofl he takes a trashing in every chapter, one way or another
3/19 c38 Drakena
daphne is annoying i can't
3/19 c161 rolygarcor
Fuck this chapter was so good. I am both scared and excited to see what happens next. Waiting a month will be torture, but know that I eagerly await for the next chapter.
3/19 c161 Muhammad Ibrahim Faisal
Man great chapter
Twins are fucked and that poltergeist wished he was exorcised than put a hand on Ron
3/18 c161 Pk9809
the twins are fucked now
thank you so much for the chapter Spartan. could please do twins pov when Ron is doing them in
3/18 c161 Foster-the-Wizards
Man, what an awesome Hogwarts centric chapter.

Fucking hell the twins are going to get absolutely fucked. Please please have Ron kill Peeves!
3/18 c161 bzrker1
fuck yeah this is always so good
3/18 c161 bullshit123
Senti tanta falta dessa fic, obrigado por atualizar.
3/18 c161 2Saintzor
Oh, there the twins go again...
The next one is gonna be fun!

Thanks for the chapter
3/18 c161 SweetXocoatl
Aw shit, can’t wait for the twins to get fucked up.
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