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2/25/2019 c8 Outofthisworldgal
Bella is being really child like but I guess she is crazy so she can't help it :P

As for the adoption hmmmm not sure maybe something like a ritual that (will hurt majorly for Harry) but something that drains/separates Harry's blood/DNA so that Lily's DNA is replaced by Bella's. (Harry) will sadly lose his eye color and gain Bella's but that's ok. It is really deadly and dangerous due to the high percentage of deaths blah blah blah. Now if you go the root that she replaces James DNA with Rodolphus as well then he could replaces James's DNA. What if while doing the ritual the horcrux blended more with Harry's soul and he got some of Voldemorts younger age looks too. She he is a mix of James, Bella and Tom Riddle. Thats a thought?

I just made that up so you can flip flop or add anything you like it just an idea
2/18/2019 c7 naturetalks
yes! adopt him, change his name and teach him all about magic
2/18/2019 c7 Outofthisworldgal
Muahaha I love that Lucius is gone. Never liked him
I think Harry would chose blood adoption so he doesn't have any mudblood in his veins anymore. (can't believe I said that :P)
Also, he will not look like An exact copy of James with Lily's eyes then anymore and he can have a new dark start.
2/18/2019 c7 User Gone000
Awesome! I think Bella should adopt Harry.
2/11/2019 c6 Outofthisworldgal
I didn't see Bellatrix coming but I LOVE IT
As for names I think Rigel...keep along with the star names. Bellatrix is the star that makes up Orion's left shoulder and Rigel is brightest star in Orion's constellation
2/11/2019 c6 User Gone000
Nice chapter! I think Harrison and Hadrian are meant to be extensions of Harry’s names. Not replacements.

Anyway, here are some suggestions
-Frulst Lestrange
-Bretonne Lestrange
-Jonah Lestrange
2/4/2019 c5 User Gone000
Nice chapter. Maybe the cloaked figure can be Quirrel or Snape. Lily should be dark and the kids Harry killed, their parents should send cops to canvas the neighborhood.
2/4/2019 c5 Outofthisworldgal
hmm I find it interesting that Harry can do the HARD dark spells so easily but when it comes to an easy spell like Lumos he is having difficulties. I do like how the snake told him off for being...well like a spoiled little pureblood.
I think the cloaked figure was someone with dark magic that was looking for Harry probably to kill for killing their master but, when they see this display of magic they may change the mind and save him from the filthy muggles and raise him. It might be interesting if it was Greyback or a Vampire
1/29/2019 c4 Outofthisworldgal
The way you wrote "Are you done with the dishes yet boy" I think are should change dishes to food since I thought dinner was done and Harry had to wash the dishes but other then that :)
1/29/2019 c4 delia cerrano
Chpts 1-4: Not sure what I think yet. Never crazy about dark bad Harry though he has reason to be. Too much of a goody two shoes I guess. I'll stick for another chapter or so
to see how he's turning out.
1/29/2019 c4 User Gone000
Nice! So is Loki going to inform Harry of Voldemort through the identification of Nagini?
1/29/2019 c4 Millie072
Harry is only 8 yrs old. Little hard to believe he would thing Nagini would have anything of use on her. Too abrupt a change in the Dursleys might have the neighbors wondering what's going on. Slow it down a bit, do the chores with Dudley, 'teaching him', then have him do whatever Harry normally did. Make Vernon & Dudley go on diets, & take Petunia off hers. If they lose or gain a lot of weight, old clothes won't fit, causing major expense. Have Vernon do some yardwork, while being genuinely nice to other people. Make the neighbors think he's going nuts. Force Dudley to improve his school standing, allowing Harry to learn without limits. Have Vernon set up a bank account for Harry with an automatic transfer, then erase all knowledge of it. Make Petunia talk to him about his family, focusing on Lily. Lots of things Harry can do to improve his life without being overly vicious about it. Aunt Marge, a little later. Different POV, but very interesting.
1/25/2019 c3 Outofthisworldgal
OMG Did Harry just kill Nagini? What a shocker. She was too trusting though
1/25/2019 c3 User Gone000
Nice chapter! Harry should be in Slytherin and join Draco and Daphne’s gang. Draco in place of Ron and Daphne instead of Hermione.

Also, in the future he should have a love story with Astoria, Daphne’s little sister. Instead of Ginny.
1/15/2019 c2 User Gone000
Nice chapter. Loki should definitely stick around as Harry’s pet/companion. Maybe replace Hedwig?
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