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8/2 c32 1AJAX087
Great chapter, always liked having the Krogan more involved in stories, can’t wait for the next chapter!
7/28 c32 Jotunsquid
Good new chapter, and finally one that shows a former ally as an unreserved, unambiguous friend. I always loved how they depicted Wrex's unrestrained delight at seeing Shep alive and kicking in the game.
And your Shepard especially seems to need that.
7/27 c32 FreeWar
So going by that intel report at the end I’m guessing that Wrex might start to try and get closer ties worth the alliance that’s a cool idea that I haven’t seen done before great job
7/11 c31 6Alpenwolf
I wonder if Emilia will someday hurt someone with that paperweight.
7/3 c31 1AJAX087
Great chapter, good to see Shepard again, keep it up
5/6 c30 AJAX087
Again love Shepard’s relation with the eclipse, also pumped about ash being a Spectre. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
5/5 c30 4Mandrake109
Funnily enough I was just thinking the other day on how underused the Collectors were in ME2.
One shot, at one crew member, and that's it. Maybe that was a time constraint but it feels half hearted. It's not like they couldn't find the rest of the ground team if they wanted to.
5/3 c29 bluemarlin
Wonderful chapter. Enjoyed your AU take on Miranda's loyalty mission. Please continue.
4/20 c29 1AJAX087
Another great chapter, I like Shepard’s ties with eclipse and how that’s being shown throughout the story. Keep it up!
4/19 c29 Hellwyrm
Fucking bravo on the last two chapters, outstanding setups and flashbacks. I love the little snippets we are getting of what happened between Emilia's 'death' and her resurrection. You're doing the blank gaps in between justice, and I can't wait for more.
4/1 c28 Guest
Great Garrus chapter, best space bro since Chewbacca, keep it up!
3/18 c27 AJAX087
Awesome that ash would rather die than leave her team behind, keep it up!
3/14 c27 bluemarlin
Great chapter. Looking forward to more.
3/12 c27 Guest

Great chapter, good, tense action.
But not knowing that Batarian slaves are more likely than not brainwashed into Stockholm Syndrome is the mother of all intelligence oversights bordering on wilful ignorance...

3/12 c27 Endrius
Great chapter.
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