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9/30 c5 ironhair
Wow, this is lovely good interesting writing and I'm just on chapter 5! How didn't I come across this earlier.
9/30 c4 ironhair
9/26 c40 Guest
Why the fuck is your MC such a crybaby in this story? In canon, that was Hermione's thing.
9/25 c97 London Knight
Still too many Americanisms slipping in . Hogwarts students do not 'Graduate' : they take their final exams in 7th Year , have the Leaving Feast & leave by the little boats .
No Graduation Ceremony . You do not get a Diploma when you finish in British Schools , despite how hard a concept it is to those from North America ...
And the language & turn of phrase ... more appropriate for a US Prom Night , rather than a formal British gathering . It's irritating to anyone who grow up here .

Many things happening & glad to see another vision . Been too long since we get future clues . The younger kids are adorable & a drunk Luna ... well a pity she didn't do something really odd & funny . Can't have it all , I suppose ...
LK out .
9/23 c146 Mari
Please tell me you plan to be a professional creativity always amazes me so the new chapter
9/19 c146 little-lazuli
I can’t stop rereading the recent chapters! It’s just such a beautiful story. Ron finding his humanity again is just so gut wrenching! There’s so many plot bunnies that I look forward to seeing unravel: Siriusinvestigation” on Emilia, Bill deducing Ron’s ‘possession’, Sebastian’s redemption, the American infiltration of Britain, Johan and High Mother (whom I still hate both of them and hope Ron and Emilia teach them a lesson), Mafalda’s intro into Ron’s perspective of magical politics which I’m sure is gonna clash with Muriel’s views. Just so much to look forward to! And don’t even get me started on some of the chapter titles. From my own deduction, Ron seems to be (in my own mind) ready to kick the bucket somewhere in year four during the tournament. My theory being backed some minor detail such as the Christmas chapter literally being called “Last Christmas” and Percy’s comment about whether or not Ron will make it to see another Christmas. That had me thinking, does Ron bite the dust or fakes his death or something of the sort during fourth year because if so, I am so ready! Just brilliant this story is, absolutely brilliant and I look forward to more.
9/19 c146 bzrker1
great chapter loved it can't wait for the next and see what you will do with Ron's new tag along
9/18 c146 Ronnie11
amazing wonderful plz update soon
9/17 c146 11NewAgeHero
Holy crap! The amount of shit that went on in this chapter was insane. The sages were bastards and deserved what they got, but man do I feel bad for Reyes and his ancestors. And Mafalda Prewett, finally! She’s been hyped for so long I can’t wait to see how she fits in.
9/17 c146 Guest
Surely Albus already suspected Ron and Harry are horcruxes though? In canon, he suspected Harry was one as far back as the first book, so from the moment Ron revealed he was a parseltongue, that should basically have been confirmation for a man as smart as Dumbledore
9/17 c146 ReetDaKing
Loving everything. Really interested to see where it's going to go next. I wonder what's gonna happen in Ron's 4th year. I want him to be a participant in the tri-wizard tournament, and meet Voldemort that way, but I am really interested in how this will pan out.
9/17 c146 2ta.shrivastava
It may have been hard to write, but I really enjoyed this chapter. Now, let's see what lies beyond this miserable series of events... On the other hand, we really don't need to know so quickly. Maybe go easy... Who am I kidding?
9/17 c146 9Howard blake
A bittersweet conclusion to the Ilvermorny arc. And so another one begins. Wonder what new challenges Ron and the others will face. Easter Break is almost at an end plus Mafalda has finally made her appearance. I'm curious how Ron's 3rd year will end and how you'll tackle 4th year soon after.

I'm also thankful that Ron finally found his conviction to win and live instead of just letting the Elders take charge of his life. His camaraderie with his Ravenclaw counterpart is always fun to read. They're more or less on equal footing now. Ravenclaw Ron may have more magical knowledge but Ron has more raw potential cuz of being merged with the Entity.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
9/17 c146 Strangian
An excellent end to the Ilvermorny arc! Really enjoyed this chapter and am excited to see what Dumbledore and Snape think now that they know Harry and Ron are Horcruxes
9/17 c146 2Saintzor
That was a satisfying end to the Ilvermony arc. Not really sure how to feel about Dumbledore's decision to maybe raise the baby serpents on the forbidden forest... sounds like a lot of things could go completely wrong with that

I was bamboozled by Mafalda's appearance! So far she seems to have a similar vibe to Ron from before hogwarts. This can be really interesting!

I'm curious to see how things will happen now... and what you'll come up with to deal with Ron's and Harry's horcruxes since I find it unlikely that Ron will voluntarily eat a AK from Voldemort

Thanks for the update, man!
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