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1/14/2019 c1 68TolkienScholar
This was so stinkin' adorable! I love Bobby so much. He does a fantastic job of describing what it feels like to be a teenager: "Emotions, urges, questions bottled up like a Molotov cocktail ready to explode." And since "Daddy's fighting his own demons," both figuratively and literally, it falls to Bobby to be the one to be there for the Winchester boys through this tough period of their lives. Which he does with much complaining, but he's all bark and no bite; he really does love those boys. Great writing!
1/7/2019 c1 544giacinta2
Aw. That is so sweet. Love Bobby. :)
1/7/2019 c1 Kathy
very nice
1/6/2019 c1 364SupernaturallyEgocentric
Oh, love it! Sweet!
1/6/2019 c1 953Dizzo
That's the Bobby that I love so much :)
Brilliant work!
1/6/2019 c1 83DSCWin
Oh that's so cute! I like the fact Bobby gave him his first shaving kit. Great job!

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