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10/7/2019 c13 This is great
EXACTLY! This is great!
I love how you explore the characters. I mean I never was a big fan of Black Star but you actually made me enjoy his character.
Also it is interesting to see the dynamic between them even after the whole fiasco that ended the series. The one sided crush is also kinda cute and I am glad you went with the sentient of "a grim reaper can't really romantically love" because it really doesn't make much sense for them to be able to.
Btw. Kids reactions kinda reminded me of the song "Mortals and Fools" from the Death-Note musical. Look it up you might see why :D
Anyways hope to read more soon!
9/9/2019 c13 anmsff
That's... An interesting writing style. Did you get a haircut?
9/9/2019 c13 You know what
Despite the fact that chapter 13 is difficult to read I am extremely grateful that you updated. 3
9/9/2019 c13 3Varkrow
3/11/2019 c1 Guest
Holy shit you are an unbelievable fucking godsend to this fandom
3/10/2019 c10 Guest
Really like this story! I really like that you kept Blackstar’s boisterous personality but also maturity, I find that’s difficult to keep in Soul Eater fanfics. Also find this pairing really interesting, I never would’ve thought I’d find a good story of it that wasn’t OOC. Though I do feel that the last chapter was a bit out of character for Blackstar but I can see how difficult it might be to write Blackstar’s confession as he never really shows any indication towards romance in the Manga. Still really enjoyed it however, I hope you keep writing :)
3/6/2019 c1 Guest
God I love your stories so much
3/1/2019 c1 8Soter-chan
I love this concept!
2/24/2019 c7 Cookizilla
Uh. Weeeeeeeell then... I wasn't expecting that. Consent is good. And yay Black Star for beating people up! :'D
2/10/2019 c6 Cookizilla
Welp. The honeymoon doesn't seem to be going too well. :'D
I really like how believable the progression is, though. They definitely have their own issues to sort out, and what better way than to be trapped together in an inescapable island where the only way out is to... uh, fall in love...

Welp. This'll be interesting. :'D
2/10/2019 c6 anmsff
Honestly, i can feel how you push them into romance, but it is extremely hard to write DeathStar and avoid ooc, so props on that.
On other matter tho, what timezone are you from?
Is it a crossover with some sort of a book/movie/game like you did with Travellers lost?
2/4/2019 c5 Cookizilla
Surprisingly... not ominous? Except for the AN and the very suspicious chapter title, of course. So this chapter, we get some backstory, hmmmm. What is suspicious... is that they went from "the Champions are sworn enemies" to "the Champions must fall in love" reeeeally quickly there. Though Kid and Black Star did have a moment while... having a mini-wrestling match. Hm.

"Become one to overcome." That line sounds pretty important. And to understand her mourning? So... fall in love and... uh. Kill one of them? Is that what it sounds like? :'D And killing the Goddess will destroy the island, apparently. Looks like someone didn't get the memo? Orrrrr...

Anyway. Sorry for my random 2AM rambling there. Thanks for the update! :D
1/27/2019 c4 Cookizilla
Ohhh~? I thought there were hints, but I never expected this to have a Black Star/Kid pairing. :D
Truth to be told, I've always pictured Death the Kid as asexual/maybe aromantic, but I'm interested in where you'll take this. Also! It wasn't very obvious in previous chapters, but I really like how Black Star seems to have mellowed out and matured a bit here post-canon. As for what's actually happening in the story... hmmm, how mysterious. As expected, there's no easy way to escape. And Kid doesn't seem to have had an easy time of it since Papa Death died, huh... :c I wonder whether there's another reason for his stress though?
Annnyway, thank you for the update! I look forward to the next one. c:
1/21/2019 c3 Cookizilla
Getting ominous feels from Kid, but fuzzy feels from Black Star. Hm. C:
But the fruit part... I was a bit confused by that. Are they rotten and poisonous when they're raw and perfectly fine when cooked? Or was Black Star able to find some edible fruits there? ovo'''
Anyway, thanks for the chapter! Was an interesting one. :D
1/12/2019 c2 Cookizilla
"Don't take that tone with me-" Pfft.
Very mysterious so far! Reminds me a lot of your TRAVELLERS LOST fic, actually. I look forward to seeing where this goes! :D
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