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6/22 c126 L.Laufeson
I love your story, really I can't wait for the next update and who's that voice? I'm guessing here
6/18 c126 1pirateyaoiloveronceaguardgirl
I love your story. I have read through this one multiple times and I love each time I read through it.
6/17 c126 caitlynslick
Can not wait to see what happens next!
6/17 c86 9Romantific
Please update soon.
6/13 c126 VoldieShortsJess666
Debs I love you-I really do, but when is the next update? I have read this fic twice now and I a anxiously awaiting the next chapter :(
6/13 c66 arwahart04

re-reading this for the 50th time and just laughing at the side note about Bill not knowing
6/1 c126 dork19bookaholic
Awesome Chapters! Looking forward to the last arc. Have fun with your decorating.
5/24 c28 nesaja8782
hello First I must say , I Love this Story. But since when does Harry go to Azkaban in his nightwear?
5/22 c29 Yukiop
AHHHHHHHHHHH so excited! *: .。. o()o .。.:*
5/22 c100 1Mischief101
Tonka isn't a Black so why would they get her to be their surrogate? I want to see Dumbledore dead. That's what I'm most looking forward to
5/22 c28 Yukiop
(*/ω\*) Poor Harry won't let him be happy with his dragon
5/20 c126 Guest
Oh uh.. who's that...

Nicely done..

Baby Bill and Tommy hehehe

Looking forward to the next update
5/19 c126 emthereble
Wow I loved how you presented the characters ! And all the twists and turns!
5/19 c5 Amiara
i love ur stories
5/18 c27 Yukiop
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