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2h c93 1Mjcpark510
Please continue
I am waiting to find out what happens next
6h c93 dilis
Wie immer sehr gut. Bin jetzt gespannt auf die neuen Verhandlungen von Dumbledore und Molly.
8h c93 mumphie
Well, you've got another intriguing story here. It's only been a couple of weeks since you posted, so I guess I will have to wait to know what happens next. Oh, I thought they were going to go to Egypt again? Will Hermione's parents be able to curtail her vindictive avarice? I thought that Sirius would get a kick out of the Weasley twins. Will Arthur somehow bring them to work one day and the twins find a career through Sirius' company?
14h c83 mumphie
Why do I feel like the Lestranges would get along with the Adams family?
14h c81 mumphie
I hope Amelia finds out about the Muggle concept of solitary confinement for those who don't play well with others...
17h c73 mumphie
1/24 c93 ankoku696
I can't wait to see what happens next.
1/24 c74 hollowmushroom
Ooo I would love to see Antonio's reaction to the letter!
1/24 c93 jami304
please update soon
1/23 c93 bookdragonss
cant wait to see harry meet dorea
1/23 c28 mumphie
I'd rather he was adopted into the family and became a third brother. Having male preg is disruptive to carrying on the family name of the bearer. And, since he needs to also carry on the name of Black, it would be problematic.
1/23 c93 Guest
Thank you for the chapter
1/23 c92 11Haku's Lover18
Update soon please! I'm going nuts not knowing what is going on next for the Lestranges, Harry, and Sirius! I am really looking forward to when Harry and Rabastan get closer together as a couple. With of course more interferance from Dumbledoor. What about the Tri-Wizard Tournament? Harry could still be put in the Goblet just by someone else. Moody himself maybe? Or others that are still close and blind to Dumble?
1/23 c93 kkimschu
I really love this story, I hope you update very soon as I got spoiled with all the frequent prior updates.
1/23 c84 Guest
When are you going to update
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