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3/18 c161 Pk9809
the twins are fucked now
thank you so much for the chapter Spartan. could please do twins pov when Ron is doing them in
3/18 c161 Foster-the-Wizards
Man, what an awesome Hogwarts centric chapter.

Fucking hell the twins are going to get absolutely fucked. Please please have Ron kill Peeves!
3/18 c161 bzrker1
fuck yeah this is always so good
3/18 c161 bullshit123
Senti tanta falta dessa fic, obrigado por atualizar.
3/18 c161 2Saintzor
Oh, there the twins go again...
The next one is gonna be fun!

Thanks for the chapter
3/18 c161 SweetXocoatl
Aw shit, can’t wait for the twins to get fucked up.
3/18 c161 raimondimi
Thanks for the chapter, best fic ever
3/18 c161 7Avatar Vader
Fantastic chapter!

Loved seeing Daphne start coming into her own and i love that others see the idea that she’d be a good healer as well.

I knew there was some intimate tension between Perce and Carey and you know what… i ship it.

It was really nice seeing Malfoy share an actual heart to heart with Ron, hope to see our beleaguered and bow-beaten Slytherin lads can confide in each other more. (Maybe Malfoy could visit Ron during the break)

Love seeing Ron stand up to McGonagall and her biases, seeing Dumbledore use Legilimancy on those two was… slightly terrifying tbh.

Thankful that the Twins are starting to get whats coming to them. Peeves is gunna die… good fucking riddance and… as for the twins themselves… well…

Molly had better start digging four graves, one for Ron who’s already on his way out, two for the twins who will be killed in an earnest fashion, and the last for herself for when she kills her self out of sheer rage at those two.

Good luck at Uni again, cannot wait to see the next chapter!
3/18 c161 1Pk930
Well done, very well written chapter, the general theme reminds me of a quote I really like :
"We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses" Jung, and I believe that will be daphne's answer, one day hopefully.
3/18 c160 eagoralol
I love this history.
Certanly the best fanfic i ever read
2/24 c160 58Starway Man
You started out alright with Ron dealing with that smuggler and the assassin, and it's always good seeing Ravenclaw!Ron in action with his commentary (even if I skipped through most of Fate!Ron's broodiness session afterwards). And then Dumbledore's chat with Amelia Bones...the most memorable thing I took from that is that Harry is no longer destined to face Voldemort in a fight to the death, and Albus can now honor James and Lily's sacrifice 'properly'. I couldn't help wondering how long that attitude will last, though... not with the Dumbledore's rather annoying "doing what's right instead of what's easy" mindset...

The next scene with Ron ending up talking with that Centaur chieftain...I found it curious how the redhead's mood changed so swiftly that way, and how he still cared about Daphne Greengrass despite loathing her father and wishing him dead. I wasn't expecting Ron to collapse and be unconscious for four days, though - and the way he tore into that Healer at St Mungo's with those death threats, when the man went too far with his questions? Ug-lee! The conversation with his brother Charlie was more interesting, as was the cameo appearance of Marty the elf... the unexpected moment of rage towards Tracey Davis was what really captured my attention in this chapter, though. It made think the Champion of Fate is going to implode, sooner rather than later...

Of course, that was before Ron's pep talk to Blaise Zabini, getting him to snap out of his anger phase. And the next scene from Tonks' POV, that truly was a classic! I loved the way Nymphadora let loose at both Bary Crouch snr. and Madam Roberts, resigning from the Aurors as a matter of principle after their so-called 'orders are orders' chat. The next scene with Ron's conversation with Ginny, Hermione and Luna - and then the one after that, staring at Daphne's ample bosom - it had me chuckling, as did Marty's comments about Ron winning his ex-girlfriend's heart back. Oh, and the meeting with the Headmaster of Ilvermorny was okay too, as always I liked Ron's smartass comments and his ability to embarrass Daphne that way...

The second-last scene with Ron and Daphne - the picnic in the woods, visiting the dryad's grave, Ron's rant and then Daphne's quick kiss after they'd returned to Hogwarts - that was a pleasure for me to read. And the cliffhanger with Ron meeting all those people in Dumbledore's office - it made me wonder what you'll come up with next, definitely. And that's great about the events of third year finally ending in two more chapters - I think the readers are ready to move on to the events of the gang's fourth year by now. More soon!
2/21 c160 Guest
I hope Ravenclaw Ron tells them that Barty Crouch took his son out of Azkaban, it would be epic.
2/20 c160 Mari
Amazing as Charlie protective moment
2/19 c160 MMax
Long but well written chapter.
2/19 c160 Lamarr Obsidian
Amazing update. This whole epic grips me with ever update. Great job.
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