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for Laughing All the Way to London

12/4 c30 ggf1
Thanks for this story.
11/20 c26 Guest
Hmmm that just kinda zoomed in from left field.
11/20 c25 Guest
Oh my...quite the not quite wedding. Such drama. YAY for all especially Petunia and her father!
11/20 c15 Guest
Weeeeelllllll, you really are spilling the beans...but I do love gossip, so carry on. I'll owl you a Swedish Shortsnout egg for your detailed and entertaining account of the goings on at Hogwarts and beyond. Thanks!and you're welcome.
11/4 c30 Jaspersmate1983
I love the story! I couldn’t stop reading!
10/26 c30 8CoSmO333
this has been a great read thank you for sharing and like all good stories i wish there was more!
10/12 c30 ironhair
I didn't understand, agree, with the ending.
Why reveal magic to the entire world?
10/9 c1 ironhair
10/3 c2 Bluenait
WOW what an intresting Trash fic please stop writing
10/1 c26 Kamizune
Your tale is a work of art. Add to that you are dyslexic and it blows he worth of this story out of the water. How anyone can give you mean comments is beyond me. Thank you for the gift. Take care.
9/21 c30 12Clinio
It was a really good fic.
But most of all, I have to thank you for falling into the big clichés of this kind of fic.
You created a new story, with a plot of your own. You didn't justify the Harry/Narcissa union except with your own brilliance.
You didn't resort to a fiery mylf and incidentally a dramione belittling Ron.
You didn't build up a selfish, thirsty for the limelight Ginny.
For all of that, thank you.
9/10 c7 Yourmumslover
Please dont start with the SnApE iS aCtUaLlY a GoOd GuY its a retarded argument
9/10 c5 Yourmumslover
Wayyy too late for bellatrix to be redeemed
9/10 c2 Yourmumslover
So harry has lost his brain staying in a house with mostly hostiles what a retard
9/10 c1 Yourmumslover
Hope he kills the goblins
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