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6/30 c6 ImTylersHere
"some times you hit and some times you missle" had me laughing all chapter, tbh.
6/23 c8 1uzumaki.namikaze10
gooo update soon
6/23 c7 uzumaki.namikaze10
g ch p
6/23 c6 uzumaki.namikaze10
g od ch p
6/23 c5 uzumaki.namikaze10
gooooood c h pppp
6/23 c4 uzumaki.namikaze10
gooooood c h p
6/23 c3 uzumaki.namikaze10
goood c h p
6/23 c2 uzumaki.namikaze10
goooood chp. yes game of thrones is good. Game of thrones style in One piece world is better
6/23 c1 uzumaki.namikaze10
g o o od ch p
6/22 c8 Thanlong90
*sigh in disappointment* you just have to go there don't you. the power trip must be something else for you to jack off to this. i mean, i kinda get that writing "dark" theme is your thing like that point 6 you mention in the profile, but you still have a looooong way to even get to point 3 with the way you writing
6/13 c8 Stratre
man i enjoyed this i hope you update soon
6/12 c8 Lusamine
A very fun read, so many interesting changes already. And the edge is just right, too much and it might turn simply comical instead. The Bomu Bomu truly is wasted on canon Mr.5.
Looking forward to what you plan to do with the Strawhats and Robin specifically, especially how you decided to cripple which member. I wonder how they must feel, barely on the Grand Line and already most of them have permanent injuries. Maybe you could write an interlude for their pov.
I think Robin would join for pure survival reasons, even if she wanted nothing more than to flee asap. Her powers are also basically hard countered by the Bomu Bomu, even though it's an incredible power in its own right. Just trying to clutch him might already result in an explosion, which she would recieve at least the pain feedback off.
Her epiphet would also fit perfectly into the crew, so I'd be disappointed if you killed her off, or reestablished canon for her after all.
I wish you much sucess and hope you will keep the story alive.
6/11 c2 A Simple Library
give. me. more.
6/11 c1 A Simple Library
here's hoping he doesn't kill Robin. That's all I'm asking.
6/11 c1 SparDaa69
Psycho with racist personality, I know this is your story but its soo racist.. I drop this! and Fuck you, You fucking racist!
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