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7/28/2019 c8 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapters _.
7/20/2019 c8 Z
Pls update soon
7/7/2019 c8 T
Also, just so you know, Ainz is actually taller than 214. It says he's 219 cm when you look it up
6/27/2019 c8 razmire
Freed is in for it now.
6/26/2019 c4 2Kipplee
it's always a smidge depressing watching, or in this case reading, a character needlessly debase himself in such a self lothing manner.
6/25/2019 c2 Kipplee
So no Zangetsu then? He's just gonna discard that slice of his soul? Isn't that a partial form of suicide?
6/25/2019 c8 Dragonborn2704
Great chapter as always, the only negative thing I could find are some very minor grammatical errors. Other than that the story is fantastic and the character interaction feels natural as well as it being paced just right.
6/20/2019 c8 5BrightNova169
I have to admit, you’ve set up some good world-building from Ichigo’s brooding time. Though the thought of Hollows roaming the earth is a pretty scary thought. I mean, what would have stopped them from creating more Hollow hybrids? Is there any evidence that non-sentient beings couldn’t gain Hollow traits?

And the part where Hecate was responsible for their creation from curiosity and cruelty makes me hope Ichigo crushes her for that. The decision to throw the Hollows into Hueco Mundo is not only sick, it’s stupid. It kind of looks like the gods were just trying to hide any evidence that could cause people to stop worshipping them (provided they ever suspected a god being responsible). That, or how a child would try to shovel all their toys and dirty clothes into the closet to avoid being punished by their parents.

Yeah, I’m not fond of the gods here. This just draws parallels to the Fate universe where gods have constantly screwed over the various heroes on a whim.

Still, the conversation birthed some considerable mysteries regarding these details. I’m definitely sticking around to see when these answers are revealed.

As for Ichigo’s school life, I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. Even if he’s an introvert, he’d still want some intelligent conversation and friends to hang out with; things that seem to be in very short supply at Kuoh. It’s like nearly every student has to be a hyper hormonal fan or overly envious naysayer. Come to think of it, a lot of students in anime behave that way around anyone popular. You’d think they never learned how to socialize.

I relish the day when Ichigo finally gives his honest thoughts about Kuoh Academy and the reactions from all the students. Maybe even the parents if they’re around for the fireworks. It’s going to be a massive roast fest.

The interactions between Ichigo and Shirone were a lot better than the previous story, especially when you cut out the kendo scene. No matter how honorable Ichigo is, sealing your power away for the sake of a fair kendo match is beyond stupid; and since the action could have killed him, that made Ichigo even more disappointing.

Though I like how Ichigo gave some much needed advice on facing your fears, I’d have to agree with Zekiel Ash somewhat. Koneko doesn’t seem like the type to crack easily since the emotions she showed would have been really well guarded; that’s like several years of serious emotional trauma, not exactly something you’d want getting out except around people you trust. Plus, even I think she’s a bit fast to trust someone she barely knows.

If Ichigo had built a bit of rapport before calling her out, then Koneko’s outburst would have made more sense.

That said, I was glad to see Ichigo play the role of a mentor, putting his experiences to use. And I wasn’t expecting him to help train Koneko. Granted, she asked for help but it was still unexpected and her reasoning makes sense.

A part of me is disappointed Ichigo won’t be able to use Senjutsu due to being a Shinigami hybrid but given his potential, that would have been overkill. Though I’m glad you explained how powers worked for living beings compared to the (relatively) dead.

And now we’re getting closer to where your original story left off. But first, we get to see Ichigo put the fear of God into Freed. Good times...

Looking back, I realize about half my review is me ranting about things that bother me. Sorry if the review doesn’t seem very constructive or helpful for improving your story, but I wanted my thoughts to be known.

As for personal preferences, I’d love to see Ichigo swing around like Spider-Man with Sajo Sabaku at least once even if he’s got faster means of transportation. I could imagine him having some fun with that.

But his decision to train Koneko will mean Rias will likely interact/interfere with him more often. And since the Nekomata is still loyal to her master, Ichigo will probably have to play nice longer than he wants. No doubt that’s going to grind his gears. Unless he can sneak a few stealth insults towards the spoiled redhead; I bet he could, he’s got a sharp brain and a crap load of audacity. Those two things alone make Ichigo Kurosaki a dangerous man.

Well, I’m just going to wait for Ichigo to instigate hellish chaos next time. I really did enjoy this chapter. Good luck and thanks for your hard work.


P.S. While the pairing is your choice, which DxD girl do you think could work with Ichigo? I know about your preferences from your recent Bleach one-shot and bio, but you never said anything about the other half of this crossover.
6/18/2019 c8 racenrise
First off let me say great chapter. I'm glad we're approaching where we were before the rewrite. Characters do feel a bit more fleshed out, I really liked the concept of indigo having ryuujim jakka but I'm interested to see where he goes with his new sword. I feel like you could do a bleach/overload crossover, you'd have to take him from an earlier point in time though like the hueco mundo arc, maybe have final getsuga be the biggest he gets. It still find him pretty cool even without the suits of armor you're right it would be jarring. On the subject of a dark souls crossover I can only say YES I'd love to see that so much it'd be incredible
6/18/2019 c8 808Joker808
Good chapter. Looking forward to more.
6/17/2019 c8 MrSunshine744
excellent chapter! looking forward to more!
6/17/2019 c8 4DRADX
Overlord X bleach sounds great, moral wise I don't really see a problem seeing that overlord as Supreme beings with good alignments(touch me) and neutral. As for power level (plus overlord is about an overpowered character getting transported to another world) in this world most humans just think about their own gain even the workers that invaded(except that one girl and the elfs). And seeing how ichigo trys to adopt to the new world while protecting as Guild would be cool.
6/16/2019 c8 1atchoum35
Nice chapter. Thanks, also your idea with artorias and overlord can be really fun, do it
6/15/2019 c8 Bardshark
I really love your stories They're always well thought out and cool. Could be I'm a massive bleach fanboy but you portray ichigo really well can't wait for more.
I also think the dark souls crossover would be cool artorias and sif kicking bone bois butt.
6/14/2019 c8 Garm
Ikomidomoe is Medusa. Calling it now. And if not her, another Greek. Why else mention Hecate/Hekate specifically?
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