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8/3 c40 Savageverse
It's clark not Clarke
7/27 c35 Ceps
You know what im ok with the lesbian but not the whole butch kara doesnt fit any iteration of her personality
6/16 c1 Guest
Stations of canon. Also she just accepted random peoples explanations that were a second ago cutting open a man’s head. Talk about author fiat drama
5/10 c63 d.mckinney1014
is there gonna be an sequel. please tell me there's gonna be an sequel
4/3 c3 2Isaac Young-Star
Sorry, I had to comment here real quick, but Kara is most definitely not gay. I'm not up to date in the show, but I know of two male romantic interests before your shatter point.
3/28 c7 Kingola
The constant crying each time she mentions Krypton is tiring…. She’s gotten used to Krypton being lost way before now
3/22 c31 kirosyamcha
I’m not exactly sure why anyone actually knows that she can’t see through lead in that universe?
3/22 c28 kirosyamcha
Ahh there were a lot of good shield agents that died on those carriers ️ Almost sad that agent carter died
3/21 c15 kirosyamcha
Ouch, you killed agent 13 then as she was on a heli-carrier
2/14 c6 Guest1138
Nope. Seems a waste of time and is pretty boring. Also, what does AoS mean? Most authors explain stuff like that.
2/4 c61 2Savior16
I am curious, what is the picture or image of Supergirl's armor?
12/16/2021 c61 larmmason
Yes and thank you too.
be safe and take care, hope things get better all around.
12/16/2021 c57 larmmason
even with how serious and heart breaking a few chapter recently go on and made me tear up, the Ice palace Elsa joke still got me to crack up for a moment. very well done there. hehe
12/16/2021 c55 larmmason
Kate.. the man you said She broke his neck in broad day light's Two Face who plant bomb even in Children's hospital, you leave that out on purpose or didn't you? She shouldn't feel remorse for him, because he didn't even feel any remorse after planting these bomb to hospital all over.. geez.

Kate seem really manipulative now it seem.

and yep, don't force yourself to write, take a break and let your mind rest and relax.
also did what you what to do, create what you want to create. otherwise If you try to do things you don't like for others, you will be hurt by it the most.

take care and be safe, Good luck!
12/16/2021 c53 larmmason
Kara's really laid it out for them all to see, especially the Joker case's one of them.. more than dozen break out and he and his underling kill many innocent over and over again in their way. and He didn't even get execute for it. some Heroes are also too afraid of public repercussion to kill these kind of bastard who didn't regret anything they did, not because they have moral, but because of the public's opinion to their action.

Things are really fu*ked in that regards.
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