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for Laughing All the Way to London

8m c26 bkerrmom1
I love this story sooooo much ! I am sorry ass hats have caused you distress! I really hope that your muse gets inspired to continue.
11/24 c26 Guest
this a banger no cap :100: :100:
11/23 c26 Tetradical
11/20 c26 drucifer000
Great story! I really like how you've managed to avoid becoming the stereotypical time travel fic. Nicely done! I hope you update soon.
11/19 c18 1RandoUser777
Far too many lemons... And in a classroom full of school children? JK. Great chapter
11/18 c15 RandoUser777
I am really nkt quite sure about this. He was obviously a little creep.
11/18 c14 RandoUser777
Everything seems to get more complicated for him
11/18 c13 RandoUser777
Kinda confused. So are these actual memories? if so or even if not, this world kinda sucks that he has to remember loving someone and them dying.
11/18 c12 RandoUser777
Another good chapter. Kinda weird to see him babysitting people he saw as grownups in his old world.
11/18 c10 RandoUser777
Good chapter.
11/18 c7 RandoUser777
Great chapter.
11/18 c8 RandoUser777
The first part of the chapter was quite unexpected I don't think I jave ever seen this pairing. Good job
11/18 c6 RandoUser777
Nice revenge. I'm still not sure about what exactly happened involving the goblins with his time travel and identity.
11/18 c4 RandoUser777
It seems extremely weird his biological father is holding him without a clue. Still a good story. I also like good Bella.
11/18 c3 RandoUser777
Dang, this seems a bit messed up. This really seems like a strange thing Harry would somehow get into. I really dont know how he copes.
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