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5/18 c15 TopGun1986
“A neighboring old man seeing Peter and MJ meet for the first time.”

“Old neighbor: Love seeing you two together again! You always were my favorites.”

In memory of Stan Lee who inspired us all to be greater, be ourselves.

EXCELSIOR! We love you Stan!
3/16 c7 7Althea Sirius
Every time I read Kingpin's lines all I hear is Roscoe Lee Browns iteration of him from the 90's cartoon. Man he nailed the character.
3/12 c15 5patrickthenobleman
Spidey and the FF on good terms, that's good.
Spidey now on Doom's radar, that's bad.
Spidey annoying Jolly Jameson, that's always good.
Spidey's rogues gallery about to increase with the introduction of a grinning, green psychoath, that's bad.
Spidey meeting MJ, that's a mix given the ever turbulent romantic life of Peter Parker.

And just to remind, when Spidey first got into the issues with the alien suit it was Reed who helped him remove it. And of course Johnny to help Pete retain modesty, as well as screw with him, gave him the suit which has been affectionately called...the Bombastic Bag-Man suit.
I hope we'll see that in the future at some point.
3/12 c15 vfc15650
Well i’m glad Spidey being framed is solved in this one and FINALLY MJ is introduced. Certainly can’t wait for the next chapter
2/26 c14 vfc15650
Good chapter. Let's hope the update for the next chapter isn't long.
2/26 c14 patrickthenobleman
When you think about it Spidey has the skills to take on the FF relatively easily considering his rogues.
With Mysterio he knows he can't always trust his eyes so he has the edge on Sue.
With Rhino he has experience fighting larger and more powerful foes such as the Thing.
And if anything Pete is smart enough to keep up with Reed, especially since a lot of his enemies are scientists.
And he's fought enough flyers to handle Torch.

Speaking of Torch it looks like Johnny's taking losing less gracefully than expected. You think he'd be able to take a joke or two.

Also I'm wondering if you'll have Fury recognize Peter as being Richard and Mary's boy, assuming you have them be government agents like in the comics. Or scientists like in the movies. Or S.H.I.E.L.D scientists as a means to split the difference.
10/10/2021 c13 Guest
Please let this be a Peter/Gwen story with her becoming Ghost-Spider.
10/9/2021 c12 Guest
Please let Gwen become Ghost-Spider.
10/10/2021 c13 patrickthenobleman
The Amazing vs. the Fantastic, that's bound to be an interesting clash.
7/26/2021 c12 patrickthenobleman
The Kingpin is not easily dethrowned, a lesson Spidey just learned the hard way. It'll be a devil of a hard time to pull of that kind of dare.
And no this will not be the last of the bad joke I leave in the reviews.
7/5/2021 c11 patrickthenobleman
I have a feeling that 'Rabbit in a Snowstorm' is going to raise a king's ransom worth of hell. Causing Spidey a devil of a rough time in the future.
2/16/2021 c10 genx12
2/15/2021 c2 Guest
I just realized something, Does this take place in the MCU? because the beginning of this chapter starts off with “stark industries” shutting down the “weapons department”. So I’m guessing this takes after the events of ironman 1, am I right?
2/14/2021 c10 patrickthenobleman
As if Peter Parker's luck wasn't bad enough, the Black Cat crosses his path and all the emotional tension that comes with it.
12/1/2020 c9 patrickthenobleman
Rhino wrangled, and now Spidey is onto the existence of the Kingpin.
But if he's going to survive that eventual confrontation he may have to make a deal with the Devil of Hell's Kitchen somewhere down the line.
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