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for The Contract

4h c105 Guest
Can’t wait jajajaja
7h c105 LiLSlYone
I love this story ! Update soon, please !
14h c105 Guest
20h c105 Winter1906
Love this update soon please
5/13 c1 Nightstalker100
This is an amazing work. I just spent the last few months working my way through all your stories. I really love them especially with all the different character combinations and interesting plots. This is really getting to the good part. Please update soon. Will be waiting.
Thank you for your hard work. Stay safe. From A Fan
5/12 c105 Guest
Omg please update soon
5/11 c105 Guest
Can’t wait
5/11 c105 Guest
Update soon please
5/10 c105 Saphy
Damn this is too good! Stared reading 2 days ago, you can't finish the chapter before people's reactions to Harry and Rabastan's betrothal!
(-) ( )

LOVE this story pls update soon 3
5/9 c103 hollowmushroom
yaaahh! that was an interesting way to go hahah
5/7 c105 Sandman17
So very awesome :) :) :)
5/6 c1 Guest
i should really give you props for consistency in writing thirsty shitty slash fics, for years! damn! you're still going on
5/5 c105 Guest
I really love this story I hope you update soon. I love all of your work.
5/5 c105 Guest
Oh my

Love it

Update again soon
5/4 c105 Wenuhotep29
Favorite one ever
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