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6/9/2021 c1 Drex li
hey don't mind that idoit troll rylek he is a troll and asshole just block him he doesn't deserve attention
6/8/2021 c5 rylek196
You sure are a stubborn piece of shit, aren’t you? STILL keeping it up with the boilerplate reviews, I mean, even when it’s clear they don’t fucking work. At least *I* make an effort to differentiate my reviewvertisments from each other, AND I know they actually WORK, seeing as how my view count has seen a notable uptick since I started doing them.

*sigh* I don’t know what will get to you to quit, though, short of caving your head in with a heavy, blunt object. Even then, I’m worried whatever I used would just bounce off your thick skull. Ah, well. If blunt force trauma doesn’t work... you’re just not using enough, as the saying goes. ;) Now, where was I? Ah, yes...

Since I KNOW a lot of people are gonna be here from the Pokemon section, due to this asshole’s uh, ‘adventures’ there, to put it charitably, how about y’all curl up with a good story by yours truly? It’s called Long Way to Fall, my novelization of Pokemon White, the best dang adaptation of said game that there ever was!

It’s got everything you could want from a novelization or story in general: great characters that develop organically through their respective arcs, amazing action scenes (which have been a ton of fun for me to write, btw), great location descriptions, a healthy fleshing out of the lore and backstory of Unova, and many additional scenes that aren’t in the game to truly make it a cohesive story!

It’s tricky to keep track of all the plot threads at times, I admit, but there’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes with paying off something you set up five, six, or even ten or MORE chapters previously. So I hope you’ll join me on this incredible adventure I’m undertaking. Adapting Unova and bringing it to life is truly a pleasure and a privilege, and I feel honoured that I’m the one doing this. Meanwhile, all this filthy, disgusting bit of pond scum should feel is utter shame. Shame, for spamming so many innocent writer’s stories, many of whom were actually good, and shame for lacking even the slightest bit of awareness that he was doing more harm than good. At least I only target shit-fic writers and genuine rule-breakers- I.E. the guilty who actually DESERVE it. You, on the other hand, just toss out your boilerplate bullshit without rhyme or reason. So, to wrap up, fuck you, and rot in hell.

P.S. There are two stunningly obvious typos on your profile, and I’m simultaneously amazed and not that you didn’t catch them. You should be using ‘their’ in that sentence, you dolt, not ‘there’, as in, ‘over there’. Also, I’m *pretty sure* the slur for Germans in WW1 was ‘hun’, not ‘han’. How the fuck you screwed up a three-letter word is beyond me, and I’m DEFINITELY sure you missed *that* particular racism boat by about... oh, over a hundred years. :P I hope you realize how ludicrous and behind-the-times that line on your profile makes you look. Somehow, I doubt it...
3/15/2021 c5 Jonah
You got to keep writing this is great
11/6/2020 c5 Yotam
My ships
V x blake
Denta x yang
Nero x ruby
Verjil x velvet
8/1/2020 c5 Guest
Oh shot bro I thought you will never complete this story I'm really like really glad that you gonna continue it pls keep up the good work
2/29/2020 c4 Jeff Michael
Well it's really a good story keep it up like that especially you give characters some interaction that isn't romantic or rivalry but I have few questions 1 will mundus appear and if yes can plz let him the main antagonist I mean it's your story I am not ordering you but it's just that mundus is one of my favorite villains so it's just request feel free to refuse if you want 2 will be more of rwby characters appear in this series and with all this keep up the story is very good
2/11/2020 c4 Kegeto
Huh ...i was not expecting this...nor im know what you got a new follower
2/2/2020 c2 Guest
Why the fuck is that v virgil and are the same person it should be lady instead
1/31/2020 c4 14XenoBlaze
Awww. Vergil got a hug.
1/31/2020 c4 Hellsink Bathhall
I still fail to see why V and Vergil are both around when V's entire goal is to reunite with Urizen to bring Vergil, his complete self. "It's fan fiction. I can do whatever I want" is not a valid reason or excuse. It is thanks to authors like you who blantantly disregard common sense and fail to come up with reasonable and sane alternate theories why RWBY and Devil May Cry cannot seem to coexist.
10/20/2019 c3 ManticoreBlues
love the fanfic so far
8/12/2019 c3 5J.vanGreven
It took a long time, but I finally managed to read the last chapter.
Damn, this crazy story is captivating. I really like the way you adjusted the character of the guys so that they fit well into the world of RWBY. Nero is even more angry and antisocial, Dante hits on everyone he comes across and Vergil is practically a male version of Weiss.
I would like to see the relationship between Ruby and Nero to stay platonic, but it's your story. ;)
A strange love-hate relationship between the two ice queens would be all the more interesting.
It's really entertaining and I hope you to keep working on this story.
7/28/2019 c1 J.vanGreven
I just stumbled in here by accident, but I don't regret it. Crossovers between DMC and RWBY are not something I've ever been interested in, although I really love both series. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. But the conversation between Qrow and Vergil sparked my interest and I'm curious how you're going to bring these demonic idiots into the world of Ruby and her girls.
I'm not a big fan of forced pairings, but if they are well written and get their time to develop, why not give it a try?
The way you describe their looks shows me that you really paid attention. Unfortunately these passages were too detailed for me and I caught myself skimming these lines just to be able to refocus on the story. Fans of these series know what the protagonists look like. So sometimes less is more. ;)
All in all I liked this chapter surprisingly well, and I am curious how it will continue.
7/25/2019 c1 Jeff Michael
I have some questions 1 who is the main protagonist? 2 is mundus gonna appear in this story? 3 is there any other characters from DMC series you are going to use?
7/19/2019 c3 ranjira1988
this oddly works... lol. I'm curious as to how the lore melds together in this Especially regarding the powers of the Silver Eyes ... an Angelic Origin maybe? is Ruby Half angel? if so does she have an Angel Trigger?
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