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2/9 c1 mst3ktoo
Tossing a Kryptonian into Marvel with no Kryptonite is like tossing a 10-year-old into a room full of toddlers. Only the magic users are going to be a challenge, unless you start getting liberal with your au. The people who can give her a hard time don't interact with Earth because it's such a Backwater. They definitely don't interact with the Avengers
1/25 c61 SphinxNyxx
Steel heart is literally her/him. One of the best fanfics ever
11/27/2023 c1 Reisi2
Shit story everything is terrible
Not the nicest thing to hear is it?
10/9/2023 c13 KenyanHammer
The grammar in this story needs serious work
10/8/2023 c37 shriramasokan
Nice story
9/11/2023 c63 1Sankarea396
ohhh so it got deleted nice!
9/11/2023 c62 Sankarea396
Gods I love the author... who wouldn't threaten a plagiarizer?! wAtCh oUt lAuReN WeRe cOmInG fOr yOu!
9/10/2023 c54 Sankarea396
bruh y'all murderers, child predators and rapists don't deserve to die? gods if I was the victim I WOULD want them to die by letting that person live the victim count would increase! jail doesn't always change people... I know I'm a vindictive person and my thought process is rapistcastration, robberytaking away their money, murderdeath sentence and child predatoringloss of eyesight or castration... I firmly believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth what could make criminals stop? by taking away their ability to commit the crime in the first place be it Death or loss of a body part... they've loss their rights to it the moment they've done the crime
6/24/2023 c3 PercyJordan03
Reading Again! Such a great story. I’m glad that you went the route of Kara liking women. It’s always been underlining tension between Kara and certain female characters in Supergirl. Good thing you ignored the butt hurt comments too. I love when an author makes a story their own!
6/22/2023 c18 Hariana Halone
Well, I never really liked DC heroes, too soft, this no-kill rule that has no place in some moments only gets in the way and lets more Innocents killed to keep the bad guy alive . In short, this kara from the beginning of the series is quite annoying, naive. She keeps telling these secrets to people she has just met. Damn spies are every crumb left behind can be a threat to itself. Why it had to be Natasha, Fury who told her not to talk about her weakness with the sun. It's really stupid that someone has to tell him that, that people like to take advantage of others. Honestly Cat Grant is Supergirl's best character, followed by a Lena Luthor before her friendship with Supergirl. For someone with such vaunted Kryptonian intelligence, I find her lacking, She takes no initiative herself. And the fact that the presence of the barrel changes nothing makes it useless. She should have already wired Tony's heartbeat so she knew he wasn't dead. The sun of this world is more powerful and therefore she should be more powerful. Anyway
6/12/2023 c63 TohdrawsFox
I finished reading your story and I really liked it, I wanted a continuation now that Marvel has released a lot more things related to the Marvel universe, I know that you have been plagiarized in the past and I know that must have been difficult, but please make a continuation of this story if If you have the time I would and I'm sure other people would like a sequel from you.
6/11/2023 c2 Difdi
You have a few typos, but one stands out: there is no such thing as mock 5. There IS factor 5 on the Mach scale, often called mach 5, named for Ernst Mach who first calculated the shockwave pattern of a bullet breaking the sound barrier.
4/24/2023 c1 Silverwingzz
I think the idea is cool, there aren’t a lot of super girl crossovers that are good and hopefully yours will be.
3/27/2023 c63 Guest
Sequel can't wait
2/19/2023 c2 Guest
Ahh yes of course she is weak because even fanfic writers author fiat the strength of kryptonians for plot
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