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for Oh great, another Mikaelson!

4/19 c1 morganelove98
Next chapter is coming ?
3/22 c1 dragonfox123
Interesting chapter and plot and idea
10/14/2019 c1 freethewolves1
I love this chapter and I really hope you will update it soon.
8/16/2019 c1 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I really like it
8/13/2019 c1 2Ilena Petrova
Sad you did not continue
8/4/2019 c1 NazgulBelserion
No Hogwarts just skip all that garbage make Harry a badass blind guy don't ruin it with friendship and love and Ron and Hermione make him a rogue a gangsta just no Hogwarts it's always same dumbleass being a dick and Harry getting played unless this Harry is gonna be Slytherin fuck boy who runs the school
7/8/2019 c1 rinne.gremory.97
Hay por favor continua la historia si esta muy buena y quiero saber como continua
5/23/2019 c1 2Blood doesn't make a family
Yessssssss I can’t wait to see what happens
4/25/2019 c1 2ZodiacsKlaroline
Update soon please
4/24/2019 c1 Fangtasia21
I think Harry will either be a curse (or a Dead Curse at the age of one) or blind because of Dursleys.
3/24/2019 c1 Wika0304
please update, it starts great
1/27/2019 c1 wfewqgeg
interesting. more please. will vampire blood let him see again? please more ;)
1/20/2019 c1 2xrysatsan
Please continue the story! It looks really promising.
1/16/2019 c1 Guest
Please a sequel
1/12/2019 c1 Guest
If you are going to make Harry blind you should have his personality like Matt Murdock from the Netflix Daredevil series. He always gave the impression that even though he was blind he was probably the most aware guy in the room. Also, he used it well for charming women.
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