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2/29/2020 c8 Lucifer24195
Man it's a royal shame that you aren't anymore continuing this story... I miss this wonderful plot line and good writing style..
2/11/2020 c8 The Mountain Peddler
oh me god, this be a good fanfiction, lovn what ya doin with et so far. I hope ta see how Koneko and Ichigo's relationship comes along and how the tension with de Shinto and Devil faction play out. As well as seeing what you put Ikomikidomoe's true name as and how her and Ichigo's relationship also grow.

Questions I have: 1. will there be use of the other Shinto gods such as Raijin, Ryujin and most importantly Izanami? 2. roughly how close to canon will you be with a few of the major events? if that is you include them, and which side will we see more of, the Shinigami's reality or the main reality? 3. Will there be other (anime/manga/manhwa) that you are adding in? and finally 4. Will Genryuusai be a minor character to the fanfiction or will he make a entrance in the 'Other Side'?

Theories I have: 1. I believe that the anonymous and nameless being that saved Ichigo may have been Izanagi. 2. Ichibe is hesitant to tell Ichigo Ikomikidomoe's true name because either they will gain a enormous boost in power or Ikomikidomoe will loose her sanity and return to being a mindless beast hell bent on the destruction of the Soul King once more. 3. Koneko will leave Rias's Peerage as well as maybe Kiba. maybe? and when rather then if Koneko leaves she'll go and be with Ichigo as he is now the closest to her.

This is more of a statement than anything, but your use of Ikomikidomoe is mush better fit than Ryujin Jakka even for me, a big fan of Ichigo with Ryujin Jakka. I am personally that it would not be to bad for Ichigo Inheriting Ryujin from Genryuusai. Like Genryuusai, I reckon Ichigo would become battled hardened after thousands of years of 'life'?; Genryuusai to me, reminds me quite a bit of Ichigo as he was also once both brash and went head first into battle to protect his ideals as well as being a bit cocky. They maybe not exactly mirror images but the are similar in a few ways you know?.

Once again I would Like To tell you how good your fanfic is, in fact one of the best I have read so far. Hope you keep up the good work and hope to see what happens next in the story.
1/18/2020 c4 Guest
12/15/2019 c8 4A Queen Among Women
You are truly talented at writing and I really appreciate how well you have spun this story. Please in all seriousness continue when you can.
12/14/2019 c8 sacke110
Great chapter. I think I like this version of Ichigo helping Koneko a bit more than the old one.
This is kind of late, but regarding Artorias in the overlord verse. Isn’t Artorias one of the bosses with the most magic defense?
12/13/2019 c7 sacke110
Ichigo really has a great personality. Gotta love the guy
12/13/2019 c6 sacke110
The part with ichigo asking for who’s in charge of keeping the people in hell from escaping... that gives me chills even tho I read it in the old version. Just too good.
11/26/2019 c1 3theLawbringer
Update pleeeeeaaaaasssseee!
10/28/2019 c1 Lunathicc
Update Pleaseee~ Ur Story are Amazingg
10/1/2019 c8 Reptil
Loving this keep it up. where’s KON by the way, could he be ichigos familiar.
9/4/2019 c8 TM1993
Great reboot so far. Really like the increased focus on the Royal Guard, the CFYOW lore and the seamless fusion you did with the Shinto deities to tie-in with DxD. Looking forward to future updates. Keep it up
8/23/2019 c6 Aion27
I hope you see this but I have to know why didn't anyone tell his family that he is still alive? The Shinto Pantheon know so it would have been very easy for them to just go down and say they were wrong. I never saw any explanation for why they don't know. It seems that you just want to have it be a surprise for them later without any true reason for it to be. I can't think of any reason why they don't know or even why Ichigo doesn't go tell them. It is ridiculous for someone that supposedly cares so much for his family wants them to suffer all this pain for no reason. He could have easily told someone to go tell them the truth if he didn't want to have to spend a week or two at home.

I really didn't enjoy this chapter at all because of it. Objectively I know that it was a good chapter but feeling wise I was upset for more than half the chapter. It just rubs me the wrong way that they still think he is dead for no good reason. I am sorry to say that it is this point that almost wants me to quit this story. I still can't get over it and even while I write this it still upsets me.

I really hope you see this and possibly send me an answer.

Thanks for writing this though
8/13/2019 c8 rogaue
Please update!
8/9/2019 c8 Guestinator
Freed should die, instantly. This is a powerful Ichigo so the next chapter will decide if I continue reading or not, because if he escapes it points to you leaning to heavily on DxD canon timeline along with bad guys not getting their dues for the sake of extending the story.

I always enjoy a shorter story that makes sense than one drawn out for seemingly forever with multiple plot holes to keep things going.
8/9/2019 c8 lszl
I totally love it and am completely hyped and I haven't even read the original.
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