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9/10 c4 sacke110
I was right in my assumption that V was from V for vendetta.
9/10 c2 sacke110
Game of thrones style? ... ooh shit.
Secretary.. heh.
He decided to become a suicide bomber but without the suicide part. Heh...
V... nice.
9/10 c1 sacke110
me likey very much.
I was hooked at the start, this chapter was great. Its a really internering idea.
Cant wait to see what happens next.
9/9 c4 Meolidas007
Update please! Can’t wait for more
9/2 c4 4Mr. Grumpy the Depraved
Well stroke me thrice and hand me to the nearest mama. A one piece fic that doesn't follow a dysfunction pirate and MC sexsu's.

Just don't let that edge snip off his cock and the only thing is interested in fucking with is minds.

Would like to see more. Thanks for sharing.
9/1 c4 vmage2
I love this story. I adore how you taken a brainless, nearly nameless mook and set him down the path of godhood. I hope your muse brings you inspiration for more of this.
8/29 c4 Kswonderwaffles
love it, I hope you continue to write on this. love your style of writing.
8/21 c4 Kudou Shinichi
Great rule. I like how Dory could detect either their posture, micro facial expressions, or could read their haki. It made him all the more imposing. He could smile at them because he was happy to see humans regardless of their intent, because it would have been fine to crush them if they were hostile.
8/14 c3 Maxilitem
Hmm, if we talking imagination, wouldnt it be possible for Mr 5 to pull off the perpetual living explosion like Ash Beast from Worm novel, most curious.
8/14 c4 my.demonside
Really love all of your work there, especially this one. Really wonder why i miss the idea of Mr 5 fanfic of all people, bomu bomu is the most powerful devil fruit out there but became broken when it used by a man who fought while throwing his boogers. Your take on your character is quite cool too, though the move naming could've gone better. Unfortunately maybe it'll be left discontinued cuz you've got more important project on life.

PS: If I/other people out there creating another Mr 5 fanfic will it be considered stealing/plagiarism? 'cause i love this base and some of yours too, got many Ideas and lines i want to write based on yours 'cause your works is literally diamond in rough.
8/10 c4 tH1s
This is the one piece fanfic I have been waiting for. Its just, why does it have to be you who wrote it. You are known to not finished things.

Please write more. You have the habit to make anything you write turn into gold. At Least for me.

I really love the villain centric setups
8/8 c3 NazgulBelserion
He should start buying chests filled with fruits and when he kills Croc and Enel maybe or others he takes the fruit for the future
8/8 c1 Zarroc789
I love your works, but would appreciate more updates on any of them really there all Great.
8/5 c4 2Qriiz
I like realistic stories.
7/31 c4 A Fan
I have read almost all of your works. They are very entertaining and take another road from the typical hero main character you find in fanfics and novels. I do like your work, but I sincerely request you to finish a goddamn fucking novel. Just finish fucking work, please. You are turning into a retarded write 5 chapters and leave it kind of author.

Thank You,
A frustrated fan
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