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8/27 c145 58Starway Man
Hmm, this chapter certainly started out different from most of the others! I mean, Ron trapped in a perfect fantasy with Daphne as his future wife, and the father of two children - Albus trapped in the original Dumbledore home in the village of Mould-on-the-Wold, back in the 19th century - Snape trapped in an alternate reality of March 1994, where Lily Potter was still alive and he'd never screwed up...'twas truly a black mercy the Sages inflicted on them all, within that mountain. Later, I liked how Dumbledore reacted to those three boys that hurt his sister, and how Severus reacted to the fake version of James Potter treating him with respect...proof indeed that it was all just a pleasant if disturbing fantasy, if there ever was one!

It was mildly surprising to me how Albus was the first one to escape the perfect fantasy life, I was actually expecting Snape to do that for some reason. But whatever - I enjoyed how Dumbledore went about rescuing the others from those cocoons, that was good use of magic and legilimency. And then Snape's monologue to the fake version of his mother - whew, the anger and self-loathing there were written brilliantly there! Ron's farewell to his fake daughter after speaking to Dream was almost as good, but not quite. And then, the Champion freeing himself, blasting that statue and angrily facing the cowering Sages...that was well-paced, good and emotional writing. And yes, you do have a knack for cliffhangers, but I'm certainly not complaining! I look forward to the next chapter soon, as always.
8/27 c145 Foster-the-Wizards
The most esoteric dream sequence ever in fanfiction! I mean my god, just absolutely masterful!
8/27 c145 7Phlebiac
Maaan you almost make me tear up with Dumbledores perfect world, such regrets the most powerful man have in his heart, he only wished to be a good older brother and keep his family same of some dumb kids.

Snape is really admirable in his resolution, is still a petty asshole but he knows and he wouldnt never take an easy path again. And the guy is gonna have some new horned serpent boots in the future hahaha

Artyom is trully interesting, how he accept escape from his paradise that easily when he knew the "client" was in trouble.

And finally my boy Ron got some humanity and hope back! with a huge portion of hate and murder, is going to be so great reading how Ron is gonna talk down the sages and then punch them in the face. And Jesus man, all the build up you made with how Ron most likely needed to sacrifice his fingers in this arc... only to just blow up the door! you really are a little shit my man hahahaha
8/27 c145 11NewAgeHero
Wow, what a great chapter! The Horned Serpents are bastards, but there has to be more to it than just enslaving people. I need to see what they think of Riddle, and how do Jeremiah and the American President fit all into this? Jeremiah is missing his fingers too, so this has to run all throughout the American government. I loved Snape in this chapter too, he really showed why he is still formidable. Awesome job as always!
8/27 c145 eagoralol
Wowwww yess ron is ron yet
Mann if i have money i would pay to make this fanfic a fuckin movie this is the best history by far
8/27 c145 tanya
this is a beautiful but tragic chapter. after countless chapters spent lost and miserable, the trio now understands better than ever what they're fighting for. i'm curious about dream's role in all this, and what exactly it'll do to assist ron… to me, dream represents us readers, or even the writer himself. dream loves these “characters,” wants them to be happy, but enjoys their suffering just as much. maybe it wants ron to suffer if only to see him rise back up stronger than before, just like we do.
8/27 c145 2ta.shrivastava
Wow, two chapters in one month. I really hope you can keep up with this schedule, because I feel that the story is finally picking up. I have enough of a depressed Ron. It is time for some hope, with bouts of rages and cursing.
8/27 c144 MMax
A test for Harry to see what he might do?
8/27 c145 Strangian
Ayyyy that was a fantastic chapter! I’m so glad Ron is going to seek to reclaim his life at the end of all this, even if it does mean he has to be the champion right now. It was also awesome to see everyones perfect worlds, very very interesting
8/27 c145 PK930-theories 2
Ryes went down the mountain to find asmodeus when he disappeared for several weeks, he reached the sages' chamber, lost his fingers and thus couldn't tell ron anything, but the sages knew the aurors wanted to control the school so they traumatised Reyes and by extension all of the aurors-remember what arcuctus said about harkins- to make them back off their mountain and thus the aurors came to fear and respect asmodemus thinking it is his power that fucked reyes up, poor guys didn't know he is a slave.

RR remains a mystery ngl, but I have an idea, he was too tired after scouting the place for the first time, so it is possible that the black magic stones have that effect on him, rendering him unconscious/severely tired and unable to function, which means those dark stones- as I mentioned on a previous theory on the server- are the same that voldie uses for his final ritual of blowing up the world, because they will absorb magic from the sites of power and thus, providing him with enough power to move through dimensions, great stuff overall !
8/27 c145 TealovingSpider
thanks for the chapter, cant wait for the next always a pleasure to read this fanfic mate
8/27 c145 2Saintzor
I've just finished watching Sandman and it mande the bit with Dream even more interesting than I'd normally think :)

I loved Ron's, Albus' and Snape's dedication in getting out of the illusions of their perfect lives. Also really hoping that our dear protagonist manages to live as Ron in the end :)
8/27 c145 Jutten
Somehow out of all the dreams. Dumbledore's and Artyom's felt the saddest to me. The former due to it being a life time of regrets probably that stems all the way back to canon and the latter just because seeing strong composed Artyom showing this side of him is just heartbreaking.

I do wonder what Ron will do to the serpents now. And how the little dryad will explain herself. I'd be pissed too if I had to go through this mess.
8/27 c145 RookVibadag
Great chapter! That cliffhanger though... I want to read more! Your previous schedule was pretty hardcore, hope you don't work yourself too hard.
8/27 c145 Shivam
Asshole. Not a cliffinger again. But anyways, that's a brilliant chapter. Seein Ron getting some happiness is all i want. Let's see what happens in next chapter. Good job mate! My full support towards you!
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