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4/19 c29 Hellwyrm
Fucking bravo on the last two chapters, outstanding setups and flashbacks. I love the little snippets we are getting of what happened between Emilia's 'death' and her resurrection. You're doing the blank gaps in between justice, and I can't wait for more.
4/1 c28 Guest
Great Garrus chapter, best space bro since Chewbacca, keep it up!
3/18 c27 1AJAX087
Awesome that ash would rather die than leave her team behind, keep it up!
3/14 c27 bluemarlin
Great chapter. Looking forward to more.
3/12 c27 Guest

Great chapter, good, tense action.
But not knowing that Batarian slaves are more likely than not brainwashed into Stockholm Syndrome is the mother of all intelligence oversights bordering on wilful ignorance...

3/12 c27 Endrius
Great chapter.
3/9 c26 bluemarlin
Excellent chapter. Enjoyed the interview scene at the end. Please continue.
3/7 c26 3A Most Sovereign Lady
Few grammar things here and there, nothing to be overly concerned about though. Reads well.
Much approval!

3/7 c26 1AJAX087
Awesome chapter, like the entry at the end defending shep. Keep it up!
3/5 c26 Hellwyrm
Short chapter but solid, enjoyed the extra back story for Thane. Also got a kick out of the Codex entry, best way to say go fuck yourself without saying it lol
2/21 c25 3A Most Sovereign Lady
I caught up before the update, huzzah. A well written story, a well written, believable Commander Shepard; and a consistently serious but not godsawfuldepressing for no reason world. You have built a pretty thing, I think you should keep it, and call it fluffy.

Astrid Wells
2/8 c25 bluemarlin
Wonderful chapter. Enjoyed Shepard's reunion with her Mother. Looking forward to more.
2/3 c25 6DRWPJT
Loved how you managed to capture Anderson and Hackett perfectly in this despite them having such tiny cameos. Liked Ash not getting the batarian colloquialism and then him not getting her comparison (particularly liked the fact that said comparison was invading Russia in winter)

Nice to see Emelia's reunion with her mum and glad it went well for her. Even the strongest person will break without a support structure.
2/3 c25 1AJAX087
Great chapter, much as I appreciate the whole Shepard or whole Ashley chapters, I do love when we get to see them both. Keep it up!
1/26 c24 bluemarlin
Excellent job writing Jack's loyalty mission. Please continue.
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